Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bob the Builders.

Today we played a new game, it is called 'Bob the Builders', and everyone pretends to build something. We all went to Ines and Stellas new house in Moonee Ponds. Their new house is really an old house but it is a little bit broken, so we all decided to try and fix it.

There was so much to do; we had to rip out the kitchen, lift up the floors, chop down the forest, catch spiders and bugs and sweep up all of the mess. There is still lots of stuff to do, but maybe someone else can paint the inside of the house and build the kitchen and the cupboards.

As well as all of the building (and demolishing) that needed to be done, there was heaps of other fun things to do. We could explore the forest, chase shadows in the back shed, climb trees or pretend we had horses in the stables our the back. I think it will be lots of fun playing at Ines and Stella's new house!

Love AJ and Milla,

friends of Bob the Builder

Time for School?

Can you believe it is almost time to find a school for me to go to. I am only 4 and already I have to make such important decisions!
Today I went and had a look at a primary school. We went to a school in Flemington. As we walked up to the school buildings, someone started yelling out over the speakers. She sounded a little crazy and I didn't want to stay. I convinced mum and dad that we should go to a different primary school instead, so we all went back to the car.
We drove around for a bit, then stopped to look at the same primary school. (I pretended that it was a different school, just to keep mum and dad happy.) I told them that it looked exactly like the first school, except that there were kids making beautiful music instead of the strange lady with the microphone.
I really liked listening to the girl who played the trumpet and her brother who played the glockenspiel. Mabye when I go to primary school I can play a musical instrument too. Do you know something else exciting about the primary school we looked at today? My friend Isabella was there too.
Hopefully we can go to primary school together and be friends forever.
Love AJ Pickle

Having fun in the big kids playground at Flemington Primary School

Friday, April 28, 2006

We're Going to the Zoo

Well actually, we have already been to the zoo.
I went to the zoo yesterday with AJ, Amelia, Zach, Ella and Taylah. There was so much exploring to do. As usual, we followed my favourite zoo trail - from a picnic in the playground to the elephant area.
Our animal adventures began walking to the gorillas (who decided they didn't want to play), past the tiger (who wanted to play with a water bottle), over the monkey bridge and finally to the elephant area.

I think the elephant area is more exciting than the real elephants. I was too busy climbing all over the statues to even see a real elephant! Mum told me that if I am a really lucky girl, I might get to visit my friend Rutt in Thailand and go for a ride on an elephant!

Wouldn't that be amazing, I hope that one day I can visit Rutt and ride on a real elephant.

Love Princess George
PS - I think the real reason AJ likes to play with me and my friends is so that he can have a group of spunky girls who follow him wherever he goes.
He likes to teach us tricks!
We were so worn out after running around the zoo, we had to stop and have a rest (and eat an aussie icypole!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Footy

When I was having my holiday at Grandma's house, I went to the footy. Milli stayed with Grandma and I went in to the MCG with dad and Granddad.
We caught the train in to the city and then walked to the 'G'. I was so excited about going to the footy that I didn't even want to watch the end of the ANZAC parade or stop and play at Birrarung Mar. I didn't even want to stop for a rest with Granddad, I just wanted to get there.
When we finally made it there, there was so much to see and do. It was amazing. I didn't think that going to the footy would involve so much singing. We sang Waltzing Matilda, True Blue and Advance Australia Fair as well as lots of other Aussie songs.
Lots of special people were at the MCG, people that were driven around the ground while everyone cheered. I am not sure why they were so important, but I think it had something to do with the people keeping Australia such an amazing place.
Eventually it was time for the footy. Dad and Granddad both cheered for the Magpies, but I like the Bombers too, so I cheered for everyone. Dad and Granddad were really happy and kept singing 'Good Old Collingwood Forever'. I sang that song too, but I also like the song about the Bombers going up.
I had a great day at the footy. Hopefully dad will take me to more footy games, maybe even a Bulldog game because Milla likes the Bulldogs this week.
Go footy (and Skaifey too)
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Off to Grandma's House.

Have you ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood? Today I feel like Little Red Riding Hood, except that I have a Little Pink Jacket. I am about to go all the way to Sunbury to have a holiday with Grandma. I hope there is no wolf trying to stop me from going to Grandma's house. AJ is going to come with me, he is big and brave, he will save me from any wolf.
Well our bag is packed and mum and dad are finally ready to drive me there.
Hooray, ikimasho (let's go!)
Love Princess George

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kinder Kids

Friday is my favourite kinder day because my mum comes and helps us. She plays chasey around the playground, helps us make spiral snakes and even lets the pirates make her walk the plank! Luckily Milla is a mermaid and she can save mum from the sharks in the ocean.

It is so cool when mum comes to kinder.
Love AJ Pickle
This is me and my friend Hamza on top of the monkey bar.

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Friend Anna

Did you know that my friend Anna came to visit me? It took her ages to get here because she lives in London (and that is even further away than New York!)
It was great to see her again, we gave her lots of kisses and smooshy cuddles.
As well as visiting me, Anna is planning her wedding. Tino finally asked her to marry him, and they are going to get married in Melbourne in February. I can't wait, Anna said that I can go to the wedding AND to the big celebration party. Maybe I can even get a new princess dress to wear!

Love Princess George

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Did you know that Easter Bunny left Easter eggs for us, even though we weren’t even at our house? He must be a pretty smart rabbit if he knew to deliver us some Easter eggs at nanny and poppy’s house!

When we woke up Sunday morning, there were giant chocolate rabbits on the end of our bed. Mum and dad didn’t seem too interested in sharing our excitement at 6 in the morning, so we went and woke nanny and poppy instead – they were much more excited!

We still had no electricity, so we had to explore the house in the dark. Do you know what we found? We found even more Easter eggs. They were everywhere. (I think that the Easter Bunny spilled his egg basket as he was trying to sneak out of the house in the dark!)

I think that we ate so much on Easter day that we won’t need to eat again forever. As well as eating chocolates, we still ate breakfast, then had an early picnic lunch, a late roast lunch and a snack before we went to Aunty Bette’s and Uncle Pin’s house for another roast! Luckily heaps of my cousins were there and we were able to run around heaps to use up our energy.

Unfortunately, we had to go back to Melbourne so that mum could work the next day. Luckily dad had the day off, so I could play with him some more.

I hope everyone else had a chocolatey Easter,
Love AJ Pickle
Happy Easter Eve!
(This is the email we would have sent, if we had electricity to run the computer! )

Look everyone, the Easter Bunny is hiding in Poppy Pete's garden!

We hope that the Easter bunny can find everyone tonight,

Love AJ and Milli

Life in the Country

Well with the Easter long weekend looming, we managed to convince mum and dad that it would be a good idea to head north and have a weekend in the country. AJ and I just wanted to go and visit nanny and poppy, and say g’day to all of our cousins who were going to Yarrawonga for the weekend too.

It really wasn’t too hard to convince them to go away for the weekend. I think they really liked the thought of having someone else to play the early morning body slam games that we normally save for mum and dad.

After a crazy day playing with friends on Thursday, we had dinner and jumped in the car for the long trek. Mum and dad stopped at Benalla to visit Marg and Graham, but we were so tired that we didn’t even wake up.

When we were in Yarrawonga, I planned to blog on Friday, but time ran out. On Saturday, there was still too much to do; we had worms to dig for, fish to watch, a dog to play with and cats to chase. When all of that was done, we had friends to visit too.

Finally, after another exhausting day, we all decided to unwind in the hot tub before blogging and then going bed. It was very relaxing, so relaxing that the electricity decided that if we weren’t doing anything, then it shouldn’t have to do anything either. All the power went out! It was really spooky, but we finished our big bath by candlelight!

AJ and I had planned on sending an Easter eve email to everyone, but…

Love Princess George

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Perfect Day.

How do you spend a beautiful Saturday in Melbourne?

Naturally, a perfect day in Melbourne covers all four seasons. The day started of freezing cold and I had to wear a jumper, beanie AND a parka. We were rained on, it was windy and just to be sure it was true Melbourne weather, we ended up having to splash on some sun screen.
Today started off in a fantastic and typically Satutday way - with a barbeque breakfast with friends. After that it was time to go in to the Botanical Gardens Market, to shop and 'do coffee' with some more friends. Then finally we had a picnic and spent hours exploring the Children's Gardens in at the Botanical Gardens. There were so many places to hide, things to climb, streams to paddle in and jungles to wander through.
It was an amazing day full of adventure. Hopefully we will have more perfect days in Melbourne to continue our adventures.
Love AJ Pickle.
Milli found that the child proof gates weren't much of a challenge; she wanted to take on the main gates instead!
It's time to explore!
I'm the king of the castle!

Exploring beyond the Black Stump!
Looking for fish.
Isn't it fun playing in the gardens Milli?

Oh yeah, Milli decided it was a good time to wash her hair!
(I think she might be crazy!)
Ho Hum...
Well after the excitment of the Commonwealth Games, everyday life hardly seems exciting at all. We still have lots of fun playing with all of my friends, going to Tia's house, learning tap-dancing, going to kinder, celebrating birthdays or singing songs at music but it hardly seems the same. I have wanted to blog all week, but I didn't have anything to blog about. That was until today.

Today we went in to the Botanical Gardens. Not only did we meet another Princess called George (little Georgia with her parents Renae and Rich), but we played with Jodi and the dog she was babysitting - Angus. We went shopping at a really funky market AND we went exploring in the coolest gardens in the world, the Children's Gardens. Mum went absolutely nuts taking photos, so I will upload (some of) them for you all soon.

We had so much fun exploring together. Maybe things aren't so ho-hum after all!
Love the Pickle and the Princess.