Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well it is the school holidays, Christmas is finished and the year is about to end. What can a couple of kids do to fill in their days?

Hmmm...we can visit mum at work and play with the roadside flares and torches, or maybe go to Bunnings and make things. We can read books and do drawings with Sarah McNamara and Odd (oops, I think I should really call him Ed!) We can go bike riding and scooter riding with fr. We can meet new people, like Tomoko who is visiting from Japan and have yummy bbq food. We can dance in the rain and go to the swimming pool. We can go shopping for after Christmas bargains or go to the movies. We can look for water, and if we can find water, we can look for tadpoles. We can even explore new parks and chase dragons!

All of these fun things to do and the summer fun activities haven't even started yet!
Love AJ Pickle

Milli and AJ looking for adventures at Albert Park

Where is the water?
Milli, AJ and Sean sitting in what is really a waterfall at Fitzroy Gardens

Milli and AJ playing with the dragon in the gardens

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Spoiled Rotten"

Mum and dad both keep saying that we are 'spoiled rotten'. We don't really know what 'spoiled rotten' means, all we know is that something that is rotten is all gross, gooey and stinky and that really isn't us (well not today anyway!)

I think that 'spoiled rotten' must have something to do with all the presents that we have been given. It isn't our fault that we are just so adorable that everyone wanted to exchange gifts with us!

We love sharing time and gifts with all the extra special people in our lives.
Love AJ and Milla

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Last night before bed, we went outside to see if we could see Santa. We did! He was just coming around the corner with his sleigh. We had to quickly run upstairs and go to bed. We didn't want Santa skipping our house just because we weren't in bed. We even had to tell mum and dad to be quiet, so they wouldn't scare Santa away.

It was worth it; when we woke up, there were double-decker beds in our room! Santa is amazing. We don't know how he got the giant bed into our room because our room is up two stairs and the windows are kind of small (well too small to fit a bed through)! Santa must really be magic.

We love our new double decker beds.
Thanks Santa
Love AJ and Milla

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Only one more sleep until Christmas!

I hope that everyone has a big sleep tonight so that Santa has time to deliver presents to everyone. We are going to go to bed really early tonight so that we can wake up extra early to see if Santa thought we were good kids this year.

Merry Christmas everyone,
Love AJ and Milla

A King Christmas

Today we had another Christmas celebration, this time with the King family.

Nanny and Poppy came down from Yarrawonga, Sharn came over from Ascot Vale and Adam, Melani and Charlie (the puppy) came up from Geelong.

We all swapped lots of presents and then had a huge feast for lunch. We all ate too much and had to go to the park to relax before we ate some more.

If today was a practice for the real Christmas, I think we will all have lots of fun tomorrow!
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Has Begun

Everyone keeps asking me how many sleeps until Christmas. Even though there are 2 more sleeps until Santa comes to visit, Christmas has already begun.

Today, Henry bought his parents to our house so we could swap Christmas presents. We gave Henry a really cool Little People playground and he gave us some books and Lego.

Swapping presents is so much fun.
Love Princess George

Friday, December 22, 2006

Science Experiments!

Look what I grew.

I didn't put my lunch box in the dishwasher after the kinder break-up party, instead I put it in the cupboard under the stairs. Look what I found when I opened my lunch box today! Mum said that growing mould is a fun science experiment. She said that we have other science experiments growing in the fridge!

I like science.
Growing mould is so cool,
Love AJ

Thursday, December 21, 2006

And Rest!

After so many break-up parties, concerts, birthdays and celebrations, we are all a little bit pooped. Today, instead of going exploring like we usually do with mum, we decided to have a quiet day.

First we went to the swimming pool, then we had a picnic. After that, it was too hot to play outside, so everyone came to our house to play fairies.

When it was too hot to play fairies anymore, we decided to sit down and rest. We all watched a movie together. Maybe next time, I will get to chose the movie!
Love Princess George

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No More Kinder

Did you know that I don't have to go to kinder any more? For our last day of kinder we made Christmas candle holders and decorations, and then we had a party. It was lots of fun.

It is school holidays now, and when the holidays are over, I will be 5 and I can go to school instead. I am glad my best kinder friends - Isabella and little Michael, will be going to school with me.

Love AJ Pickle

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sick Days

Last night AJ was sick and had throw ups everywhere, so he said he was too sick to go to kinder today.

I think that he was just pretending to be sick so that he could go to music with me. It was the last music class of the year, and we had lots of Christmas songs to sing, played Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and even had a party after class.

Do you think that AJ was really sick?
Love Princess George

Monday, December 11, 2006

Good Morning

This morning Milla and I woke up before mum and dad. We crept downstairs quietly so they couldn't hear us went outside for a play.

When we decided that it was time for Dad to get up and go to work (at the very civilized hour of 8.00am), we played some music for him.

Dad was in such a good mood when he woke up that I decided not to ask for a toy that sings the Bombers song!
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My New Robot

Santa gave me a new set of Lego today. It is the coolest Lego I have ever seen - it makes a robot. It is so cool that it is really only for kids who are 7 years old. I think that Santa thought that dad would help me make the robot, but I followed the constructions all by myself and made the robot.Isn't my robot ace!
Love AJ Pickle
Even Reindeer Need a Rest

Today we went to Mama's work Christmas Party. Even though it was just down the road from our house, we drove there - it was way too hot to walk. It was a great party, with lots of bbq food, drinks and lollies. There was even a jumping castle to play on.

Santa came to visit us at the Christmas party too. Did you know that it was too hot for Santo to bring his reindeer to Kensington for the party, so he came to the party in a police car!

Santa gave all the good kids a present. I must have been a good kid, he gave me a ballet dancing Barbie. AJ has been good too, Santa gave him a Lego robot.

I wonder if I will get to see Santa again before Christmas?
Love Princess George
Show Time

Well the big day finally arrived. I was really looking forward to performing, but I was also really tired because I was at rehearsals until 10.30pm on Friday night (that is more than 3 hours later than my normal bed time). Luckily I was really excited about dancing on stage that had more energy saved for the show.

Even waiting backstage before each performance was fun. There were lots of books to read, pictures to draw, snacks to eat, movies to watch and games to play.

Everyone's favourite game seemed to be catch AJ. I had dozens of little girls chasing me around the room trying to tickle me (and give me kisses).

I had to dance on stage 8 times, in 2 different shows. I danced in Jingle Bell Rock, You've Got a Friend in Me, Music Box Dancer and the Finale.

(This is me and Chloe ready for the finale.)

When I was on stage, I could see my Nanny, Poppy, Aunty Sharn and Milla sitting in the front row of the audience. They were very proud of me and clapped the loudest.

Mum didn't watch the first show, she helped all the kids backstage. Mum, Ellen and Sarah McNamara watched the night time show, but they sat too far away for me to see them properly. I am sure they clapped really loudly and cheered too.

My dad was in the show too. He played 'Troy's dad, the basketball coach. Even my dad danced in the finale. Dad was pretty good on stage, but not as good as me. Maybe next year Dad and Milla will be in the show too.

I have made some really great friends at dancing and had lots of fun too. I am a little bit sad that there are no more dancing lessons until next year. Luckily there is a party to go to next weekend where I can see all my dancing friends again.

Love AJ Pickle, the superstar

Friday, December 08, 2006

We've Been Tagged!

Mari tagged us. I don't really know what being tagged is (or who Mari really is), so I don't think we've ever been tagged before. Mum says that we have to answer lots of different questions so people can learn all about us, and then tag some more people.

This is too cool! Thanks for tagging us Mari.

Three (or so) Things About Us

Things that Scare me:
AJ - dinosaurs, snakes, a lion and a tiger, a crocodile
Milli - growling animals, dinosaurs

People who make me laugh:

AJ - Milla, and no-one else
Milli - funny things and crazy bum dancing people

I love:
AJ - my skateboard, dinosaurs, racing cars
Milli - mama, dancing lessons

I hate:
AJ - teddies, Milla's toys
Milli - germs, sushi

I don't understand:
AJ - mummy and dad's talking, I understand everything else
Milli - why people cry, why I have to listen

Things on my desk: (interchange desk with bed)
AJ - cars, treasure box, books under my pillow
Milli - Cinnamoroll (a Japanese teddy), my M bear, books

What I'm doing right now:
AJ - staying home from kinder to get ready to go on stage.
Milli - trying to watch High 5 in mum's bed

Things I want to do before I die:
AJ - drive a racing car, I want the fairy to come and shrink me (so I can drive cars that are very small and I have a lot more cars to drive), I want to live at Scienceworks
Milli - be a fairy and a mermaid and live on an island

Things I can do:
AJ - roar really loudly, dance, ride a big kids bike
Milli - run fast, dance, laugh and sing

Things I can't do:
AJ - drive a car
Milli - fun things like AJ

I think you should listen to:
AJ - your mum and dad, Triple J, dancing music
Milli - Triple J, dancing music

You should NEVER listen to:
AJ - nasty people
Milli - things you don't want to listen to

I'd like to learn:
AJ - about being good
Milli - how to tap dance like Sarah McNamara

My Favorite foods:
AJ - pumpkin (except when it is on pizza), vegemite, apricots, melon
Milli - pumpkin, broccoli, chocolate, fruit, meat

Beverages I drink regularly:
AJ - orange juice, fizzy drinks when mum and dad aren't looking
Milli - milk, drinks with bubbles (especially from a grown up glass)

Shows I watched as a kid:
AJ - Cars, V8 supercars, Action Heroes (High 5), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins
Milli - High 5, Dora the Explorer, Play School

That is some stuff about us. Now who should we tag, to find out things about them?
Lets tag Nan and Pop, Ellen, Amelia and Zac, April, cousin Henry and baby Georgia.

You are all tagged now,
Love AJ and Milla

Thursday, December 07, 2006

When I Grow Up...

When I grow up, I think that if I can't be a famous dancer, maybe I will be an astronaut.

Today at Scienceworks I had my first ever attempt to land a space shuttle. It wasn't the smoothest landing and I need a bit more practice, so maybe I will have to go back there.

I also saw a real meteorite and parts of a real astronauts space suit. I even watched a Mars Rover drive around a crater. It was so cool.

Love AJ Pickle
(aka Alex the Astronaut)

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Night Out

Last night we all went out for a special treat. We went to a place called the Dragonfly where we got to see my friend Paula dance on stage.

Paula has lots of different names. Everyone at the restaurant called her Candi, but when she was on stage she dressed up and her name was Cher. I wasn't really sure what was happening, but I did love the singing and dancing and all the pretty clothes. Paula (or Cher or Candi) wore some beautiful clothes on the stage.

I had a great night out, I danced all night long.
Love Princess George

PS. AJ had a good night out too, even if he did fall asleep!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sneak Peak

Do you want to have a sneak peak at what I will look like at my dance concert next week?

I hope you enjoy the photos! When the DVD is available, I will post some highlight footage.

Love AJ Pickle, the coolest cowboy in the entire world!

Friday, December 01, 2006

O Christmas Tree

My AJ stuck our Christmas tree together tonight. He is so clever that he did it all by himself!

Once he finished building the tree, it was time for me to decorate it.

It looks really pretty, with lots of flashing lights and a pretty star on top. All it needs now is lots and lots of presents underneath it, to share with everyone.

Love Princess George.
Wacky Wizard?

Have you ever met a wacky wizard? I have, he was at Tia and Tio's Christmas party! He sung funny songs and made animals from balloons. He was so magical that he even turned popcorn into lollies. He was so cool! We played lots of different games and I even helped him with some magic tricks.

Not long after the wizard went back to his mushroom castle in Magic Land, we had another special visitor. The next visitor was even cooler than the wizard - it was Santa. All the kids at Tia and Tio's are really good, so he gave us all a present. Santa gave me a new box of Legos with letters on it that will be heaps of fun to play with.

We are so lucky to be such good kids that Santa remembers us.
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Almost Summer

Well Summer is almost here, and finally it feels like beach weather.
Sarah McNamara hasn't been to the beach since she got to Melbourne, so today we went exploring at Williamstown beach. Macsie and Sarah came along too for a yummy picnic.
We had so much fun digging and building sandcastles, looking for water snails, chasing seagulls and splashing in the water.
Summer is fun, I hope we can go to the beach again really soon.
Love Princess George

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Do you know what transition means? I do!

tran·si·tion Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.

I am learning all about transition because I am in transition, I am going to finish kinder soon and go to school next year.

I went to another transition day at Kensington Primary School today. This time mum and dad took me there. They talked to other mums and dads, as well as some teachers and even the principal. I was really excited that mum and dad were there, they got to meet my 'buddy' Alex.

Alex and I had so much fun learning together. After I went to a music class and did some more artwork, I went to order my school uniform. My uniform should arrive next week, so I will post some photos of how cool I look in my new uniform.

Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

Adults keep telling me that 'practice makes perfect', well with all the dancing I have done lately - I will be the best dancer in the world!

Today we had a full rehearsal at the studio, so I had to practice my jazz and tap ready for the end of year production. Tomorrow I will go to my normal jazz class, then on Friday I will go to the other kids jazz class so they can practice with me. Then that afternoon I will go back to the studio for my tap dancing class.

Finally on Sunday we will go back to the studio for a photo shoot with everyone in costume. Then it will be less than a week until the big production. I can't wait.

Should I practice some more now?
Love the dancing AJ Pickle

Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had a Thanksgiving party at our house tonight. I really don't know what a Thanksgiving is, but I know it was fun. Sarah told us that it was a special American holiday where people celebrate with family and friends and think about all the things that make them happy.

Well I think Thanksgiving is a great holiday. I can think of lots of things today that made me happy, that I can say 'thank you' about;
- meeting Sarah and learning all about Thanksgiving
- having lots of people come to our Thanksgiving party
- eating strange foods (Although the grown-ups loved it, pumpkin isn't a dessert!)
- having a big bath with lots of friends
- eating ice cream
- staying up late!

Thanksgiving sure is a great day. Can we have another Thanksgiving party tomorrow?
Love AJ Pickle

PS - did you know that American people think that pumpkin comes in a can? Sarah had to cook her own pumpkin before she could make the pumpkin pie!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Two Weddings and a Christening!

We have been soooooo busy lately.

Last weekend we went to Yarrawonga so mum and dad could go to Kerry's wedding.

Wedding 1 - Kerry and Brian

This weekend Aunty Sharni looked after us so mum and dad could go to Kirsty's wedding.

Wedding 2 - Kirsty and Brian

Why are weddings just for grown-ups? They look like so much fun, hopefully we can go to a wedding one day!

Finally yesterday there was something that we could all go to, even us kids; we went all the way to Sunbury to see cousin Henry get christened.

and a Christening

Just a normal weekend for us it seems, always busy. Places to go and people to see.
Love AJ and Milla

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Friends Everywhere

We made a new friend today. Her name is Sarah and she is having a holiday with us and Ellen. I don't know where Sarah comes from - she talks like people in America but she can read books to us in Japanese.

I don't mind where Sarah comes from, as long as she is our friend.

Love Princess George

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alex and Alex

Instead of going to kinder today, I went to Primary Kensington School instead. I made a new friend and his name is Alex too. He is not a big kid, he is a really big kid. He already goes to my school and he is going to be my buddy next year when I go to school.

I can't wait, it will be heaps of fun when I am at school.
Love AJ Pickle

Monday, November 13, 2006

Here Comes the Bride

I went to Yarrawonga for the weekend, to stay with nanny and poppy when mum and dad went to Kerry's wedding.
My mama made Kerry the most beautiful dress in the world to wear. I think that she looked even more beautiful than a princess.

I wonder what I will wear when I marry Macsie?
Love Princess George

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Explorers

Today, when Macsie came to visit, we decided to do some more exploring. Although it was finally a lovely sunny day, we didn't want to do outside exploring. Today was 'inside exploring day'.

There were so many places to explore upstairs...

We explored the beds - to discover how they were put together.

We explored the toys and blankets - to see how many we could tip into the middle of the room.

We even explored the bathroom - just for fun!

Today was a day to learn about everything in our room. It was very educational, it is amazing what you can learn in only an hour!
Love AJ Pickle

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What is a Nation?

We are having lots of strange days lately, and today was one of them. It was Tuesday, so mum went to work really early, before we woke up. Now normally on a Tuesday I would go to Tia's house and AJ would go to kinder. For some reason we didn't go to Tia's, we stayed home with dad.

I love going to Tia's, but I didn't mind staying home. We ended up visiting friends who live on the other side of the park and had some yummy lunch. Even when lunch was over, Michael's mum and dad wanted us to stay to watch 'the race that stopped a nation'. I don't know what they really meant though. There were horses on tv, and lots of people dressed up as princesses like me, but I don't know how that would stop a nation...I don't even know what a nation is!

We had such a great time playing at Michael's house, that we were still there when mum finished work. We were so busy playing that we stayed there for dinner too. Actually, we were so busy that I didn't even find out what a nation is.

Maybe a nation is something that makes dad's and brother's fall asleep really easily?
Maybe the race that stops a nation really did make AJ and dad stop?

I really don't know, I will have to go and ask mum.
Love Princess George

Monday, November 06, 2006

Fast Food

Yesterday, Milla and I made our own snacks. Although it was the middle of the afternoon, we wanted to have some more breakfast. Milla had her rice bubbles and cornflakes with apple and blackcurrant juice.

It looked delicious, so I decided to have rice bubbles and cornflakes with apple and blackcurrant juice too. I really wanted to have fast food, so I ate my cereal from my frisbee!

Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Today we went for a big adventure with my friend Michael and his brother Matthew and our dads.

We all went for a big ride to the lake near our house. It isn't a very big lake like the one near nanny and poppy's house, but it is still lots of fun. We wanted to catch tadpoles, but we couldn't find any. Instead we caught water bugs.

(When dad downloads the photos from his phone, I will post one here!)

Michael and I thought that water bugs would make lovely pets, but the dads wouldn't let us take them home with us. I guess we will have to be happy with the snails we have hidden in a box to keep as pets instead!

Love AJ Pickle

Friday, October 27, 2006

Snip, Snip, Snip

In all the excitement of turning 3, I forgot to tell everyone that I had my hair cut. Now I know that you are all thinking, "What's the big deal?" Well it is a really, really big deal - it was my first ever haircut! My friend Shino cut my hair, don't you think she did a wonderful job?

I wonder if I have to wait another 3 years to get my hair cut again?
Love Princess George
My Dinosaurs

I have my very own dinosaurs - Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and of course, T-Rex. I made them from clay at kinder last week and some of my friends helped me to paint them today.

They are the coolest things ever made at kinder.

Maybe next week I will make some more animals from clay.
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Making Orange Juice.

Do you know how to make orange juice? We thought we knew how to make orange juice, that was until we went to The ClubHouse today. We found that if you can plug an electric juicer into a bike that doesn't go anywhere, you can make orange juice! Crazy - and here we were thinking that you went to the supermarket to get orange juice!

I wish we had discovered The ClubHouse sooner. It is a big blobby orange tent in at Southgate, that has lots of cool things for kids to do as part of the Arts Festival. As well as learning how to make orange juice, we sang songs and did hula hoops too.

We love Melbourne, it has the coolest festivals.
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me?

Today it was my birthday again. It wasn't really my birthday, it was my birthday party day. I sent invitations to all of my friends, and hundreds of people came to my party. Naturally I had a dance party. My favourite dancer Bianca (and her friend Kate and her little sister Chloe) came to teach my friends how to to do ballet.

Everyone had so much fun at my dance party. Well almost everyone - I wasn't feeling well and I didn't have the energy to dance, so I watched everyone else have fun.

Even though my smile was broken, I was a little bit happy on the inside, and I am glad that everyone had a great time at my dance party. Hopefully I will feel better soon and have the energy to open all of my amazing presents.

Love the 3 year old dancing girl,
Princess George

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do you know how to have a happy birthday?

1. Start the night before by painting your fingernails and your toenails too.
2. Wake up early and open presents.
3. Open even more presents.
4. Wait to blow out the candles as everyone to sings 'Happy Birthday' to you.
5. Dance naked with your boyfriend (and your brother if he is still hanging around).
6. Finish the night with a game of invisible poker.

Find time during the day to eat lots of yummy food, go to another birthday party and have a hot tub too. If you can manage all of that, you will have a great birthday, just like I did!

I like being a birthday girl.
Love Princess George, the 3 year old

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Almost a Big Kid

It is only one more sleep until I am a big kid. That's right, tomorrow I will be 3. Soon I will be able to go to ballet, ride a big kid bike and I will even be allowed to play with all the toys that have '3+' written on the box!

I am so excited.
Love Princess George