Sunday, August 26, 2012

Go Ice Go

Well by now, I think that everyone knows that I love ice hockey and whenever I get the chance I go and watch Melbourne Ice play.

The Ice are about to head to Newcastle to play the finals but for a special treat they played a charity game to raise money for Kids Under Cover.  Instead of playing against a different team, it was Melbourne Ice playing against Melbourne Ice!  There were players from way back when Melbourne Ice first began 10 years ago as well players from the women's team and players in the Ice Academy (the development squad), all playing with the current Melbourne Ice players and it was awesome.

Normally at the AIHL games we watch, the refs make sure that the play is stopped for every penalty, for this game Army was being the ref and I think he was too busy laughing at all the crazy plays to bother calling any penalties!  He didn't even call a penalty when there were 2 pucks on the ice!  It did get a little crazy when there were about 40 players all on the ice at the one time.   Everyone was laughing and having fun, especially the players.

It was a great day at the hockey.  It was the first time that Melbourne Ice have had an Alumni game with the past, present and the future of the game all playing together.  They probably won't play the next alumni game for another decade.  Hopefully by then I will be training with the Ice Academy or playing with Melbourne Ice!

The highlight of my game was when Joey Hughes gave me one of the game pucks at half time!

Go Ice Go, head to Newcastle on the weekend and bring home the Goodall Cup.  

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