Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cretaceous Times

Do you know how big dinosaurs really are? I do - the paleontologist at 'Walking With Dinosaurs' told me. He said that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is so big that it could look into my bedroom window. That is really tall, my bedroom is on the top floor, up two lots of stairs!

Even though the T-Rex is huge, the brachiosaurus was even taller, he was much friendlier too. He ate trees and grass instead of other dinosaurs.
The T-Rex might be a big scary dinosaur, but the mum T-Rex protected the little T-Rex and kept him safe from the other dinosaurs. I think I like the T-Rex the best.

I wish I could meet a real T-Rex, but they lived about 100 million years ago, during the cretaceous period. Now they are all extinct. Oh well, I will have to look for fossils instead.
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, March 30, 2007


Today was the last day of school for the term. I love school, but I am looking forward to having holidays. I wonder what adventures I can have this time?

Love AJ Pickle

PS - Can you believe that I have been a school kid for a whole term. I only have 51 more terms until the end of school!
The End

Today is the end of term. That means the mum's and the dad's can come in and watch what we do in our dance class.

This is one of the warm up exercises that we do at the start of class.

Although I don't have any dancing classes for 2 whole weeks, I love dancing so much, that I will keep dancing all holidays.
Love Princess George

Click HERE if you want to see another movie of me dancing.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Favourite Things

Today was a fantastic day - I did so many of my favourite things...
  1. I played with Amelia
  2. We were at the Zoo
  3. We rode on an elephant. (OK, it was a statue, but it was still fun!)
  4. Then we had icecream.
I hope that I get to have more days that are as exciting as today.
Love Princess George

Sunday, March 25, 2007

See the Bombers Fly Up

Mum took us for a drive to Geelong today, to say happy birthday to Aunty Melati (aka Melani). To celebrate Melati's birthday, there were fighter planes flying around everywhere. It was amazing. We could stand on the back balcony and see the planes doing tricks.

In 2 years, I am going to have a little holiday with Adam and Melati so that I can go and see more fighter planes with Adam and Poppy at the Avalon Air Show.

On our way home from Geelong, an F-111 flew over the top of the car. The car shook as it flew over, then there was an amazing rumbling boom as the noise of the plane tried to catch up.

I think that when I grow up, I will be a fighter pilot.
Love AJ Pickle
Dancing in the Rain

We have just been to the Harmony Picnic at AJ's school. Heaps of people were there relaxing in the heat. All of a sudden, it was cloudy and then it started to cool down. Before I knew it it was raining. Everyone was running for cover, but I knew that it was going to rain so I stayed out and danced in the rain.

Can you believe that I am three years old and this is the first time that I have ever had the chance to really dance in the rain! I hope that it rains some more before it gets too cold.
Love Princess George

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Princess Yas

I have a new friend called Yasmin and she is a big kid (in grade 1). I went to her house to play and I discovered that we love all of the same things. We have the same dolls house, we both have lots of pony toys and we both love to accessorise. Yas even goes to ballet and is a beautiful dancer.

When I get bigger, I want to be just like Yasmin. Luckily she gave me some of her clothes and that don't fit her any more, so now I can be just like Yas. Aren't I cute?
Love Princess George

Friday, March 23, 2007

Be Your Best

Today was a special day at school, it was Be Your Best Day. It was a day where the entire school had fun activities to do, to learn about team building and imagining 'walking in someone else's shoes'.

We didn't have to wear school uniform if we didn't want to, instead we could wear something in our team colours. My team for the day was purple. I didn't have any purple clothes (well dance costumes don't count) so I had to decorate my own t-shirt with purple.

There were heaps of group activities like making balloon hovercraft to carry the whole class, building towers from straws and balloon gladiators.

The activities that the purple group did were sand bag races where we had to work as a team to collect all of the sandbags in a hurry. My team were the best at the sandbag races, we moved 19 little sandbags in one minute.

The purple team also worked on the egg drop. We had to make something to protect our eggs when we dropped them from the top of the fire escape. My buddy Alex and I made a huge soft cocoon for our egg but we weren't able to save it. Our egg smashed everywhere. Although I was disappointed my egg smashed, it was still lots of fun.

Later in the day we did all sorts of outside activities and then we finished the school day in the hall talking about all the things we learned about helping and supporting our friends. We even sang a song called 'Be Be Be Your Best'.

Be Your Best Day was fantastic, I hope that we have another day like today really soon.
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Talk to the Hand

Chris came to my house to play after school today and we were really, really hungry. We ate a full sandwich, a giant bunch of grapes, some watermelon, a pear, an apple and even a couple of apricots - EACH.

It is no wonder that when mum gave me dinner that I wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat any. Mum kept nagging me, "AJ, eat your dinner", "AJ, eat your dinner", "AJ, eat your dinner!"

Mum didn't seem to understand that I just didn't feel hungry I was tired of saying "I'm not hungry mum", "No thank you" and "I am full all the way to my eyes". Look what I did instead...

I am learning so many things at school!
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Quiet Day

Dad and mum told us that today was a day for resting, after all, it was Sunday. Well the relaxing seemed to be too much hard work, so we went exploring instead.

We found a new park in a place called Kingsville, pretty much in the middle of no-where. The playground was just like any other playground, colourful and full of kids. Our favourite part was all the green grass. It has been ages since we have had really nice green grass to run around on. There was even a little stream (or was it really a storm water drain?) to follow.

We spent ages wandering along the stream, looking for creatures. We saw fish swimming and lots of birds. Luckily we didn't see any trolls as we walked under the bridge. We walked for ages and ages before the green grass ran out and there were streets everywhere again.

I was heaps of fun exploring Jumping Creek Park. Maybe next time we can follow the creek all the way to the Westgate Bridge, where it joins the bay.
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, March 16, 2007

*From the 'PickleMonster Dictionary' - to shoom is to travel really fast.
It is faster than a run, but not as fast as a vroom.
A vroom is like a rocket blasting off!

Today, Andrew read us a book called 'Dan, the Flying Man'. Dan was like a superhero, he had jet boots, wings and a propeller so that he could fly. All the people he flew passed chased him; they wanted to fly too.

We did a science experiment to see if we could make a straw person fly.

First we had to tie a piece of string from one side of the room to the other. We had 2 straws on the string - the first straw was Dan and the second was one of the towns people who wanted to fly too.
Do you know how we made the straws fly? We blew up a balloon and taped it to the straw. When we let go of the balloon, the straw shoomed* up the string, just like Dan from the book.

We blew the second balloon up even bigger, and it caught Dan, just like the people in the book caught the Flying Man.

I wonder if I tie a gigantic balloon to me, will I be able to schoom* up a string just like the straw Dan?
Love AJ Pickle

Monday, March 12, 2007

Old People...

It is Ellen's birthday today, so we went to Queen Park for a picnic. We had lots of fun relaxing in the sunshine and eating too much food.

Did you know that Ellen is now 32 years old. That is way older than me, it is almost to old to count to. I think that when people get old, the forget things. Ellen is so old, that she forgot how to wear her undies!
I had to tell her that undies aren't a hat!

Then I had to remind her that she isn't a superhero.
(Undies go on the inside!)

I wonder what she will forget next?
As long as she doesn't forget how much I love her.
Happy Birthday Ellen
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Real Long Weekend

Today was a day that was much more suitable for a long weekend - we went to a festival. It is Moomba weekend, so we went in to the city.

First stop was the face painting tent where we found Ella and Taylah. I had the best face painter in the world. She thought that I already looked like a fairy princess, so she decided to paint my face in case I needed to go to a fairy princess ball.

Next it was off to the sports area for some exercise. There was lots of sports to try - soccer, handball, rugby, hockey and running through an obstacle course. I didn't want to play soccer, but I was happy to do a cheering soccer dance whenever AJ kicked a goal.

I even had time to have a bounce on the huge trampoline before lunch.

We had a picnic lunch on the lawn (or dirt as there isn't too much grass left) and then decided to watch the end of the Birdman Rally and the waterskiing. There were crazy people jumping of the platform, pretending they could fly. The people skiing came closer to flying than the birdmen, but it was still fun to watch!

I was starting to get tired, but I wanted to see what was happening on the other side of the river so we kept exploring.

We found the side show alley and without too much begging, mum and dad let us have a go at some of the games. AJ used a crossbow to win a snake and I caught a fish to win a beautiful rose.

All that energy we used to win our prizes meant we needed to sit and rest, and to eat an icecream too. I took too long to eat my icecream, so AJ and dad went to play at Birrarung Marr.

On our way to find the boys, mum and I stopped to watch some people from the Torres Strait Islands singing and dancing. Before we knew it, we were up on stage dancing too. We must have been gone for ages because when we finished dancing, AJ had already finished playing and was in the audience watching us!

I decided that it was time for me to play at Birrarung Marr, but first I had to stop at Art Play. There was an amazing artist doing traditional Aboriginal painitings, as well as displays for a street chalk exhibition. Naturally I wanted to do some chalk drawings.

Finally we made it to Birrarung Marr park for a very little play. By now we had been wandering around the Moomba festivities for more than 5 hours! We were pooped and still had to walk all the way back to Flinders Street Station to catch a train home.

Today was a really big day, but the sort of day that everyone should have for a long weekend.
Love an exhausted Princess George

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What a Mess!

This really wasn't what we had in mind when we were imagining adventures for our extra long weekend!

Mum and dad decided that today was the day that they were going to move a wall. That's right, they moved a wall.

Normal people move boxes and furniture but not our parents. They moved the wall so that there would be more space to park our bikes and scooters, and to make a new room for us to play in during the day with all of our toys, but we think that it is going to be a room for dad too. He wants to get in a new place for his beer and his poker stuff.

I hope that they can fit all of our toys back in to the new room.
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, March 09, 2007

An Extra Long Weekend

After my first full week of school (up until now we stayed home on Wednesday so we wouldn't get too exhausted), we get to celebrate by having a long weekend. Not only is it a long weekend, we get to have an extra long weekend - we have no school on Monday OR on Tuesday. Our teachers have to go to school and do some learning but it is a student-free day.

I wonder what adventures we can have on an extra long weekend?
Love AJ Pickle

I had a huge surprise today...Guess who picked me up from school? Nanny and Poppy, and Aunty Sharn too!

I was so excited! I showed them my classroom, introduced them to my teacher Louise and even showed them my artwork!

On the way home, we stopped to have afternoon tea and a play at Bayswater Park. It was so much fun.

Thanks for visiting. See you again soon Nanny and Poppy.
Love AJ Pickle
The Potato People

One of my favourite authors (that is a person who writes books) is Pamella Allen and she has a new book called 'The Potato People.'

It is all about a boy called Jack who visits his grandma every week. They have heaps of fun together and one day they made people out of some potatoes. Something happens, and Jack doesn't visit grandma for ages. Strange things start to happen to the potato people.

I won't tell you any more about the book, you will have to go and read it. Instead, I will show you the potato people we made.

Love AJ Pickle

Monday, March 05, 2007

Arwen's Bike

Today after school, we all walked to Bellair street to have a hot chocolate. Arwen, one of Milla's dancing friends was also at the cafe. She had ridden her bike there and let us have a ride on it.

Arwen's bike is even cooler than my bike, but it is kind of strange too. The bike doesn't have any training wheels, but it doesn't have pedals either and it was made from wood. It was a bit like a sit down, 2 wheeler scooter. Although it was a little difficult to balance on, it was heaps of fun.

I loved riding on Arwen's bike, I wonder if she will share her bike with me again?
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Waving Goodbye
Why is waving goodbye so sad?

We had to wave goodbye twice this afternoon.

Anna and Tino came by to play with us and to show us some photos from their wedding. They have so much to do before they go back to London that we might not get to see them again before they leave. We had to wave goodbye to them not knowing if we will see them soon or if we have to wait another million years.

We also had to wave goodbye to daddy.

Right now daddy is somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. He is on his way to New Zealand for almost a week. Milli and I helped to load the taxi before we waved goodbye. (Luckily Anna and Tino were still visiting when daddy left and they distracted us, otherwise we would have been really sad!)

I hope dad has lots of fun in Auckland, and that he doesn't miss us too much.

We love you daddy, see you later.
Love AJ and Milla (and mum too)
Meet Neko

For ages now I have been asking mum if we could get a pet kitten. Her answer is always the same. "You will have to ask dad!" So when I see dad, I ask him if I can get a pet kitten. He never really answers me, he just starts talking about something else. (I am sure that mum knows that dad doesn't really want to have a cat. )

Anyway, today I asked dad really, really nicely and guess what... I have finally got my own cat.

I have called my cat Neko (that is the Japanese word for cat). He is really cute. He is grey with black whiskers, tail and ears. He doesn't eat much and he never makea a mess. The only problem is that he isn't very cuddly either.

I don't mind if Neko doesn't give me cuddles, I am just so happy to finally have my own pet.
Love Princess George (and Neko too)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Balloons with Anchors

Today at school, we did science experiments with Kay. Today's experiments were all about objects that sink and float.

We collected lots of interesting objects from the art room and from outside. Before we tested to see if an object would sink or float, we had to guess what would happen. As well as testing sticks, stones and leaves we tested pencils, blocks and other toys. We also tested balloons.

Before we started we knew that a balloon would float, especially if it was filled with air. We knew that if a balloon was filled with something heavy, like sand it would sink. We decided to test what would happen if the balloon had some air and some sand in it.

We found that the part of the balloon with the sand in it would sink below the water, but the rest of the balloon would sit on top of the water. We thought that the part of the balloon that was filled with sand was like an anchor!

There are so many amazing things to learn at school.
Love AJ Pickle