Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ninja Kicks

Ages and ages ago, we went wandering and found a really great place to explore and we were (almost) in the area again today, so we decided to go back there and see if we could find any geocaches.  There was only one cache in the area and it was the other side of the river.  We wandered down to where there was a ford so we could get to the other side.  Unfortunately, the river was slightly flooded and the rocks we would normally jump across were completely underwater.  We really couldn't get to the other side without swimming so we had to find something else to do.

Ready to Ninja Kick!
Then dad reminded me about Ninja Kicks, the giant thistles that were all dried that were along the path - they were perfect for kicking!

They flew for miles into the air.

It was great fun kicking the dried heads from the plants, the only problem was when you kicked too hard and slipped over - you landed in the thistles!

Have you ever played a game like ninja kicks?

Love AJ Pickle

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