Sunday, December 30, 2007

Summer Holidays

Well mum and dad decided to take Alicia back to Melbourne today, so she can learn her way around our house before we get home.  They said something about giving her a chance to find all of the hiding places before we come home and traumatise her, I think that it has something to do with not being able to fit Alicia, us AND all of our presents into the car.  

I don't really mind having a holiday without mum and dad, I know nan, pop and aunty Sharn will all spoil us, so it should be fun.
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Guess Who is Coming to Stay...
We are going to try (again) to be responsible pet owners.  Alicia is going to come and have a holiday with us.  If we are really good at looking after her, she can live at our house forever.  We are going to be really good pet parents and feed her and give her lots and lots of cuddles.
Love AJ and Milla

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Continues...
We arrived in Yarrawonga in time to open about a million more presents... water powered cars, Barbies, kites, clothes, dolls, books... the list goes on and on and on... We couldn't believe that there could be so many presents, all for us!
We didn't really have time to play with all of our new presents, visitors were arriving.  Before we knew it, gazillions of the Sheridan clan were there.  It was great having so many people sharing Christmas dinner together.  There were about 50 people there, and more than 15 of them were kids - it was great.  

Happy Christmas everyone, we hope you had fun celebrating with family and friends too,
Love AJ and Milla
Perfect Timing
On most drives to Yarrawonga, we stop at Marg and Graham's in Benalla.  Being Christmas day was no excuse not to stop, besides there were bound to be presents under the tree for us!  

Our timing was amazing, we arrived as everyone was about to eat dinner.  We didn't mind, we did have more presents to open and by the time we had opened our presents and looked for fairies in the garden, everyone had finished their lunch.

"Look, I found a real fairy wing in the garden!"

After we said hello to everyone (and goodbye to Sarah and Odd who were going back to Sydney), it was time to fill our pockets with chocolates, jump back in the car and drive to Yarrawonga to continue the Christmas celebrations.
Love AJ and Milla

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well it is nearly time for Christmas, and instead of it being hot like it should be in Australia, it is freezing cold.  It was too cold to go to the Carols in the garden, so we went to Little Jimmy's house (that is Mark and Jo's son - James, as in James Hird).  We all had a great time, but we couldn't stay too late, we had to make sure we were in bed early to give Santa plenty of time to deliver all of the Christmas presents.

Milla made sure that she put some reindeer food out, she sprinkled some on the grass out the front and put some on the balcony too.  

I wanted to leave beer for Santa, but decided that Santa has lots of work to do and it is safer if he doesn't have a beer at every house.  I left him a juice instead.

Good night everyone, I hope you all have a great Christmas.
Love AJ Pickle 

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Feast

Mum and Sarah don't think that it took as long to cook the Thanksgiving Feast this year, and it didn't take too long before the table was set for dinner.  
Do you know what the secret ingredient for a fantastic feast is?  It is butter.  Not just a little butter, but lots and lots of butter. 

There was so much food that there was barely enough room for everyone to sit at the table!  I didn't mind, the food was amazing!
Love Princess George
Giving Thanks

Sarah and Odd have finally come back to Melbourne to visit, so we are going to have a huge Thanksgiving Feast.  We know that it isn't really Thanksgiving Day, but we aren't really American so that is OK.  

As Sarah, Ellen and mum start getting the feast ready for tomorrow night, we took Odd upstairs to get ready for our show.   We did a really amazing show where Odd was the duck that fell into the paint, AJ was the 'man who knows how to get to the castle' dancer (and the director) and I was a fairy.  
Sarah even helped out in the fourth act, as a ladybug.  

Mum and Ellen clapped and cheered.  We would have done more acts in the show, but more of the feast needed cooking.  Instead we watched a Christmas movie before bed.

I am sure I will have great dreams tonight, smelling all the yummy food being cooked.  I can't wait to taste the feast tomorrow night.
Love Princess George
Making Christmas Cards

The postman has been really busy lately, delivering all sorts of beautiful Christmas Cards to our house.  As much as we would love to send cards to everyone, we trying to save the trees (and we aren't organised enough to buy or make our own cards).  We decided to do our usual Christmas photos to email to everyone instead. 

Merry Christmas

Something that should have been really easy to do sure took a long time.  First we couldn't decide how to dress for the photo shoot.  Then came the dilemma of how to pose.  We had to get mum to take millions of photos for us to choose from.  We couldn't really decide on a favourite, so we thought we would give you a slide show of our modeling prowess and you can choose your own photo!

View slideshow

Merry Christmas Everyone,
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, December 15, 2007

All Star
Tonight I went to the NBL All-Star Basketball game with AJ and some friends from Flemington.
It was awesome, they played lots of music and I saw all of the dancers on the court.  Oh yeah, I also watched the Aussies beat the International Import players.  
It was heaps of fun,
Love Princess George

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tales of a Watertight World

Well everyone knows that living in a drought is hard work. Our circus cabaret was all about living in a place with no water.

In the cabaret, there was an explorer in the jungle who got very, very lost and ended up in the desert. He was so dehydrated that he imagined that waiters were wandering around with glasses of water for him. Milla was a waiter and she balanced a cup of water on her head so that the explorer couldn't get it.

AJ was a part of the tribe that found the explorer. The explorer taught the tribe how to use water to clean themselves. We think the tribe was more intelligent than the explorer - who needs to be clean, you will only get dirty again. Water is much better for drinking or swimming in.

Anyway, the performance was heaps of fun and everyone cheered really, really loudly so it must have been good. We were such good performers that we were all given tickets to the second part of the Watertight World story at the circus next weekend.

Hooray, we love the circus!
Love AJ and Milli

PS - if Poppy emails us some photos from the show, we will post them here.
Dr Nao's Picnic

Today we went to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic to celebrate Nao graduating from university. Her mum and dad (Ritsu and Yoshi) were at the picnic too.

Congratulations Dr Nao. Have fun working in Adelaide as a vet.
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Lot Like Cinderella

Can you believe it, after all our hard work, the end of year dance performance is over!

Dancing has kept us very busy lately, with photo shoots and extra rehearsals. Apparently all of our hard work was worth it because everyone said the show was fantastic. Naturally the parts we were in were great, but it is hard to tell about the rest of the show when you are too busy backstage to see what is happening.

We were both very busy during the night. Milla was in the opening dance and the first dance after interval as well as the finale. I had 3 dances during the show and the finale. I only had 6 minutes between my first 2 dances. It was pretty crazy trying to get 14 tappers out of their 'Singin in the Rain' outfits into jazz shoes and costumes, but somehow we managed to do it. It was much more relaxing in the second half of the show when I only had one dance to worry about.
I wonder what the dance performance will be next year?
Love AJ Pickle
Here are a few photos from the show...

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Crazy Day
Today certainly was a crazy day.

First we took AJ to school, then we had to go to circus for a photo shoot to promote the show. We went straight from circus to dancing for our final class before the concert tomorrow. From dancing we went to school to collect AJ's bag. We couldn't collect AJ because he was at the swimming pool having a swimming lesson, so it was off to the swimming pool next.

After we got AJ, it was home for lunch and then off to Tia and Tio's for the Christmas Party. The crazy elf and Santa both visited the party and we had heaps of fun.

When we left the party, went home to get the rest of our dancing gear and headed off to rehearsals.

Finally when our part of the rehearsal was over, Lucy picked us up and took us home. Mum is still at rehearsal, making sure that everyone else is safe. If I wasn't so tired I would write more about our crazy day, but for now - Good Night!

Love Princess George
PS - perhaps when mum gets home she will post photos of the crazy day for me!

Milla and her balloon butterfly

AJ trying to win the tug-of-war

Thanks for our presents Santa's Helper

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Making Friends
When mum went to Japan to get Ellen, she stayed with Yoshi and Ritsu.

Today, Yoshi and Ritsu came to our place to visit us. It was great to meet them and practice my Japanese. Luckily they both speak really great English because I don't really know much Japanese!
We had a really yummy dinner and then Yoshi did some magic tricks for us. After Yoshi's magic, it was time for dad to do his tricks - throwing fruit in the air and catching it in his mouth. He even taught Yoshi how to do it, they were very funny.
I am glad that I finally got to meet Yoshi and Ritsu. I will have to learn more Japanese so that I can talk to everyone when I go to Japan when I am 7.

Love Princess George