Monday, August 20, 2012

Sundays in my City #18 - Don't Change

Sunday morning our quiet house was invaded by a group of girls who couldn't possibly survive the weekend without spending time together.  Seeing that they had no soccer, they decided to 'relax' in the hot tub.   (Yes I do have photos but they aren't ones I can share without their permission.)

As the girls splashed away and squealed so loudly I thought that the neighbours would start to complain, I spent a few minutes inside enjoying the relative quiet.  I contemplated transferring photos and files from the old laptop and I thought I would share a few of the pictures I came across in the process to show just how much the noisy girl in the hot tub has changed.

Walking away
You are not listening!
My Cherub!
hmmm... looking at these old photos makes me see that some things really haven't changed at all...  The determination to just get her doll and go when she didn't want to be indoors...  The loud, well that hasn't changed at all...  What about the pig headed stubborn 'whatever!' look of this last one!

I do love that she still has a desire to get out and try new things, to go exploring and to know what she wants, even if that is far from what I want for her.   

Squirmy drop-tail
And yes, that would be the tail of a drop-tail gecko she is holding, it was still wriggling yet she wanted to pick it up.

Dear Milla,
Please remain the wonderful, independent, insightful and brave girl that you are for ever and ever.  Love a very proud Mama

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Unknown Mami


  1. My fave is the one you titled "you are not listening" What spunk that girl has!

  2. The "cherub" photo stole my heart!


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