Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Escaping to catch the Escapee

So mum missed the big move today because she was stuck in hospital.  Luckily she did get to escape for a few hours because apparently in the madness of the moving, Rebel disappeared.  It wasn't surprising really, she is a strange fraidy-cat who hates loud noises and I would imagine that having a house full of stompy people moving furniture she was bound to go into hiding.  Dad was really worried about her but since he is loud and stompy too, there was no way she was going to come out of hiding for him and he had no idea where she was.

Luckily it didn't take mum too long to find Rebel - she was hiding under the hot tub. 

Of course she was terrified and she didn't want to come out, so mum had to crawl in under the hot tub to try and convince her to come out.

Eventually, after lots of bribes, Rebel came out from under the hot tub and mum loaded her into the car ready to start her journey off to the new home. 

I hope she likes life in an apartment.
Love Princess George

Missing out on moving :-(

Dear Monkeys,

Today is moving day and I really wish that I was able to spend the day between our homes moving  everything and making sure that the apartment is all set up but instead I am back in hospital and not feeling too well at all.

Last night, I had planned to finish packing and then sneak in and get photos of you both sleeping soundly for the last time in our Kensington house.  Unfortunately that isn't what happened.  I wasn't feeling so well and I had a bit of a fever so instead I went to bed.  By the time dad finished doing whatever he was doing, my fever was pretty high so I decided that if I went in to the hospital, they could run some tests and give me some IV fluids so I would have the energy to move today. 

Unfortunately that isn't what happened.  Once I got in to hospital, my fever had increased, my heart rate was really high (118 instead of about 60) and my blood pressure was dropping.  I was given IV fluids, had heaps of blood tests and also xrays but I wasn't allowed to go home.

Hopefully I will be out of hospital by the time you get home from school and we can all go to the new place together. 

Love you both,

Monday, November 18, 2013

Relaxing in the pool

After a busy couple of hours dragging boxes to the car, driving in to the new place and unloading everything, it was time to collect mum and Milla from Icehouse and head home.  Mum must have been just as excited about moving as we were because instead of heading home, she convinced us that we needed to head back to the new place to go for a swim!

You know, I think I could get used to this!
Love AJ Pickle

Checking out the facilities

I am just about to head down to Icehouse from our new apartment.  I decided that I really should do a warmup before I hit the ice, but instead of doing my warmup at the rink, I headed down to the gym in our building with the rest of the family.  As they were checking out the equipment, I headed in to the off-ice room (other people call this the yoga room!) to do my stretches.

I can't wait to move in, then I will be able to practice my on and off-ice stretches all the time!
Love Princess George.

Checking out the new place! - A sneak peak

When you come to visit us at our new place, there are heaps of different entrances that you can use.  This is the one we are most likely to use.

Next you have to catch the lift up to our floor, this is what the lift foyer on our floor looks like.  

Now I could show you photos of the empty rooms, but realistically they look like any other empty room, instead check out the balcony!  Down there you can see the tennis court as well as the garden and barbecue area.  In the background you can even see Etihad Stadium.

Milla has a pretty good view from her room, overlooking the garden and tennis court too.  If she looks out the side window, past the balcony, she can see the Bolte Bridge too.

The view in my room is a little different, you can see all the way from Port Phillip Bay in one direction, right around to Kensington in the other!  I didn't think to get a photo from my room but that's OK, this is just a sneak peek of our new place, soon we will have eleventy billion photos to show you.  

Right now mum and Milla are heading to Icehouse and I am heading back to Kensington with Dad to load up some stuff in the car and begin moving in.

Hooray for moving day!
Love AJ Pickle

Heading Home!

Instead of heading home after school today, mum and dad picked us up and we headed home!  I know that sounds kind of crazy but what I mean is that we didn't head to our Kensington home, instead we are headed into Docklands to collect the keys to our new apartment.

Look, there is our new building complex.  In a few short minutes we will have the keys and we will be headed home.  We can't wait!
Love AJ and Milla

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Billy and the Wool!

You would think that having 2 kids of her own that mum would know that when there is a little kid in the house and the house is quiet, their is a fair chance that trouble is brewing.

Look what Billy did when he was playing quietly on his own!

I hope that mum has fun untangling all of the wool :-)

Love Princess George