Saturday, August 29, 2009

Faded Red

What happens when you mix red hair paste with blonde hair and wait a day?
Why it turns pink of course!
Luckily pink hair matches with the clothes I am wearing to a birthday party.
Love Princess George
Book Week Beauty

I love dressing up, I love dressing up for school even more. Today we were celebrating Book Week and were allowed to go to school dressed as our favourite book character. Now I have so many favourite book characters that I really couldn't decide who to be. Instead of spending days going through my favourite books I decided to go through my favourite costumes instead.

The short list was either a piggy costume, an Anastasia costume or Ariel the mermaid. Now I love all of my costumes and it was going to be a really difficult decision, that is until I realised that Ariel has red hair and mum has red hair paste that I might be able to use. Once mum said I was allowed to have red hair for the day, the decision was made - I would be Ariel.
Do you like how I look with red hair?
Love Princess George

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dressing Up, Again...

To celebrate book week we had our school performance 'Book Safari' on Wednesday and today we had a dress up day at school. The theme for the dress up day was book characters. Now I really wasn't in the mood for dressing up, in fact I was more than happy to just wear my school clothes but for some reason mum and Milla thought it was a big deal and that I had to dress up. I really couldn't be bothered, but it was easier to put on real clothes than to argue. Of course once I got dressed, then we had to work out what character I was. Can you guess?

OK, I know you are going to be forever trying to work out my awesome book character so I will give you some clues. I am in books, but I am on a tv show more. I am a character in my favourite cartoon. I have collector cards with all of your friends on them. Do you know who I am or do you give up?

I knew you would never guess - I am Ash from Pokemon, can't you see my pokeball?
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Super Stars

Finally, after weeks and weeks of rehearsals it was time for the big show - the KPS whole school production. I was so excited, I got to play a puppy dog and a narrator in our version of the Gingerbread Man.

Now I have to say that the the whole performance was pretty cool but our class was the best. How could we not be the best, look at how adorable we look in our puppy costumes!
AJ's class did a really good performance too. In fact everyone everywhere must have known just how awesome our whole school performance was going to be. We had a special visitor from Tokyo come to watch the show!

We all went out for a celebratory hot chocolate and a snack after the show so we could spend more time with Yoshi.
I would love to sit and write more about how much fun I had with Yoshi, but I have to go and get ready for the second performance. Once the performance is over I will be able to plan my holiday to visit Yoshi in Tokyo next year - I can't wait.
Hi Yoshi!
Love Princess George

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Even though we woke up to heaps and heaps of rain and lots of wind, nan and pop decided to come for a drive and visit us in Nagambie. Now Nagambie is a great place to visit but all of the things that we wanted to do were outside and outside was really really wet. We couldn't spend all day just sitting in a cafe watching it rain so instead we went to Shepparton, at least if it was still raining we could find something to do.

Of course it was still raining when we got to the Shepparton. We wanted to go to the market but it was cancelled, instead we went 10 pin bowling.
Bowling was fun, but not as fun as what we did next - we went exploring in a maze!

The maze was huge and we got really really lost, it was great! When we eventually made our way out of the maze, back at the start and not the end, we decided to explore the garden centre. There was a bush walk that we wandered along with lots of statues to meet. It was such a fun place to visit. We even managed to convince dad to buy us a new succulent plant each.
Of course like all great days, adventuring makes us hungry. Nanny and poppy treated us to a special lunch AND dessert that was so good I had to lick the bowl clean!
Thanks for a great day nan and pop!

Can you believe that just by googling things to do in Shepparton we found out about this really cool maze? I sure am glad that mum and dad can google from their phones!
Love Princess George

Precious People in the Dirt!

Well by now you have heard all about our fun day in Nagambie, well let me tell you all about our crazy night!

We were all exhausted by the time we got back to the retreat to make dinner. It was quite bizarre that a magpie would fly into the window of our unit. We opened the door to make sure that the magpies was OK, instead of it being frightened, it came in to our unit.

Mum was still cooking dinner and we were all hungry but was was even stranger is that the magpie walked around the kitchen and started eating stuff on the kitchen floor. Now you might think that that isn't all that strange, but we hadn't actually had any food in the unit so we didn't know where the food came from - it was really gross.

We really hadn't had a good look at our unit until then, and the more I looked the more dirt I saw. The unit was even dirtier than my feet get when I go camping, and that is really really dirty! I was glad that I was sleeping on top bunk in my nice clean sleeping bag away from the dirt.

I had barely settled in to bed when dad got out of the shower. He looked kind of strange and told mum not to look in the bathroom. Of course mum didn't listen to dad and went to have a look. Mum looked just as freaky strange as dad did when he got out of the shower. Dad was complaining that his feet were sticking to the floor. Mum said her shoes were slipping on the floor and not sticking.

I was intrigued and I wanted to check out what mum and dad were talking about, even if the floor was dirty. I climbed down from the top bunk and the ladder fell off! I couldn't believe that the bed was so dangerous, luckily I know how to jump and land safely.

No all of a sudden mum and dad were going kind of crazy. They were both sitting there, with their feet off the ground frantically googling from their phones. AJ was starting to get annoyed because they were talking and making phone calls and he couldn't hear the tv! All of a sudden dad cheers and yells out to us to get up and get into the car, we were moving house RIGHT NOW!

Next thing we know we are throwing everything back in to the car and climbing in ourselves. Soon we were on our way back in to town, to a new house for the night - a clean house.

We really didn't get much of a chance to explore the new place, it was dark when we got there and raining when we woke up.

If you do want to see some more photos from our interesting weekend away, check out our flickr photos; Nagambie, at the Retreat and Around Nagambie.
Love Princess George
Time to Retreat

Finally mum was home from work and the car was packed. Now logically that means that it is time to get going and start our holiday. Mum was doing all sorts of mum things that were taking far too long so I decided to take control of the situation. I grabbed the keys from dad and jumped into the car.

Luckily mum came out just in time - I don't think that I really know how to drive!

I am glad that the drive didn't take too long, I was getting hungry and wanted to stop for lunch just as we arrived in Nagambie. When we pulled up by the lake, I almost forgot I was hungry - there were too many things to do around the lake. I am glad that mum and dad got some chicken and bread rolls for us to eat over by the lake, that way I could explore and eat at the same time!

Eventually mum and dad finished their lunch and we went exploring around the lake. It was great fun running around, skimming rocks across the water, jumping off high ledges and balancing on the lake's edge. (Nanny, don't look at the photo unless you are feeling brave!)

When we had finished exploring the little bit of the lakes edge in town we all went out to where we were having our holiday, The Retreat further out of town. I was looking forward to going to there, I had my golf clubs and tennis racket in the boot and I knew that I could play golf and tennis at the Retreat.

It was awesome, we all played golf - or at least tried to play golf. We played tennis and had fun in the playground. We played on the old fashioned play equipment and it was kind of scary, the see saw was really high and there wasn't really anything to hold on to. It was pretty much just a gigantic piece of wood that was resting on a triangle shaped metal frame.

When we were worn out from the play equipment we went exploring along the lake. We met a crazy goat and fed a beautiful horse. I was hoping that it would be warm enough that we would be able to go swimming or on the canoes. It was nice and sunny but when we checked the water it was freezing cold.

Look at all the fun things we did at the Retreat.

Instead of swimming, we decided to go for a drive along the river. The weir was closed so we couldn't explore there so we ended up driving to Murchison.

We had a great time in Murchison exploring hidden paths along the river.
I had a great time in Murchison, hopefully we will get to go back here one day to explore some more. All too soon it began getting dark, and I was getting hungry again so we headed back to our retreat.

As mum was cooking our dinner, a magpie came inside and joined us, eating some food off the kitchen floor. It was kind of freaky, but really cool having a magpie inside.
When the magpie finished eating, he went outside and we had our dinner.

We were all pretty exhausted after a busy day running around so we went to bed early. Dad 'borrowed' an antenna cable from the unit next to ours and we were allowed to watch telly in bed for a little bit.

I had just settled in to bed when dad got out of the shower muttering about something. I was too busy watching tv to notice much, but next thing I know mum and dad are packing our things and telling us to get out of bed and get in to the car. I had no idea what was happening but mum and dad seemed kind of stressed out so I went along with their crazy ideas and jumped into the car. Next thing I know, we are back in town and looking for somewhere else to stay. Eventually we had a new home for the night and I got to go to bed. I knew we had to get up pretty early to get ready for dad's parachute jump.

Unfortunately during the night a ginormous storm hit Victoria and dad's jump was cancelled. Instead of spending the morning with nan and pop watching crazy people we had to find something else to do.

It looks like we will have to go back to Nagambie another day to watch dad parachute - hooray, another holiday!
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The grass is green, the sun is shining, it is Friday and my best friend came to play so we stayed in the park all afternoon.
I hope the sun keeps shining, we are going to Nagambie for a holiday this weekend, and to watch dad jump out of a plane!
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wet Hair

I really don't like going to bed with wet hair, it gets all knotty and messy and it takes forever to get untangled in the morning. So that I don't have to go to bed with messy wet hair, nanny gave me this towel turban last time we went to visit her.
It is great, I can get all the knots combed out of my hair then put my turban on and my hair dries really quickly.
Love Princess George

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Auskick Extravaganza

I was dragged along to Auskick again today. I really really didn't want to go, especially since it was raining - football is bad enough without getting all wet and muddy. Luckily instead of playing football we all went in to the community centre to listen to Andrew Welsh talk about being a Champion footballer. I didn't really listen, I was too busy playing with my friends.
As well as playing with my friends, we got to have a barbeque and get more free football stuff. It is a shame that it is Essendon footy stuff and not bulldogs footy stuff.
Love Princess George

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm A Winner!

Look what happened at assembly today.
I won a Student of the Week Award for 'confidently taking on different roles in the whole school performance'. Pretty cool huh!
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, August 07, 2009

Building a Bear

I have been saving up all of my pocket money to do something special. I really wanted to make myself a Build-a-Bear but they are crazy expensive. Ellen promised that if I saved $30 she would pay the other $30 so that I could build my own Bear.

As soon as I realised that I had enough money to make a bear I called Ellen to let her know and we made a date to go building. Even though AJ had spent his pocket money on Pokemon cards he was happy to come along with me to build my bear. He even helped me think of possible names for my new best friend. Mum suggested that we have a few names to choose from and decide when we met my bear. The final choices were Sophie or Alexandra, I just couldn't decide.

Finally it was time to go and find my bear. First I had to decide which bear was right for me.
Before she could be stuffed I had to give her a heart. Before I put her heart into her body I made a wish. Then when her heart was in, it was time to stuff her. I was allowed to push the pedal that put the stuffing into my bear. When she was stuffed to the perfect cuddle squishiness she was sewn up.
Now I know my bear is beautiful, but she was also naked it was time to go and find her some clothes. Where to start? Of course I had to find my favourite accessories for her and then find some clothes to match. There were so many to choose from but finally I found the perfect outfit.
With my bear and all of her new clothes it was time to register her 'birth' on the build-a-bear network and then check her birth certificate.
My bear is all dressed and ready to play.
Meet Sophie, my new best friend.
I love my bear,
Love Princess George

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Land at the End of the Rainbow

I know that I keep saying that Auskick really isn't that much fun but quite clearly it must be a great place, it is at the end of the rainbow!
Don't tell mum but it was great that there was a rainbow at Auskick, it meant that it was raining and we didn't have to play football!
Love Princess George

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rainbow Road

So I know that AJ said we didn't have anything to do this weekend, what he really meant to say was that we didn't have any kid parties or things to do this weekend. Instead we had a grown up party to go to. Now at some of the grown up places we go to there is nothing for the kids to do. We were really lucky at this party, there was Wii to play and that kept AJ busy and happy. I was even luckier I had a box of chalk to decorate the garden pavers.
I had a great afternoon decorating the rainbow road.

I think dad had a pretty good afternoon too.

I think that all parties should have a box of chalk and somewhere for dad to sleep!
Love Princess George
A Quiet Weekend

It has been a quiet weekend for us. It has been the first weekend in about a million years that we didn't have a kid party to go to or any place to be in a hurry. We decided to go in to Waterfront City for a look around and to buy birthday presents for the parties that are coming up.

Of course you can't have a trip to Waterfront City without a ride on the Carousel.
I pretended that I wasn't interested in having a ride but really I was secretly happy, I just tried really hard not to smile!

I love visiting Waterfront City, especially when we stop for ice cream.
Love AJ Pickle