Friday, June 30, 2006

Upside Down Miss Jane!

When I was a little kid, mum and dad used to play a great game with me. It was called Upside Down Miss Jane. It is a really easy game to play, all the kids have to do is laugh and be cute and then the grown-up picks up the little kid and hangs them upside-down. All you have to do then is laugh even more and be even cuter! It is a great game.
A long time a go, when I was a really little kid (like in the photo), I used to do Upside Down Miss Jane all the time. I am a bit big to play it all the time now, but on special occasions, I am allowed to play Upside Down Miss Jane again. Luckily today was a special day. My mum's friend Lee came to visit with her little girl Darcie.
I think that Darcie likes to play Upside Down Miss Jane as much as I do!
Love Princess George

Sunday, June 25, 2006

At the Museum

Today we decided that it would be a great day to visit the Museum and the park with Amelia and Zachary. Unfortunately, most of Melbourne went to the museum too! There were kids everywhere, so we decided to visit different parts of the museum. First we walked through the rainforest, then upstairs through different galleries. We even saw Pharlap.

It was great fun, but we still wanted to go to our favourite part - the Children's Museum. We played there for ages. We must have worn dad out, because he had another nap, in the middle of the floor!

Poor dad, it must be hard staying up all night long to watch the soccer and then play with us.

Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Super Model!

Did you know that one day I might be a little bit famous? If I am lucky, my photo will be printed in a calendar for everyone to buy. I submitted a few different photos, I wonder which one they will eventually decide to use.

If you are a little kid like me, perhaps you can be in the calendar too. Go to to find out more details.
Love Princess George
Saturday Mornings with Dad

Normally of a Saturday morining, we get up when the clock says 7 and get ready for a morning of fun and adventures with dad. We usually have breakfast and then get ready to play at Pirate Park while Mum goes to exercise.
We didn't do that today. It is school holidays and lots of our freinds are away, so we had a play at home instead. Mum still went to exercise and Dad played with us. I think it was all too much for him and we wore him out!
I guess if we let Dad have a nap now, he will have the energy to have big adventures later today.
Love Princess George

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Winter Wonderland
This morning we caught the train into the city, to Southern Cross Station and then walked to Docklands to go exploring in the snow. There was a Winter Wonderland there and we wanted to make snowmen.
It was great fun walking around Docklands. We saw cows in trees, jellyfish in the water and lots of other kids exploring.
I don't think that Winter Wonderland was quite what mum and dad expected. They told us that we would be able to play in the snow and even make snowmen. They were almost right, we did play in the snow, but there wasn't much of it and it had been stomped on so much it was more like ice and it was really slippery.
I really liked when they turned the snow maker back on. It was amazing, the snow floated around just like bubbles except that they were crunchy. It was fun to try and catch and smoosh the snowflakes back to really cold water! Maybe one day I can go and see the real snow and make proper snowmen.
I didn't really mind that there wasn't much winter fun, I was happy playing in the funpark areas. I bounced through the jumping castles, went for a ride on the crazy bugs and even climbed almost to the sky to go on the biggest slide in the world all by myself.

I love school holiday fun in the city.
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ready Set Go!

Nanny, Poppy and mum's Aunty Terry all came to visit for a little visit at our house this weekend. Poppy and I wanted to go exploring, but Milli and Nanny said that they were too tired. Nanny couldn't walk very far with her sticks and Milli said she had no energy for exploring.
We decided to visit Rabbit park and because Milli and Nanny were too tired to walk, they could both go to Rabbit Park in chairs with wheels on them. Mum pushed Milli and Poppy pushed Nanny.

I rode my bike and had races with Nanny, to see who had the fastest wheels! Even if Pop was wearing a Skaifey jacket, he couldn't make Nanny's chair go as fast as I could ride! He was still pretty fast though.
I love it when Nanny and Poppy come to visit. Hopefully they will visit me again really soon.
Love AJ the Racer.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


We are puppy sitting for our friends. Matt and Paula are in Brisbane so that Paula can do some famous shows and we are looking after their littlest baby - Fifi.
Fifi is a tiny white ball of fluff that likes to race us up and down the stairs. She plays chasey with us and tries to kiss our faces. She is really cute. When she gets tired she likes to sleep with mum's furry boots or one of our toys.
We are really good pet owners, as well as playing with her, we have already taken her for a walk to the park, fed her and taken her out to the grass to 'go potty' (then dad has to clean up the poos!) All this and she has only been having a holiday here for one night!
We are so good at looking after pets. Maybe one day we will have our own bundle of fluff to love.
Love AJ and Milla,
the part-time pet sitters!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fairy Fambulous!
(not a typo)

My friend Amelia and her little brother Zach came to visit me today. AJ and I convinced mum that we would need some yummy snacks to eat with our friends, so we made some chocolate with chocolate chip cookies. I was happy because it was my turn to crack the egg all by myself and I didn't get the shell in the chocolate mixture.

After we had tasted the mixture to make sure that it was chocolatey enough, we put it on to the tray ready to bake. When mum wasn't watching we made really huge lumpy cookies!

Finally the cookies were baked, the mess was cleaned up (well except for the mixture still on my face) and then Amelia and Zach arrived. We played "Fairy Fambulous" (kid speak for dressing up as fabulous fairies!) and did some craft. As we were making cut and paste pictures, mum made some new wands for our magic. It was great fun.

I love it when Amelia comes to play with me and we dress up.

Love Princess George

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Paddy's Pub

Today we went out to where Paddy's Pub used to be, a long long time ago - in the olden days. There is no pub there now, but yesterday we helped poppy stick a big plaque to a rock out where the pub used to be. Paddy was my nanny's great-grandfather, that means he was my great-great-great grandfather!

A long long time ago Paddy Bourke had a pub that was in the middle of no-where; between Yarrawonga and Cobram, somewhere near Burramine. As well as having a Pub, Paddy also had a General Store and a Post Office. It must have been a pretty good pub because Ned Kelly stopped there long enough to steal the boat to get away from the police!

Great-great-great grandfather Paddy decided that Tungamah was a better place to live than Burramine. He built the Victoria Hotel in Tungamah where my nanny used to live when she was a little kid!

Today lots of people (most of them related to me) went out to the big rock, to have a celebration about the olden days. They talked all about the pub and the people who lived there. Then they took the cover off the plaque and everyone clapped. After that we all ate more sausages!

It was so cool listening to stories about the olden days, but it was even more fun playing with my cousins - Jackson, Charlie, Dylan and Will!
Love AJ Pickle

Look at all my cousins who came to play at Paddy's Plaque.

Nanny's Foot

This weekend we are having a holiday at Nan and Pop's house in Yarrawonga. It is a bit of a strange holiday because nan has been in hospital and had her foot bones stuck together. She isn't allowed to walk by herself, so she uses big sticks to help her walk or sometimes she goes for a ride in a chair with wheels on it.
Even though she wants to play with us, we tell her that she has to sit still. She doesn't really like that. I know what she means, I don't like sitting still either, but if she doesn't sit still her foot won't get better and she won't be able to play fun games with us.
Most of the time, I am happy to sit with nan and tell her stories about the dolls that I play with and the adventures that I have with AJ.
I hope that nanny's foot gets better really soon.
Love Princess George.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

AJ the Drummer!
Look at me, I am a drummer.

I know that I need to practice a little bit more, but first I have to convince someone that I need my own drum kit. That is OK, Santa might read my blog and get me one for Christmas - I have been a really good boy.

When I have my own drums, I will practice heaps and one day I will be a famous dancer and musician. Maybe I can even travel the world in my own production like Stomp!

Love the talented AJ Pickle

Monday, June 05, 2006

I am becoming quite a little theatre buff - yesterday I went to the theatre again, this time I saw Stomp. It was fantastic, and very educational too! I didn't know that you don't need instruments to make music.
The stomp people made music with brooms and tubes and lids and plungers. In fact they could make music with just about anything - even the kitchen sink! I didn't know that all you needed was a kitchen sink and a pair of rubber gloves and you could make music. They used rubbish bins and barrels like drums.
Even when they had nothing, they could make music, just by doing tap dancing (without tappers) and clapping their hands. It was amazing just how many different sounds they could make.
I think that maybe I should learn how to make music like the Stomp people, I already learn how to tap, I know how to clap, all I need now is to play the drums.
Love AJ

Saturday, June 03, 2006

International Tap Dancing Day

To celebrate International Tap Dancing Day we went into the city, to see hundreds of tap dancers performing in Federation Square.
The dancers must have known we were coming to see them because they came over to the steps at Flinders Street Staion just as we arrived. After they danced for a while on the steps and had photos with some famous dancing guy, everyone danced across the road to Federation Square.
We watched the concert. AJ was too tired after all of his dance practice last night, so he just rested and cheered, but I danced and danced and danced. It was fantastic.
It won't be long until I can go to dancing too. Maybe if I ask AJ really nicely, he might teach me how to do tap dancing.
Love the dancing Princess George
PS - I will add a movie later (I need to find new software first)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Playing at Kinder

I went to AJ's kinder again today. There is so much to do at kinder, that I never know what to do first. Luckily lots of the big kinder kids like to play with me and make sure that I have lots of fun.

Today I played in the dress-up corner with some of my friends. Can you believe that there are even more princess dress-ups at kinder than at Ella and Taylah's house!

When we were dressed up like princesses we paraded around, showing everyone else just how beautiful we were. We even did some princess artwork together, then played puzzles and read books together before we decided we were hungry and had to go to the kids kitchen to make some pretend princess lunch.

I love it when I go to kinder, I can't wait until I am big enough to go to my own kinder.
Love Princess George