Monday, July 24, 2006

Strange Things

We are all feeling a little bit weird tonight, and no-one really knows if it is 'good-weird' or just 'strange-weird'. You see mum is going to get Ellen tomorrow and we are all really excited, it is just that Ellen is still in gin-Japan. That means we have to take mum to the airport so she can catch a plane all the way to Tokyo. Luckily it isn't as far away as New York, but it will still take more than one night to get there.
When she gets to Tokyo, she is going to go on adventures with Ellen, to buy us lots of treats and gifts and no doubt take millions of photos. Then, a whole week later, mum AND Ellen are going to come back to Melbourne.
So you can see that things are weird. We are excited that mum is getting Ellen, and we are looking forward to seeing Ellen again. It will be heaps of fun playing with dad all week long, showing him all the really cool things we do. Even though we are all going to have fun, I think we might miss mum, and I bet she will miss us even more.
Love AJ Pickle and Princess George.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Birthday Girls
Hooray, the 'kids' birthday run has just begun! On Saturday it was Ella and Taylah's birthday, and we went to a party at their house. We had lots of yummy treats to eat and played a really cool game of catch the butterflies that came out of the elephants trunk!
When we had eaten lots and lots of cake and fudge and chocolates and chips and lollies, we sung happy birthday and had ice-cream cake - YUM!
Ella and Taylah are really lucky because they get to have two birthday parties, the one we went to yesterday, and another one next weekend with the fairies. I can't wait, I have got a really beautiful fairy dress to wear to the party, and some new wings. I will look like a beautiful fairy princess! I hope dad takes lots of photos of me and my fairy friends.
Maybe when it is my birthday I can have a fairy party too. It won't be very long until it is my birthday. First it was Ella and Taylah's birthday, next will be Macsen's birthday, then Amelia's birthday and then finally it will be my birthday! (That means there is less than 3 months to wait!)
Love Princess George
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

When mum came to help at kinder this week, she was a meanie. She was the big bad wolf and she was nasty to all the little pigs, she kept chasing them and then blowing their houses down! Luckily, mum was just pretending to be a wolf and she wasn't really very nasty, she was just in a puppet show called the Three Little Pigs.
When the puppet show was over, we took turns to do our own puppet show. I was the little pig who was smart enought to build a house out of lego so it couldn't get blown down by the big bad wolf! I had to save the other pigs who didn't know how to build a proper house.
Making a puppet show was a lot of fun, I think that I will have to make another puppet show really soon.
Love AJ Pickle

We are really, really, really sorry that we haven't been blogging much lately. Unfortunately our ADSL router wasn't working. We don't really know much about ADSL routers, except that they are the things that let us blog, upload photos, check emails and chat on-line. It is kind of amazing that such a little box can have such an influence on getting things done!
Anyway, we are back online now - thanks to borrowing Jake's router, so now we have to play catch up on the blogging!
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, July 22, 2006



Hmmm, where should we go today?
Maybe the zoo...I don't think so, we went there last week.
Maybe the, not today.
Maybe the aquarium...we are going there next week.
I know, lets go to Scienceworks!

Hooray, I love Scienceworks.

There is so much to do at Scienceworks. Today we built things on the construction site, dug balls with the digger, made lunch for the grown-ups in the cafe, explored the Mathmazing tricks, predicted the weather and played on the boat and train in the park. We even explored the pump house and found out what happens to all the water when it rains, or when we flush the toilet!
Scienceworks is a really amazing place, we learn things just by having fun and exploring!
Love AJ and Milla

Sunday, July 16, 2006


This weekend it was really rainy and not very nice for playing in the park, so we had to find something else to do. AJ and I wanted to go to an indoor playcentre, but mum and dad don't really like them, so we had to compromise.
We found a place that had a playground inside, that was lots of fun for mum and dad too...we went to Bunnings! Not only was there a playground inside, but there was a kids clinic on. As AJ climbed the fort and explored the tunnels, mum and dad took turns to shop. I joined in the kids clinic and made a flower press.
I think that Bunnings is almost as good as a real indoor play centre AND it has really yummy food - sausages in bread! The other really good thing about Bunnings is that mum and dad always seem to find things to buy, to start another project.
After all of their exploring in Bunnings, they decided that they would paint us our very own blackboard - in our bedroom! How lucky are we, now we have a fort AND a blackboard in our bedroom. Now all we need is double-decker beds and we will have the best bedroom in the whole world!
Next time you are in Melbourne, you should come to my house to play. Even if it is raining there is so much to do.
Love Princess George

Friday, July 14, 2006

Towers and Tunnels

Today at kinder we made a huge tower in the sandpit. It was really big. When it was as big as we could build it, we dug tunnels in it.

My tunnel went all the way through the tower and met Baden's tunnel on the other side. Then Michael and Darcy dug thier tunnel to meet ours in the middle. It was so cool!

We had so much fun making tunnels and towers at kinder, that we all came back for night time kinder to build even more towers!

We didn't come back to night time kinder just to make towers and tunnels, we went there to have an international dinner with our kinder and creche friends. We all took some food that is from our country to share with everyone.

There was heaps of yummy food; English fish and chips, Indian curry, taginne from Morocco, tortilla from Mexico and Italian Pasta. I wanted mum to take my favourite Aussie food - Vegemite sandwiches, but she didn't think that everyone would want to share them. Instead we took lamingtons. Luckily lamingtons are pretty good to eat too!

Going to kinder at night time is lots of fun. I wonder when our next night time kinder will be?
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, July 13, 2006

At The Zoo

It has been a really really long time since we have been to the zoo, so today we went back to visit all of our animal friends. It was a little bit cold, so we some of the animals stayed in their beds instead of playing. We didn't really mind, we still had heaps of fun playing and trying to wake the animals.
Other than the playground and lunch shops, my favourite part of the zoo is the place that looks like Thailand - the elephant area. AJ likes the Australian area best, even if the wombats are all asleep.

Zoo - Elephants
The zoo is great fun to explore with friends. Maybe one day you can come to the zoo with me too?Love Princess George

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Walk with a Ghost.

Our favourite song in the whole world is Walk with a Ghost. It is a really cool song that we listen to on Triple J. It isn't on the radio as much now, so whenever we want to hear it we have to listen to the computer. Mum likes to listen to Tegan and Sara (the real people) singing the song, but we would rather listen to another little kid sing the song!

Love AJ and Milla,
the new Ghost singers

Click here if you want to listen to Tegan and Sara -

OR here if you want to here our favourite Ghost singer -

Sunday, July 09, 2006

More Happy Birthdays!

Nanny and Poppy stopped at our house for a little visit again today, on their way back from Geelong. We had a surprise birthday cake for Poppy that Milla and I had made. It isn't his birthday yet, but we won't get to see him when it is his birthday so we celebrated today instead.
I am glad that Poppy loves chocolate cake as much as I do.
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, July 07, 2006

Bananas in Pyjamas
Today was a very special day. It was the first time ever that I have been able to play with Nanny and Poppy without AJ. It was so much fun. Nanny and Poppy went to my music and we sang songs together.
Nanny and Poppy really liked singing Bananas in Pyjamas with me.
After music wewent shopping and had lunch together. I guess that AJ had fun too because he was at kinder, but I like not having to share Nanny and Poppy.
Love Princess George

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Art

Special Art Work For Nanny
Nanny and Poppy came for a little holiday to our house today. Tomorrow they are going to visit Uncle Adam and Aunty Melani, and perhaps we will go visit them in Geelong.

Nanny has still got a sore leg, but it is getting better. We decided that some beautiful pictures would help Nanny's foot get better, so we decided to do some artwork on her plaster. Milla drew a 'mummy spider that is friendly and doesn't eat people' and I drew a snowman with a carrot nose and a snow dog.

I hopt that the drawings work. If they do, Nanny might get the plaster taken off her leg really soon and wear a moon boot instead!
Love AJ the Artist

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad got even older. He is 33 now. He is so old that Milla can't even count that far. Luckily I am a big kid and I can count it, it just takes a really long time!

Birthdays are lots of fun, even if they aren't for me, I still get to eat cake and have a special birthday treat. Dad's birthday treat was having pizza and fizzy drinks with Wayne and Joke. Eventually we all sang happy birthday to Dad and finally ate lots of chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.
Love AJ Pickle