Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Election

Everyone knows that I love skating. Most people also know that I love synchronized skating too. Well last year my friends and I were a part of the Aussie Skate Tiny Teddies mini-synchro team. That was until we graduated.

This year we have created a new team, a team of kids under 15 to skate in the Novice section. What is so different about this? Well, it means that we can compete in the state championships and maybe even in the nationals one day too.

Now that we are a really real team, there are also a few other important decisions that need to be made. Things like electing a team captain and choosing a team name and uniform, pretty full on stuff. It was all very formal, nominations for captain and vice captain had to be submitted, in writing with parents approval before the election.  Hailey nominated me as captain and I nominated her as vice captain.

Election Day was today. First up we had to vote for captain. The list of people nominated was on the whiteboard. Everyone was given a piece of paper and pencil to write down the name of the person they wanted to vote for. (Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I voted for me - I really want to be captain and I think I will do a pretty good job of it.) We waited anxiously as the votes were counted. Guess what... I won, I was elected to be captain :-)  I was presented with my captain's badge and did a little happy dance!

Next up we had to vote for vice captain. There were 4 people nominated and 2 people ended up with the same number of votes so we had to vote again. This time we had a result, my friend Hailey was elected as vice captain. 

We were both pretty excited. 

Together we will lead a strong team. Now all we have to do as a team is come up with a name, oh and a uniform too. I think I am going to be pretty busy!

Love Princess (Captain) George

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Save my tooth!

Even though I know a little secret about the Tooth Fairy, I still leave my tooth on the bench in a glass of water, hoping that a gold coin will be added to the water for me. Now I know that Tooth Fairy protocol is for the tooth to be exchanged for a coin bit I love my teeth so much that I don't actually want to give them to the Tooth Fairy, or anyone else. Instead I write a letter to request that I keep my tooth.
A note for the Tooth Fairy
I hope it works again this time,
Love Princess George 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Discoveries in the kitchen

Normally when there is a discovery in the kitchen it is something gross and disgusting. Perhaps a potato that has fallen to the back of the cupboard and has gone rotten or more commonly a lunchbox is discovered weeks after it is packed and ends up looking something like this...
This once was a vegemite roll!
Sure the mouldy lunch happens a little too often but we have only been in this place for 4 months so we haven't discovered any other mouldy or rotten food hiding in the back if the cupboard or fridge. This discovery was way cooler than rotten food, and heaps more practical. Today I discovered a new drawer, right there under the oven.
Surprise, another place to hide things!
I wonder if this tiny little place will have any more hidden surprises for us?
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Celebrating not having to go to school

This time of night on a Sunday and I should be sound asleep in bed. Instead I have stayed up late doing very little. Eventually mum sent me to bed and less tha a minute later she changed her mind and said I could get up again because of this...

Love my view!
... Fireworks at the end of the street. This is pretty much what I was looking at from my room too!

I have to say that living here is like celebrating a holiday every day. 

I am looking forward to not having to get up early in the morning, instead I can relax and enjoy the holiday. 
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

School photo day

So it had been a few days since the Color Run and still my hair is far from its natural colour. I'm not complaining, it means that I will be the most colourful kid for school photos today.

Check out the funky do I rocked for my photos!

I wonder if I will get away with having hair this cool and colourful forever?
Love Princess George