Thursday, August 02, 2012

AJ's Boat of Life

Everyone knows that Milli is the artist in our family.  She is the one who is ALWAYS drawing, paining or creating.  She will use ANYTHING for her creations.  If she can't find a scrap of paper to draw on, she is more than happy to draw on her arms or even her legs.

Did you know that she isn't the only artist in the family, I love to create too and I had some of my art on display at the Art Soiree.  I think that art is a great way to tell a story or to share how you are feeling.

I created this piece called the Boat of Life.  It is a small boat (that actually floats and can carry small treasures!) made from metal shim and wire.

If you can't read the artist's notes under the boat, it pretty much explains why I have made the boat the way that I have.   I have made a scout sign to go on the front of the boat to remind me not to give up as I travel across the difficult sea that is life.  There is also a lantern at the back of the boat to shine a light on  the water as I travel through life, to guide the way.

One day I would like to make a bigger Boat of Life and travel everywhere to have adventures.
Love AJ Pickle


  1. kingsonthelake9:00 PM

    I love your Boat of Life AJ, you done such a good job making it. If ever you do get to build a big Boat of Life I would love to travel with you on your adventures. xx

  2. I love your imagination A.J. well done. Love Grandma xx


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