Saturday, September 30, 2006

Who Won the Footy?

Daddy said that Grand Final Day is the happiest day of the year. I don’t know why it is such a good day. Sure there is footy on the telly, but that happens most weekends. Maybe it is the barbeque that is cooking all day long? Perhaps it is having lots of friends come over to play (or watch the footy). I think the real reason daddy loves grand final day is going to circle park at half time to kick the footy!

Grand final day is fun,
Love AJ Pickle

PS - who did win the footy?

It was such a big day, we are pooped!
Do you think it is time for bed?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fun in the City

The AFL Grand Final is on tomorrow, so we decided to go to the city to see what was happening. There were people millions of people everywhere; I couldn’t work out if there were more Eagles or Swans in the crowd.

As well as all the footy stuff, we had a play in Birrarung Marr and watched a band in Federation Square. I even saw a racing car!

is such a cool place to be.
Love Princess George

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Party Time

It was Amelia’s birthday party today, so we went for a big long drive to go to her house for the party. It was so much fun playing and dancing and of course eating birthday cake. Do you know the best thing about going to Amelia’s birthday party? It means that it isn’t very long until my birthday. Hooray!

Love Princess George

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Famous Fish

We went on a new adventure tonight - we went to our first ever photo exhibition.

The exhibition was full of photos of Japan, from people who lived in Japan to teach English.

Our Ellen had 3 of her photos in the exhibition. We were so proud when they said that Ellen's photo was the second best photo there. Finally when we finished clapping, they told everyone that the best photo at the exhibition was another Ellen photo!

We are so proud and so lucky to know famous people.
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, September 22, 2006

Special Gingerbread Girls

Even though it is school holidays, we went to school today. It was a different school in Footscray and we saw a concert with some friends. My friend Ethan was there with he sister Tahlia. Jake and Larna, some of Milla's friends from music were there too.

It was lots of fun singing and dancing, but my favourite part of the day was when mum took me to a special park. I wasn't really sure why the park was special though.
Maybe it was special because it had a really yummy cafe where I had a Gingerbread Girl to eat.

Or maybe it was a special park because it had an amphitheatre - that was where there was a really big hole in the ground with steps around it and a bridge going over the end of it.

Maybe it was a special park because it was where mummy and dad got married ages ago?

Oh well, even if I don't really know why it was special, it was still a fun place to play.
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Feet

We went shopping with daddy today. Shopping is so much fun, especially when daddy buys us something really cool.

Look, our feet match mum's feet now!
Love AJ and Milla
Mermaids and their Friends

Yesterday was a very busy day. As well as going to Macsen's birthday party, we also went to Isabella's birthday party.

Everyone at Isabella's party dressed up like they lived in the water. There were mermaids, jellyfish and scuba divers. I didn't want to live under the water like a mermaid or a fish, so I decided to be a pirate again. Milla said she was a fairy that lives in the water.

We had a great time at the party, playing 'pin the lips on the mermaid' and wacking the pinata.
Birthday parties are so much fun. When is the next party?
Love AJ Pickle
My Older Man

Did you know that I am going to marry an older man? It was my boyfriend's birthday yesterday and Macs turned 3, that means he is an entire month older than me!

To celebrate we all went into the Children's Gardens for a picnic. We had so much fun eating yummy food, playing games and exploring in the Children's Gardens.
Love Princess George

Friday, September 15, 2006

School Holidays

Well the school holidays are here again. I don't know what all the fuss is about. The only real difference between school holidays and every other day is that we don't get to go to kinder, music or dancing and when we go to all the fun places like SciencWorks, the Museum and the Zoo, there are millions of big kids there!

I hope that we can find some new and exciting things to do this school holiday.
Love AJ and Milla

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bulldogs Roar

Milla isn't grumpy today - she got to watch her footy team play on the tv AND I sung the special song that Isabella taught us...

Bulldogs roar, bulldogs fight,
See the might West,
Blue, Red, White!

Now that Milli is happy again, dad is a little bit sad. I don't know why?

I hope he is happy again soon.
Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Princess George

Everyone knows that name is Milla, but did you know that I am a real princess?

Just because I am a princess, it doesn't mean that I like to have my photo taken all day long.

Some times I am just to tired and grumpy to smile for the camera and I wish everyone would just leave me alone!

Love Princess George

Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm A Big Kid Now!

Guess what I finally enrolled at primary school. Next year I will be going to Kensington Primary School with my friends Michael, Finn, Sweeney, Darcy and Isabella.

I think that I will have lots of fun going to a big kid school, it will be so cool! I can't wait.

Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Father's Day at the Footy!

Today was Father's Day, so we did all the things that dad wanted... we annoyed mum this morning so dad could stay in bed, went out to breakfast so dad could have a 'Big Arse' Breakfast (dad told the waitress a naughty word when he ordered!) Then we went in to the city to have a play at Birrarung Marr before we went to the footy.

Dad was really happy that Collingwood won, although he did look a little distressed early on in the game when the Kangaroos were almost winning!

It was a great day.
We have had Father's Day and Mother's Day, when do we get to have the kids day?
Love AJ and Milla
Fun with a Dragon

When it was Bijan's 4th birthday party, we all went to Dizzy's Castle to play. It was lots of fun there and I saw a dragon! Even though the dragon looked kind of crazy, I wasn't scared.
We at lots of really yummy party food and chocolate cake in our party castle. The food gave me lots of energy to run through the maze, climb through the castle and slide down the huge slides. I even went into the glow in the dark room to have a dance.
I love birthday parties, it won't be long until it is my birthday!
Love Princess George.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ines and Stella's New House

Do you remember the day that we went to help Ines and Stella fix their new house? I can't remember how long ago it was, but I know that it wasn't that long ago. It was a strange house - it had no kitchen, funny floors and a jungle out the back!

Well today they had a new house party. I didn't really know what a new house party would be like, especially when their house wasn't even new. I didn't really mind, I will go to any party!

I was really surprised when I got there, it really was a new house. It was all shiny and bright and it even had real floors and a new kitchen!

The best thing (well other than the train set in the toy room) was the jumping castle in the backyard.

I hope that Ines and Stella have a new house party again soon, it was great fun.
Love AJ Pickle