Friday, August 24, 2012

Sticker Fun

A group of girls and a couple of packs of face and body paint stickers and I expected the house to be filled with princesses covered in pretty flowers and jewels wanting to run upstairs to find some pretty dress-ups to put on.  Oh how I was wrong.  Firstly, the sparkly, flowery, pretty stickers were the last to be grabbed, the priority was on tomahawks and feathered headdress stickers, followed by handcuffs and pirates!

So many choices!
The stickers were designed for kids 3+, so there really was no challenge in getting the stickers off the card and onto their faces...

Peeling more stickers.
...or onto their bodies!  This meant I was able to sit back and giggle at their antics rather than be actively involved in peeling and sticking the stickers.

Stickers, better than piercings!
Temporary tattoos

Of course, next came the competition to see how many stickers you could fit onto a single person - I think a couple of the girls had more than 30 stickers covering decorating their body.

The end result, a very happy group of 8 year olds who had a great time creating with friends.  The biggest bonus - they could go home with the stickers on and re-use them again if they they chose.  There was no mess, no face paint on clothing, all in all no hassle but heaps of fun.

Of course, the girls didn't stop there, Milla had seen the old-school face paint that I had left on the bench.

Gruesome beats pretty!
Knowing that they had grown out of the desire to want to be pretty and girly, I shouldn't have been surprised when they wanted to use the face paints to make wounds, scars and blood!

So the activity didn't take place quite as I had anticipated but with a smile like this, it is pretty evident that she had a great time.
A very happy 'princess'!
As an added bonus, we now have a pile of stickers that we can re-use should the opportunity arise.  Of course that isn't likely, she has already found and alternative use for them.  She reasoned that if they can stick to skin and peel off without hurting, that surely they can stick to books or the walls of her bedroom and can be removed without causing any damage.  Fortunately she was right, the paintwork in her room isn't damaged and she has a new decorations around her bed and on some of her folders!

These are the sticker packs that the girls used...

... and these are the ones I saved these for when my nephew comes over to play!  Hindsight and I would have given the girls the monster pack to use but when I realised they were in to gore, I was too busy laughing at them to walk back upstairs to get the extra pack.

Disclosure - The stickers were given to me, for the kids to try.  The opinions expressed are my own or those of my kids.  If you want to find out more about the stickers check out Colorific

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