Thursday, August 02, 2012

Art Soiree

Today we had a special event after school, an Art Soiree where all of our wonderful creations were on display all around the school for everyone to enjoy.

I had two pieces on display,the first one was a totem pole that I decorated with my friend.  It is called 'the Ocean'.  We painted it blue to represent the calm feeling of the ocean.  Even though I look kind of crazy and freaked out in the photo, it was because I was excited to see my art on display instead

I did have another piece on display, a miniature puppet that I made - isn't it cute!

I don't think that the artwork that I have done at school this year is my best work, but I have still have fun making it.

Seeing other people appreciate my creations (and everyone else's creations too!) has made me want to create some more masterpieces.

Love Princess George


  1. kingsonthelake9:05 PM

    Your creations are very good Milla, especially your puppet, you have made them really well. Hope to see more masterpieces in the future. xx

  2. I just love that puppet Milla. Love Grandma xx


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