Friday, November 30, 2012

A Morning Run

After the fun and excitement of skating before school yesterday, we decided to continue the fun today. We couldn't convince mum to take us back to Icehouse this morning so instead we went for a run.

5 laps around circle park, not a bad start.

We think that exercise before school is a great thing. Hopefully we will still think that again tomorrow and we can do some more exercise.
Love AJ and Milla

Thursday, November 29, 2012


The weather is warming up so it is time to make myself a refreshing drink.

Equipment and Ingredients
A tall glass
Apple and blackcurrent juice
Sodawater to add some fizz (I love using the SodaStream)
and of course a decorative umbrella (

Now if you are like me and you don't have any little paper umbrellas to put into your refreshing drink, don't panic, you can make one.  All you need is a circle of paper, a toothpick and some tape and you can have an umbrella to add to your drink to make it even better, because everyone knows that a drink that has an umbrella in it is so much better than a drink without an umbrella!

Enjoy, love Princess George

A Very NOT Typical Start to the Day

Now a typical school morning around here involves sneaking downstairs without waking mum and dad so we can chill out for a bit before the madness begins, having breakfast and getting ready for school.  We have given up on asking to watch TV because there is always something that needs to be done... Have you finished your homework... Have you tidied your room... Have you done insert something else really annoying here?

Well today was a school morning so you can imagine our surprise when instead of being told to stay in bed, we were told to be awake extra early.

There was no nagging to do homework or clean bedrooms, instead it was "Quick grab your skates!" and we were off to Icehouse.
On the ice with our friends
This is me doing the limbo backwards
Then, after skating around with friends and playing games, we were able to chill out and watch a movie.  
Watching Ice Age 4 on the ice
I won a copy of Ice Age 4 and other cool stuff.
All of this and it was still super early in the morning, before school.  

Oh and we were on TV too.  I haven't got a link to the actual footage, but this is us doing the limbo as Emma read out the weather.

Can you believe this actually happened?  I am still in shock about how awesome this morning was!
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I was at the Color Run too!

If you look at Milla's post it would be easy to think that just because it was her idea to go in the Color Run that she should be in ALL of the photos.  Well I want everyone to know that I was there too.

Mum and I on the way to the course
Waiting to start
About to begin

The Color Fun has begun
So much colour and so much fun!
And now for the best photo bomb ever... 
Kimberley came to the Color Run with us and wanted proof that she made it to the finish line :-)
Photobombing Kimberley's photo

I wonder if I can go to another Color Run in another city?
Love AJ Pickle

Colour Fun at the Color Run

Ages ago, I saw and ad on TV about the Color Run and it looked like fun.  Then every time I used the computer there would be a pop-up reminding me about how much fun the run looked.  I mentioned to mum and dad that I wanted to do a fun run and suggested that it would be heaps of fun to do the Colour Run as a family.  Surprisingly they agreed and before I knew it we were signed up as Team superRelish and there was no backing out.  Not that I wanted to ever back out, have you seen photos from other Color Run events - so cool!

Anyway, today was THE day.  Dad had picked up our race packets on Friday so we were all set to go.

Waiting to begin
Ready to go to the Color Run

Still waiting

Almost ready to start
The START is in sight

Come on folks, they said fun run NOT fun walk!

The colour begins
All coloured

Chalk is like paint when it is wet :-)
Even my tummy was 'painted'!
I think this is my favourite family photo EVER!
A messy colourful superRelish family

I had a blast at the Color Run and can't wait to sign up again next year.
Love Princess George

PS - there are more pics of our crazy fun on Facebook or on Flickr

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Summer is finally on the way

Do you know how I know that Summer is on the way?  It could be because the sun is shining more or because we don't need to wear a jumper all of the time, but the real reason I know that summer is finally on the way is because our season Summer Fun passes to Adventure Park Geelong have arrived!  That means it is time for us to jump into the car and head down to Adventure Park to have some water fun.

All of our old favourite rides were there, the Lazy River and the Wild West Canyon but there were new adventures to try too.  Before long we were clipping on life jackets and pedalling our way around the lake.
Enjoying the ride
A helping hand
3/4 of the family racing around the lake
It looks like we have found a new favourite, enjoying the single paddle boats on Barracuda Bay.

Another great day and I am looking forward to even more water adventures at Adventure Park.
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Missing in Action

Hmmmmm, it seems we haven't been here in ages but there is a really good reason for that - mum has been pretty sick.  When mum is sick, we don't have anyone to remind us to blog our adventures so that we don't forget them.  We have had some adventures that we will eventually get around to writing about.  Things we still haven't shared are our new bedrooms, there is also stories about learning how to use power tools, as well as climbing into the ceiling and all manner of fun things.

Of course there are about a billion more entries we could write about the Festival of Boo (that would be Milla's many birthday celebrations) and also our day at the races.   AJ is even going to write a review about a game that he was sent - Skylanders Giants that he loved so much he finished.  (Of course if the review for the game is anything like his book reviews that he has to do for homework then we will have to nag him about a billion times to get it done! - from Milla)  We are pretty sure that we never got around to blogging about Billy's birthday celebrations.  We can't even remember the last time any of us played along with Unknown Mami and Sundays in my City but it was probably forever ago too.

Now mum doesn't normally get sick, so this is a pretty crazy time for all of us.  She seems to help us out in the morning before school, then if she doesn't have doctors appointments or tests she sleeps most of the school day.  She hangs out with us after school and goes to bed when we do.   That's of course if she isn't in hospital.  If she is in hospital then we go and visit her instead!   Dad is pretty busy too, doing the laundry and the shopping, even making our lunch for us some days.  When we are all home together of a weekend, we go on mini adventures whenever we can.

Hopefully mum will be better soon so we can go on crazy adventures again rather than stay around the house, then we will be able to blog our stories and share our fun.

Get better soon mum,
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Christmas Crazy Begins

It seems that the Christmas Crazy has begun.  We have our first Christmas get-together tomorrow and so I had to get busy making a treat to share with our friends.  I wanted to make something that looked good, tasted great but was super quick and easy to make.  I have seen about a billion different variations of mini-plum puddings, do you like what I came up with?

Now normally I hate plum puddings but these are delicious.
Mini Plum Puddings (that actually taste great!)
The other good thing about making these is that all of the ingredients are delicious - Chocolate Royales, Jaffas and Mint Leaves.  Even the splodge of icing tastes OK.

I wonder what Christmassy treat I will make next?
Love Princess George

Saturday, November 10, 2012


What's a boy to do when he is spending a day at the races?  First stop, find a friend to hang out with.  Second, pester your parents until they let you place a bet or 3.  Next, get the form guide and start studying.
This is the hardest I have studied all year!

Who knew that studying really does pay off!

The first bet we had placed for us won, so did the second.  We were doing so well that when it came to the last race I could hear mum and dad cheering for any horse other than the one that I had bet on.  I think they wanted us to have fun but I don't think that they wanted me to actually make money from gambling in case I wanted to gamble some more.  They really don't have to worry, we may not have won on the last race but we decided that we will come back next year and re-invest our winnings.

Love AJ Pickle

A Day at the Races

The Spring Racing Carnival is in our neighbourhood every November and I love it.  It is a great time of the year to picnic in the parks, watch the odd horse race, dress up and have heaps of fun.  As much as I love the Spring Racing Carnival, I love to travel too and last year I was in America and the year before that I was in Japan.  

Can you believe that it has been 3 years since I last went to the races?  This year a couple of our friends invited us all to join them at Stakes Day again.  I was so excited to be going to the races again, not only to go to the races but to be able to catch up with 2 of my best friends who live on the other side of the city so I don't get to see them very often.

This year, we arrived at our picnic area, grabbed a snack and then took off exploring, only coming back when we were hungry or thirsty.  There were so many things to see and do that we were busy all day long, barely stopping to watch a horse race.

There were balloon animals to befriend...
fairy floss buckets to wear as a hat...

and of course shoes to swap!
I can't wait until next year, I am going to make sure that we are about for the Spring Racing Carnival so that I can go to the races with my friends again.
Love Princess George