Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crazy People

Look what our crazy parents, and about 26,000 other people did when we were in Yarrawonga!

As a part of the Run for the Kids, they ran through the Domain tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge, past the giant ferris wheel before running back through the city to the gardens.
This is mum on top of the Bolte!

Parents are crazy, but at least they helped to raise lots of money for the Childrens Hospital.
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, March 28, 2008

On Holidays

Hooray it is holidays and Aunty Sharn took us to Yarrawonga to have a holiday with Nan and Pop.  
Hurry up Mum, I can't stand here all day for photos, the train is about to leave!

Holidays in Yarrawonga rock!
Love AJ Pickle

Monday, March 24, 2008


We finally had a barbeque for dinner tonight.  Can you believe it, it is the first barbeque we have had since Clement arrived a month ago!

To celebrate the Bombers beating North Melbourne this afternoon, we had kangaroo steaks.  (By we, I really mean dad and Clement!  I prefer lamb and salad.)  

Clement really liked the steaks, he had extra!  
Love Princess George

PS - We really need to get our yard and spa fixed so we can barbeque more often.  Next on the barbeque menu for Clement - kanga bangas!
The Faces of Footy
Dad and Clement went and saw Collingwood play footy on Saturday and Clement thinks that the Magpies are a good team.  I have been trying to teach him that the Bombers are to best team so today the whole family went to the footy.  We saw the Kangaroos and the Bombers play at Telstra Dome.  

The Kangaroos were winning at the start and I wasn't really very happy!

I was so upset that I decided to play with Milla and draw pictures instead of watching the game.

When the final siren went, I was surprised to find out that the Bombers had flogged the Kangaroos.  I had to check with dad just to be sure.

Go Bombers!
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 23, 2008


We went to Grandma's house for Easter afternoon tea.  Afternoon tea was almost healthy - fruit salad, vegemite sandwiches and bun, with a side serving of Easter eggs of course.

As well as eating and having another Easter egg hunt, we played with Roger.  I think Roger was a little worn out from helping the Easter bunny last night.  
Roger didn't really want cuddles.

Luckily my littlest cousin Owen wanted cuddles instead.

Happy Easter everyone.
Love Princess George

After having a healthy breakfast of Easter eggs, I decided that I should make a fruit salad for everyone to eat with brunch.  
I made it all by myself.
Look - grapes, banana, apple, tomato and carrots - yum!

Mum cooked bacon and eggs for us too, so as we waited for the rest of our brunch, Milla and I snacked on some more chocolate eggs!

Hmmm, chocolate for breakfast AND brunch, I wonder what we will have for afternoon tea at grandma's house?
Love AJ Pickle
Chocolate For Breakfast

Today must be one of the best days of the year - the only day that we are allowed to have chocolate for breakfast (in bed)!

The Easter Bunny visited our house last night.  When we were asleep, she left a chocolate bunny on our beds, ready for breakfast.  Then she hid more eggs downstairs.  This year the Easter Bunny hid chocolate eggs AND eggs filled with little toys - we must have been really good kids!

We hope that everyone else gets to have chocolate for breakfast too!
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, March 21, 2008


The Kensington Kids had their second annual Easter Egg Hunt today.  Pirate Park is the perfect place to go hunting for chocolate treasures.

There were heaps of kids, and even more Easter treats.

I found so many Easter Eggs that I ran out of pockets and hands to carry my eggs. 

Hunting for Easter Eggs if great fun.
Love Princess George

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hot Chocolate
We went on an Easter Egg Hunt today at the Fitzroy Gardens.  There were giant rabbits and little eggs everywhere we looked.  It was so much fun finding chocolate in the gardens, the only problem was that it was a hot day - the eggs had melted before we found them.  
When we picked them up they smooshed into a chocolatey mess.  

I think that mum was the only person to eat all of our melted chocolate!
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, March 14, 2008

Teddy Bears Picnic

I went on an excursion with AJ today and I took Amelia with me.  Everyone walked to Bayswater Road Park for a Teddy Bears Picnic.  

This is my teddy (dog) and Amelia's Teddy relaxing in the shade.

We shared honey sandwiches, read a story about another Teddy Bear's Picnic and ate teddy bear biscuits.
AJ and Michael were very happy to get teddy bear biscuits to eat.

We all took our teddy bears for a play in the park and to hide in the tunnel.

My teddy dog didn't have a hat so she shared mine!

Amelia and I had heaps of fun.  We don't think that going to school next year will be hard at all!
Love Princess George

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just for Nanny
Nanny Pat has requested that we put a few more photos of Ness and Scott's wedding here for her to print in her blog book, so here goes...

The grown-up part of the bridal party.

Jaxon wasn't as interested in listening as the other boys!

Sharn having yet another surprise photo taken.

The bridal couple's attendants.

AJ had fun skimming rocks in the creek.

Milla laughing hysterically as she blew bubbles into Sean's face!

The girls showing a little leg (and their boxer shorts)!

There are a few more photos listed at Flickr.
Love Princess George

Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
It is always hotter in Yarrawonga than it is in Melbourne.  
Yarrawonga was 33c hotter than in Tours, France

Today we took Clement for a walk to the lake. We were all going to walk around the island, but we thought Clement would melt.  Clement stayed in the shade as Milla and I went swimming and had water fights.  
I went swimming in my shorts, but Milla was still in her pyjamas!

Next time we take Clement to Yarrawonga we can explore the island and lake together.
Love a not melted Pickle Monster
Look what happened when I was at Yarrawonga!

My loose tooth fell out.  
(9 March 2008)

I put my tooth into a glass of water ready for the tooth fairy and when I was asleep, the tooth fairy came.  She bought my tooth for $2 and she used my tooth to make a new star to shine at night!

I wonder which star is mine?
Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beautiful People

We went to Tungamah this afternoon, to the Boosey Creek where we go camping every year (and the same place where AJ broke his arm).  We went to watch Scott and Ness get married.
Everyone looked really beautiful.
(Aunty Sharn was bridesmaid, but I don't know where she was hiding when this photo was taken)

Ness looked like a princess.

Jayanna was one of the flowergirls.
I don't think that she really wanted to be a flowergirl who wore a dress and had to carry flowers!
I wonder if I will ever get to be a flowergirl?
Love Princess George

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Famous Faces

Remember how I told you all about Clean Up Australia Day.  Well my mum took some photos for work and they are in the newspaper.  In one of the photos, you can see dad lining up to get his sausages for lunch.  If you look really closely, you can even see AJ (you will have to look really really closely - his face is blocked by dad's arm, but you can see his body and his new Bombers hat!).

Maybe next time I won't hide from the camera and I can be famous too.
Love Princess George

Monday, March 03, 2008

It might be really hard to see in a photo, but guess what - I have a wobbly tooth!
This is my first ever wobbly tooth. 
I wonder how long it will wobble before it falls out?
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Playing Ball

Clement has been on camp with other big kids from other countries all weekend.  He came home this afternoon and we had a picnic in Circle Park for dinner then played ball.  
I got to stay in the park extra late AND play basket ball with Clement.  
Having a big brother is fantastic.  
Love AJ Pickle
Clean Up
Did you know that today is Clean Up Australia Day?

We all went to Debney's Park to help clean up.  There were millions of people helping to clean up, well at least 200 people.   We cleaned up heaps of rubbish that people left lying around.  
Luckily, after filling hundreds of bags with litter, it was hard to find more rubbish.  

I hope that people will remember to put their rubbish in the bins instead of dropping it on the ground.
Love Princess George