Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hours and hours and hours and hours after we were tucked up in bed baby Billy was born. Isn't he beautiful?
Congratulations to the New Parents, we can't wait to meet you Billy!
Love the Proud Cousins

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Guess where we are - we are sitting in a hospital waiting room again.
This time it has been for an even longer wait than the last time we were sitting in a hospital waiting room but luckily it is for a much better reason, baby Billy is on the way.

Aunty Sharn has been there all day long waiting for Billy to get out. We went home with dad to try and get some sleep, Billy doesn't seem to be in a huge hurry.

Hopefully we get to meet Billy soon,
Love AJ and Milla
Special Delivery

Look what was in the mail for me today...
Nan and pop sent me a get well soon card wishing me a speedy recovery from my elbow unscrewing surgery. I think I will recover pretty quickly now - I have money to spend!

Thanks nan and pop,
Love AJ Pickle
Birthday Wishes

Today I went to a birthday party, to celebrate the birthday of a great friend I have known all of my life. Look at what the birthday girl did to me...
Luckily it was fun and we got to eat party food!

Happy birthday Amelia,
Love Princess George

Monday, September 28, 2009


Look how mum had to spend the night last night.
Mum, and dad too, spent most of the night cleaning up both of us kids each time we vomited and that was quite a few times. It wasn't much fun for anyone. AJ had more throw-ups than I did - he said that he had a new record of 31 throw-ups. Now I know it wasn't 31 throw-ups but I am sure that it was at least 13!

I felt much better this morning but AJ is still sleeping and a bit feverish. I hope he is feeling better soon so that we can go on holiday adventures.
Love Princess George

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poker Face

Look what dad found when he woke up this morning!
We had a great morning playing poker together. Even Milla helped out, she was the dealer!

I think we surprised dad at how good we were.
Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grand Final Day

Well according to dad, Grand Final Day is the happiest day of the year, personally I think birthdays and parties are much more fun. I have to say that Grand Final Day is a pretty good day, I mean there are lots of people who come over to play, there are kids everywhere, lots of yummy food and when the grownups aren't looking we can eat heaps of treats!

Now on a normal Grand Final Day, the footy fans sit outside and watch the game on the big Wii TV, the people who generally don't care about the footy sit and enjoy the sunshine and the kids play inside. Everyone has a great time and we all go over to circle park for a kick of the footy at half time. Well this year it was wet and really really cold, it even hailed for a while so not many people were crazy enough to sit outside to watch the game.

Luckily we had a spare TV that we could bring downstairs so that it didn't matter where you sat or stood you could watch the game.
There were also plenty of crazy people to keep us entertained when we weren't watching the game! It may not have been the happiest day of the year but it was still a pretty good day!
Love Princess George

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hide and Seek

Mum and dad have been shopping on ebay again and today the courier arrived with 2 ginormous packages for us; a new coffee table and a place for me to hide - inside a new book case!
The new shelves are a great place to rest and to hide, I wonder how long it will be before there are too many things on the shelves so that I can't fit any more?
Love Princess George

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We all woke up extra early this morning so that I could have something to eat. I had to make sure that I had finished breakfast by 6.30am (before I would normally be out of bed!) so that my stomach would be empty when they operated on my elbow in the afternoon.

Poppy drove us home so that we could be at the Children's Hospital at noon, right at the time my stomach was really grumbling and making me want to eat. Milla was really kind and she didn't eat any food all morning either. Mum and dad said that they wouldn't eat all morning too, but I think they had Hungry Jacks for breakfast before we got home!
I had to prove that I was strong before the surgery!

I met with my orthopedic surgeon and he drew on my arm to make sure he operated on the right one - my left arm!
Finally it was time for surgery, I wasn't very excited about it.
The anesthetists, Fiona and Jonathan were great, they gave me the medicines to make me go to sleep so that I didn't feel the surgery. I didn't even feel when Fiona put the drip into my hand.

Finally, after an hour in surgery, the screws and washers were removed and my arm was sewn back together and bandaged up tight. Eventually mum was called in to the recovery area but I didn't want to wake up. I was getting annoyed that I was getting woken up especially when I was so tired.

By about 5 o'clock I was starting to get hungry so I ate icypoles, fruit salad, yoghurt and icecream, so not everything about being in hospital was horrible! Now all I have to do is try and rest and stay quiet - I don't think that is very likely, it is the holidays after all!

Hopefully this is the last time I will have surgery.
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time for Sleep

Well our holiday with nan and pop has been great fun. We have been out for dinner at the club, played wii and other games, been exploring the neighbourhood and making new friends. It has been a great holiday but not a very long one. We have to go to bed early tonight as we are heading back to Melbourne really early in the morning, not because we want to go but because it is time for me to get the screws taken from my elbow.

Good night,
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hooray it is really time for the holidays to begin. We are pretty lucky that nan and pop came to visit us for the weekend, we were able to convince them to let us go to their house for a holiday.
I packed my bag, grabbed Squidgy and Sophie and jumped in to car ready to go.

I don't know if I will have much time to blog while I am away, but I will try.

Happy holidays,
Love Princess George

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Showering Babies

In case you hadn't realised it; Sharn is going to have a baby really soon and I can't wait!

When mum said that we were going to have a baby shower for Billy I was really excited - I thought Billy was going to be born and we could give Billy a shower. What she really meant was that we were having a party to help Sharn get ready for Billy to arrive. It was great fun. We ate yummy food, drew pictures, played games and of course spoiled Sharn and Billy too.
It was fun having a baby shower for Billy, but I would much rather have a cuddle. Hurry up Billy, I want to meet you - I don't mind if you are born before my birthday, just come and play soon!
Love Princess George


Look at me, I am a cub!
Well I am almost a cub - I know the secret handshake so some time soon I will get to be a real cub. I would love to stay and tell you more about it but now I am heading out for my first cub expedition!
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lighting the Night

Tonight was a very special night - it was a ginormous event for the Leukemia Foundation to raise money for research into Leukemia as well as to support people who have Leukemia or other blood cancers.
We are lucky enough to know heaps of fantastic people, but unfortunately some of these people have had leukemia or a blood cancer. We went to Light the Night to support these amazing people - Aunty Sam, Chanel and also for email friend Bianca.
When it got dark, everyone lit up the little lights that were inside their balloons, there were gold balloons in memory of people, white balloons for patients and survivors and blue balloons to show our support.

It was beautiful to see so many people walking along the banks of the Yarra showing their love and support.
Love Princess George

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Proud Extended Family

Finally I got to meet Billy when he was 14 hours old. I am proud to say he is beautiful.
I can't wait until I get to babysit him.
Love Princess George

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Making Dad's Day

Today is Father's Day so we decided to do something special for dad. First we gave dad an awesome present - Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii. I think dad and I would have been happy to spend all day just playing golf on the Wii, but instead we went out for brunch.
It seems to be a tradition for us to go out for Father's Day with the Bryant family. This year we went to Rendezvous and then went exploring around the river. We all had a great time

finding starfish

playing hide and seek in the long grass and flowers

finding giant dragonflies

and even climbing under the rail bridge

Happy Father's Day dad, I hope you had a great day, I know I did!
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Mum made me have a real bath tonight and to use soap instead of going in to the hot tub like I normally do, do you know why? Apparently it isn't appropriate to write notes about who I love on my leg with a permanent marker.
In case you can't read my writing, it says "I love Macx" (Macsen)
Who knew?
Love Princess George

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Friends of Friends are Friends and Flowers too!

My friend Ellen has a friend called Lou who has a daughter who goes to my dancing who is my friend. So now the grown ups are all friends and the girls are friends too.

When mum picked us up from school today, she said we had to go visit Ellen at her school because Lou had a surprise for mum to celebrate Spring.
Aren't the flowers beautiful!
I love having new friends,
Love Princess George