Saturday, September 29, 2007

Daddy's Girls

After the footy was over, it was time for a quick game of poker!

Tahlia was the dealer.

I was the winner!

Daddy is so proud.
Love Princess George
Half-Time Heroes

According to dad, today is the happiest day of the year - it is better than Christmas and birthday parties - it is GRAND FINAL DAY!

Millions of people come from far and wide to watch the AFL Grand Final at our place. Then at half time, everyone goes over to the park to play footy.

Half time goes for a long time, so dad makes sure that no-one gets too thirsty!

It is great fun, the kids and the adults can all play footy.

Even the people who don't play footy have fun.

I think dad might be right, Grand Final Day is (ALMOST) the happiest day of the year!
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kelly Sports

Most Wednesday afternoons, after school, I go to Kelly Sports with lots of my friends. Normally during the holidays there is no Kelly Sports, except for today.

Today was Marcus's 6th birthday party and everyone went to Pirate Park to play Kelly Sports. We played footy, soccer, parachute and heaps of other games. It was great fun.

I can't wait for school to start so I can go to Kelly Sports again.
Love AJ Pickle
Big Kid Parties

Now that I am nearly 4, the birthday parties that I go to are for big kids. Today I went to Amelia's 4th birthday party.

Can you believe it, she had to decorate her own birthday cake? We had to decorate our own cakes too!

It really wasn't that bad. In fact it was great, I was able to put on as many sprinkles, m&m's and butterfly decorations on my cake as I wanted.

The best part was, we could eat up all of the cakes straight away.

Yum - delicious.

Happy 4th birthday Amelia.
Love Princess George

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I saw pirates in the city today. They were at Federation Square.

They weren't just ordinary pirates, they were cool pirates who could do circus tricks. They could sing, dance, climb massive ropes, juggle with their feet, do acrobatics and throw cream pies at each other. It was a fantastic show. Perhaps when I grow up I will be a circus pirate.
Love AJ Pickle

Monday, September 24, 2007

Better Days

My favourite bear (who is really a dog) Phoebe has seen better days. She has been my best friend for almost a month now, going with me where ever I go. She sleeps in my bed, goes to Tia's with me, watches dance classes. She was even on tv with me at the circus.

Poor Phoebe is getting worn out. Her nose is no longer all black, her dress is ripped, her ears will remain forever in a piggie tail and today her eye fell out and I couldn't find it.

Even if Phoebe is starting to look a little skanky, I still love her.
Love Princess George
Money Bags

Look what we found when we were in the sandpit at Princes Park - Money Bags!

Don't tell mum that it isn't really bags of money, it is just our socks filled with lots and lots of sand!
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perseverance and Patience

These are words that mum is slowly learning. It is what we have all needed to use to finally get some blog post published. Can you believe that it has taken 3 1/2 weeks to publish some of these posts? That is just crazy.

Hopefully, if we cross our fingers and our toes, the computer will play nice for a little bit longer and we will be able to get the blog up to date before the school holidays!

Love a patient and persevering AJ and Milla

Friday, September 14, 2007

Earth - Protect, Respect

Milla might have been on tv (again), but I am really a star. It was my school concert today and we did 2 amazing performances called Earth; Protect, Respect.

The Prep and Grade One class performances were all about the 4 seasons, our class was Winter and we showed everyone how important it is to use compost to help your garden to grow all of it's winter vegies.

Isabella and I were carrots growing in the garden. Some of our other delicious vegetable friends were Bok Choy, Red Cabbage, Beans and Broccoli. The other kids in the class were Gardeners, Compost Scrap Collectors, Worms or Scarecrows. We all looked amazing and gave a brilliant performance.

I think everyone needs to remember the words to our song, to help their gardens grow...

Save, save, save your scraps
Keep them for the worms
Spread the compost in your gardens
Don't worry about the germs!

Happy Gardening,
Love AJ (the Carrot) Pickle

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm a Star!

Today is National Youth Circus Day. Macs and I went to Circus school today to celebrate. As usual, it was heaps of fun.

The best part of National Youth Circus Day was that we were a part of a special performance. There were lots of other performers; the Westside professional troupe (with Sasha my teacher, Jen my old teacher and AJ's teacher), performers from Circus Oz and even a troupe of big kid performers that were amazing.

There were tv cameras everywhere and we were on the news to show the whole world just how amazing circus school really is. I can't post the clip from the news on my blog, but if you CLICK HERE you will get to see the footage that is on the ABC website.

I hope that you can all run away and join the circus one day too.

Love Princess George

Sunday, September 09, 2007

two AND Three

I have been wondering for a while now, why does AJ get his hair cut all of the time and I have only had one haircut - EVER? Yesterday I decided that it was time for my second haircut, so I got AJ to cut my hair for me. I can't see what he cut, but there was heaps of hair for me to use making puppets!

This morning, I decided it was time for my third haircut. AJ helped me again. Now I have a really pretty fringe and layers.

Mum and dad told me that if I get AJ to cut my hair anymore, it won't be long enough to have Shino give me a proper haircut for my birthday.

I guess I can wait one more month...
Love Princess George

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Roger's New Family

We went for a visit to Sunbury to see, Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Sam and Sebastian. Dad was doing a little bit of work in the garden with Uncle Grant, so we decided to go to the park for a play.

We all played a bit of cricket and then AJ gave Grandma her very own Auskick lesson. He taught her how to kick properly and how to handpass. By the end of the morning, Grandma was a pretty good kick! I didn't want to play footy. Instead mum taught me how to make daisy chains.

Aren't they beautiful? I was on bee watch, making sure the bees didn't attack mum so she could make me a daisy chain crown before we went back for lunch.

After we had lunch and ate all of the mandarins of the tree, we decided that Roger would really love to visit at Grandma's, there is plenty for him to eat in the country. Sam decided that she would love to have a pet for Sebastian to play with as he grew up, so off mum went to get Roger.
He loves his new house in the country. We can all go and visit him for holidays and if we want, he can come and visit us in the city, but I think the grass is greener in the country.
Love Princess George

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bloody Computers!

We haven't forgotten you, but the computer really hasn't recovered from the latest 'thermal event'. Some days it won't turn on, other days it won't turn off. Most days it just doesn't work for long enough to post anything.

Mum is waiting/hoping/begging for a new computer so that we can get back online regularly. The only problem is, mum wants a Mac. Dad doesn't think he likes Mac users. We think that it is quite appropriate that dad uses a Dell PC and mum wants a Mac. Either way, we don't really care, as long as we can get online again and actually publish some posts.

Love AJ and Milla

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day really isn't a day just for the dad's to enjoy, it is a day for everyone to enjoy.

Today we gave dad his Father's Day present - another giant box of Lego, this time with racing cars to build. That kept dad AND AJ happy. Then we went to DFO to try and find a new suit for dad. That kept dad AND mum AND me happy, even though they didn't have any really nice suits to buy.

The best part of the day was when we went to the beach for a picnic. We were all happy, AJ could play footy mum could relax in the sunshine and then Amelia and her family arrived so I had someone to play with.

Dad was really happy to have another dad to talk to, I think he even forgot he was a dad because we were all having fun and no one was nagging!
Love Princess George

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pictures for Dad

Tomorrow it is Father's Day. I have made 2 pictures of the things that I love to do with my dad. I love it when we play footy together and I love making Lego cities with Dad.

Other than make the Lego that we are going to give to dad, I wonder what exciting things we will do to celebrate Father's Day?
Love AJ Pickle
Spring is Here!

Hooray, Spring is here.

Today I walked all the way home from Footscray Park with mum. We had a great time enjoying the sunshine and looking at all of the flowers that have started to bloom.

The trees are waking up from their winter sleep and are growing lovely new leaves.

The flowers are starting to grow again.

It is sunny and almost warm.
The best thing is, I can wear my favourite rose skirt without getting too cold!

Hooray for Spring.
Love Princess George.