Saturday, August 11, 2012

Milla and Mali Day

AJ has gone to a leadership camp for the weekend so I get to hang out with mum and dad all weekend long.  I get to choose what adventures we go on without having to negotiate with another kid and it is awesome!

Today after ice skating we went on a Mali hunt.  Mali is the baby elephant at Melbourne Zoo and to celebrate the 150th birthday of the zoo, there are 50 life sized Mali statues in the city for us to find.  We jumped on a tram and headed around to the city.

Look at how many Mali's we found...
Kevin Presley - he has cool hair and I like stars.
Melbourne Storm Mali - it wasn't a stormy day and Mali has cool shoes. 
Melbourne Tigers - Chris Anstey is now officially and elephantiger!
Elephants on Elephants - more Mali's on Mali.
Animals everywhere - a cross between a lion, cheetah, fish, zebra and lots of other animals...
Mali's Mali - the one Mali painted herself
Hello Possum - an elephant with purple hair and nail polish!
Too many faces - happy and crazy faces everywhere.
Angels - I like this one, it has nail polish too - so fashionable!
Mali waves - let's go swimming :-)
Dreamtime - I never knew animals could dream.
Orangutan - Yes, I am an orangutan.
Wooly Mali - my FAVOURITE Mali.  It looks like a real elephant with saggy skin!
Mali on Mali - friends of Mali again.
Human Mali - It's a human, not an elephant and his name is Fred!
Road Mali - Who ran over Mali?
I could tell you where all of these really cool Mali statues are, but that would take away all of the fun.  Why don't you go on your own Mali Hunt?  You can use the map on the Melbourne Zoo website to find some clues.

I hope that we have time to go on another Mali hunt next weekend, I am pretty sure that even AJ would have fun joining in this adventure!
Love Princess George


  1. Great photos Milla Love Grandmaxxx

  2. kingsonthelake3:22 PM

    Great photos Del, all very good. Mali is so cute. Hope AJ enjoys finding more Mali Statues next time. Some gorgeous photos of Milla. xx

  3. Anonymous6:44 AM

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