Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Question Time

Why is it that whenever we want to play with our (second) cousins, who live about half an hour away from where we live, we have to drive all the way to Yarrawonga?
I really wish we had more time to play with our cousins more often.
Love Princess George

Our friends have continued on their holiday. I was a little worried that there would be no-one to play with but then I found out that our cousins were staying just up the road. I really wanted to hang out with my cousins but what made it even more exciting was that there was a swimming pool where they were staying!

I splashed about for ages and practiced my diving and swimming. I am getting pretty good at belly-wackers too!
I stayed in the water splashing about and practicing until my lips were starting to turn blue.
Once I warmed up, I jumped back into the pool again.

Thanks for letting us play in your pool, it was ace!
Love AJ Pickle

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mmm, Seafood!

Did you know that I am the only person in my family adventurous enough to eat seafood? Well it is true. In fact I am such an adventurous eater that I am prepared to catch my own food and eat it straight from the lake.

We found some muscles and I thought I would give it a go.

Should I try some more?

Kind of tasty!

eeew, that's disgusting!

I wonder what tasty treats I can find to eat next, something from the island, or some left over treats from Christmas?
Love Princess George

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mikey Row Your Boat

Our neighbours decided to join us on our holiday so that they could take their boat for a sail on the lake. I think it took longer to set up the boat than they had actually sailing, but it looked like they were having fun.

Even Poppy helped get the boat ready for sailing.

Eventually the sail was up and the dad's took it out for an escape from all of us!
I didn't mind, I was happy just having other friends to splash about with in the water.
Holidays with friends are fun!
Love Princess George

Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Holidays

I am on holidays, can you guess where I am?
No, I am not in the North Pole, I am in Yarrawonga and some of our friends have come along to enjoy the fun.

I think that this will be a fun few days.
Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rock Star

When I grow up I think I might be a Rock Star!
Love AJ Pickle
Christmas Continues

Seeing that we are kind of popular and there are so many people who want to celebrate special days with us, we have to have lots of different Christmases. Today we had the McConville Christmas and we all went out to Uncle G's and Aunty Mel's to catch up.

After we opened about a bajillion more presents, we all went outside to enjoy the sunshine. You can imagine the madness with Milla and I and three other little boys (and a couple of big boys too) running around around the place. We even found a couple of water pistols and of course you can guess what happened next.
We were all soaking wet but we had a great last Christmas celebration.
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, December 25, 2009

An Aussie Christmas

We decided to have an Aussie Christmas this year and it was heaps of fun.

The morning started bright and early with us digging through the enormous Santa bags on the end of the bed. They were full of great things but can you believe that Santa made a mistake and put the bags onto the wrong bed. Luckily we could swap them before we dragged them upstairs to show mum and dad what Santa had left for us.

After we compared the treasures we headed downstairs. Guess what? There were MORE presents waiting for us downstairs. It must have been the really real Santa that we met at Harbour Town because he left exactly what we asked for - a giant craft set and a surprise for Milla (a bird of paradise plant) and a WWE Wrestling Ring with wrestlers for AJ. We must have been extra good this year because as well as those amazing presents, Santa also left us with a new Razor scooters. Santa even left a scooter for Tong too!
We were far too excited to eat breakfast so we headed over to the park for a scoot. It was as if Santa decided that all the Kensington Kids needed new scooters because lots of our friends joined us in the park for a scoot!
We scooted ourselves hungry and headed home for a fantastic giant breakfast with all our favourites - fruit, croissants and bacon. Delicious! The only problem was that when we got back home we realised that we still had presents to open so it distracted us from being hungry!

Eventually we ate our breakfast and then mum and dad remembered that in all the excitement of the morning, they had forgotten to give us a Christmas present. It was in a giant basket and hidden under the stairs so we dragged it out and look what we found...
Can you believe it, I can't believe that we are allowed to get our very own kitten. How exciting.

Now that the present opening was really finished we made calls to family and friends who were elsewhere celebrating Christmas before packing a picnic and heading off to the beach to celebrate Australian style.
It was great playing at the beach all afternoon, enjoying the sunshine, splashing about in the water and playing on the rocks.

We hope that everyone else had a Christmas that was as fun and exciting as ours.
Love AJ and Milla
Christmas Eve

It is the night before Christmas and we would love to sit around and chat, but we have some sleeping to do before Santa arrives.
Merry Christmas
Love AJ and Milla

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beach Hopping

Mum went to work today so for a special treat we spent the day hanging out with dad. Instead of sitting around the house we went out on an adventure. We sent photos along the way to mum to show her what we were up to (and to make her a little bit jealous of us out enjoying the sun and the splashing).
Four different beaches in one afternoon and we had a great time. Hopefully mum will come beach-hopping with us next time.
Love AJ Pickle

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cleaning Teeth

Sometimes I am sure that AJ doesn't clean his teeth even when he says that he has. Today when AJ said that he had cleaned his teeth, mum got him to chew on a tiny little pink tablet to show if there was any plaque on his teeth. I cleaned my teeth and chewed on a little tablet too. Have a look at the photos and see who you think REALLY brushed their teeth.
Once AJ saw how much plaque was on his teeth he quickly went back inside to brush them. I don't think he can try and trick people about having brushed his teeth any more. Hopefully he will remember to brush them properly every morning AND night!
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Really Real One!

I know AJ thinks that we met a real Santa at Tia and Tio's Christmas party but he was wrong, I met the really real Santa today at Harbour Town.
Do you know how I can tell he is the real Santa? It is because when he sat down next to me to chat he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. When I told him that I wanted a craft set, he looked at me and said, "Oh I remember now, you already told me that." He was right, I had already told him that and only the really real Santa would remember what all the kids told him!

Thanks for remembering me Santa,
Love Princess George

Friday, December 18, 2009


What did you do to celebrate the end of the school year? Do you know what I had to do? I had to stand around in the dark and sing Christmas Carols in Rabbit Park!
Even if there was singing I guess it was pretty good, before it got dark I ate yummy picnic food and played soccer with my friends!

Happy holidays,
Love AJ Pickle
School's Out for Summer!

Can you believe that I have finished my first year at school? It seems like only yesterday that this was me at the start of the school year, all ready to begin my first day as a prep kid.
Look how young I look!
All of a sudden the year is over and I have finished prep! The sad thing about that is that my buddy finished grade 6 and now she is off to secondary school.
The best buddy in the world!
Thanks for being a great buddy, I will miss you. I hope you will come back to see me and everyone else at KPS soon!

And now let the fun begin - hooray it is holidays!
Love Princess George

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dancing Away

We had another day off school today. I would love to say it was a just a crazy fun day but really it was just like work and it was a really really really long day. First up we had to be dressed and ready to head into the city bright and early for a 7.30am to sign in and get our security passes before heading backstage for a dance rehearsal at the Palms at Crown. We were there all morning getting ready for the show tonight.

After rehearsals we came home for some quiet time to prepare for the show. What that really meant was that we had to have a snack, pack a snack bag, make sure we hadn't forgotten anything and do our hair and make-up before heading back into the city ready for the real thing. Luckily our hair and make-up requirements weren't as crazy as other years!

We all went in together, Milla and I, Will and Chloe as the dancers and mum and Juice as the audience members. Traffic was crazy busy so we ended up getting out and walking through the city to make sure we wouldn't be too late. Luckily we made it in time.

This is Milla as we were about to head backstage.

And me just after the show (thanks for the lollipop mum!)

Mum kept raving on about how awesome the show was to watch, but I didn't see to much of it, I was to busy hanging out backstage with friends from class! What I do know is that it was heaps of fun and I think I will keep dancing again next year.

It was kinda late when we were ready to go home so we caught a taxi together instead of catching the train. I am glad we did, I didn't have the energy to walk home from the station after such a long day.
Even if it was a crazy busy, long and tiring day, it WAS fun!
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Early Christmas

We know that it is only the middle of December and that there is almost 2 weeks until it is Christmas for real but we want to be able to celebrate with everyone so we are starting early. Aunty Sharn, Dave and Billy are about to head off to England to introduce Billy to the rest of the world so we had our Christmas at Adam and Melati's house today and it was awesome.

There was heaps of yummy food, lots of sweet treats, my favourite uncle and of course presents.
I think AJ likes his present, what do you think?
Merry early Christmas,
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Long Grass

Excuse me Mr Lawn Mower Man, I DO love long grass but think the park needs a mow.
Love Princess George

Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Time

Don't tell anyone, but we snuck out of school early today to go to a party! It wasn't just any old party, it was Tia and Tio's Christmas party with all the other kids who go to day care there, or kids like us who used to go to day care there.

It was awesome. Not only was there a magician there, Santa came along too. I think it was a real Santa this year, not the guy who came along last year - the other magician who used to go inside and put a Santa suit on over his clothes.

The other reason I think it was a real Santa is because he gave us really cool presents and not little kid stuff. He gave Milla some Polly Pockets and I got a WWE wrestling character.
I wonder if we will be allowed to sneak out of school for any other parties this year?
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Did you know that our friends Jodi and Wayne are moving to Hong Kong for a really long time? Well they are and that means that they have to store all of their stuff or ship it over to their new place when they find one. We offered to help them out by looking after some of their stuff if they needed us to. Look what Jodi dropped over to our house today for us to look after...
Yep you guessed it, another Christmas tree. Not only is this another Christmas tree, it is the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen and beautiful, even before we put the decorations on it! We had to take all the decorations off the other tree and take it upstairs. It is now in our library with all the pretty lights on it twinkling away.

The big tree has pride of place in the lounge. We put all the decorations we could find on it and it only covered the front part of the tree! If you don't look at the back of the tree, it is spectacular. Did I mention that it was huge? So huge that I had to sit on mum's shoulders to try and put the star on top!
Thanks for the most awesomely awesome Christmas tree Jodi, I promise we will take good care of it.
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Shopping

It is the first weekend in December and do you know what that means? It means it is time for us to set up our Christmas tree. Of course we, well mum really, decided that our tree wasn't big enough for us any more. Even though our tree wasn't big enough we hadn't had a chance to get another one, luckily Wayne gave us his old tree and it is bigger than ours so it was time to build and decorate.
It took forever to cover it from top to bottom with decorations, including a train track running around the base but when it was done it looked pretty good, especially when we put some presents under the tree.
When our tree was all finished we decided that it was time to go Christmas shopping. We weren't shopping for presents for ourselves though we wanted to buy presents for other kids who might not get any Christmas presents. We have been saving some of our pocket money each week to donate to a charity and what better charity is there than other kids? We opened our piggy bank and started counting.
We had saved heaps of money so we went shopping. Once we had bought the presents we took them in to dad's work to put them under the Christmas tree there, ready to be given to kids in need.
It was great to be able to help other people enjoy Christmas too.
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, December 04, 2009


I am just home from our school picnic and it was fantastic. What made this picnic better than every other picnic wasn't the food that we ate, nor was it the fact that we all sat on the basketball court together instead of in the dust. It wasn't even that we were with all of our friends. What made this the best picnic ever was that we had an impromptu disco in the hall!
We danced away for hours and every third song was Thriller!
Love Princess George

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Who let mum out of the house with a credit card today? Look what, or should I say who, she managed to fit in the car!
I think mum is kind of crazy, but Rudolf is awesome!
Love Princess George