Saturday, March 30, 2013

Milla's Massive Haul

I know that AJ has just told you all about his fun day at the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt yesterday and how we were lucky enough to be given free tickets to join in the fun of the chocolatey day.  Now it is time for me to tell you about the fun that I had and show you some of my favourite photos from the day.  

We all screamed in excitement, waiting for the start.

Running for more more eggs

Super happy about my haul

Thanks for an awesome day Cadbury

I needed to stop for a rest on the way back to the car 

(Even after sharing dozens of eggs with mum and dad, and munching on them the entire way home, there were still 128 Easter Eggs left in my bucket when I got home!

Thanks for an awesome day Cadbury, and congratulations on raising so much money to support the Royal Children's Hospital.
Love Princess George

PS - Just a reminder that we were lucky enough to get free tickets to this event from Cadbury but all of the smiles in the photos show just how awesome the day really was.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday or a Great Friday?

Every now and then, mum gets an email inviting her to go somewhere interesting.  Occasionally we get an invitation to go along and share in the fun too.  Good Friday was one of the days when we got to share the fun and go along to the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Werribee Park Mansion thanks to some free tickets that were sent to us from Cadbury.

We packed up our picnic and headed out to Werribee Park to share in the fun.

I couldn't believe just how many people were there having fun.  Rather than pick out a picnic spot straight away we decided to do a lap of the entire place to see just what we could do.  We could have gone on the rides but seeing that I didn't go on the rides at the school fete the other day, I didn't think I would go on the rides here either.  Instead of getting ride tickets, I negotiated with mum and dad to go exploring inside Werribee Mansion.

After the tour, I could scope out most of the picnic from the mansion balcony.
The view from the balcony
After exploring the mansion, we still weren't ready for our picnic lunch so we went exploring along the sculpture walk instead.
Fun in the Meccano Truck
The walk, and climbing all of the sculpture, made us work up a thirst so we stopped for a drink.
Drink time
By then, we were starting to get a little peckish so we headed back to the main picnic area.  We had just enough time to scoff some delicious hot corn before it was time to line up ready for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Milla was up first and then finally, the final Easter Egg Hunt of the day, it was my turn.

Ready to run
Every time I thought that the hunt was over, the Oompa Loompas (that was the all the wonderful people who volunteered to help out at the Easter Egg Hunt) kept scattering more eggs out for us to find.   I'm in the middle of the madness, scooping up dozens of eggs!
Scrounging for eggs
The crawling around the ground was well worth it, I think I found a few million!
Chocolate goodness
It was an awesome day that was there to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital.  I have been lucky enough to not have had to visit the new hospital, but I have been to the old RCH a few times (this was one of my visits) and I am happy to say that they did a fantastic job of fixing me.  They did such a great job that I took $20 out of my money box to help make some other kids feel better when they are stuck in hospital.
Giving back
Thanks for inviting me and my family to join in the fun of the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.
Love AJ Pickle

PS - Mum wanted me to let you all know that we were given free tickets to go to the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.  We didn't have to blog about our day there but I wanted everyone to know how much fun I had, and to brag about how many eggs I found!  Cadbury also sent us this delicious hamper that mum still won't let us eat yet.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chocolate Carnage

Guess what happens when the day that mum decides to be Easter bunny and go shopping for Easter eggs and then hides said eggs from us in her study and this day happens to be a freaky hot day? Chocolate carnage.
Manky melted chocolate deliciousness :-)
As a consequence, dad is forced to do a second Easter egg shop. Of course when mum said Easter eggs, she really meant a couple of decent sized eggs or rabbits, ones that the famed Easter Bunny could deliver to the ends of our beds when we are sleeping. Naturally, dad simply heard Easter eggs so that is what he bought - communication fail!

As a result, we will now have eleventy billion hunting eggs to find on Sunday, as well as munching on the formerly melted now somewhat squished-out-of-shape deliciousness!

Being on chocolate day,
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour

When I first found out about Earth Hour, I have to say that I thought it was completely insane. How in the world could we possibly last an entire hour without power? Sure when we are camping we can manage it, but when we are camping we are usually so exhausted after running wild all day that we are ready for bed as the sun goes down. An hour at home with no power would be a completely new challenge. No TV, no computer, no i-devices, no lights. It was going to be a challenge.

The first few minutes were spent running around finding all of the candles we could, than searching in the dark for a lot longer trying to find some matches to light the candles!  We gave up on the search for matches and we ended up using the stove top to light the candles, I hope that wasn't cheating - it is a gas cook top so I think it would have been OK!

Now that we had light, all we had to do was find some way to fill in the rest of the hour without power or technology. What to do... Play cards, a board game, create? AJ decided to use the opportunity to teach mum and dad how to make origami cranes.

Making Cranes by Candlelight
Before the hour was up we had created more than a dozen teeny tiny cranes, had fun together and realised that having power and technology is awesome but we don't really need it to have fun.

AJ and I have decided that we need to have an earth hour every month, to remember that fun isn't reliant upon technology to have fun.
Love Princess George

20/20 vision

Another Saturday morning on the ice followed by a trip to Costco. Just a typical Saturday for us I hear you say? Well almost but not quite, we didn't buy ANYTHING at Costco today. Confused? We were in a bit of a hurry so we ran in, met Emmy the optometrist, had our eyes tested, found out that my vision is awesome and ran back out again in time to have lunch with friends.
How's that for a productive morning?
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, March 22, 2013

Where did the laundry fairies go?

Now I am guessing that heaps of parents nag and if other parents are like mine, one of the most common things they like to nag about is the state of bedroom cleanliness (or lack thereof). Apparently using a floor-drobe is considered inappropriate and that clothes should be folded away neatly or hanging in the cupboard. Well once your clothes are on the floor-drobe, getting them back into the cupboard neatly is way too much effort and takes too long. My answer is simple, scoop up everything on the floor and throw it into the washing basket. Surely then the laundry fairies will visit, clean all the clothes, even the ones that weren't even dirty in the first place, then magically put them away in the cupboard all neat and tidy. That was the plan but it seems that the laundry fairies are on strike. Sure they wash all of the clothes and hang them out to dry. They sort them into piles, even folding the clothes that need folding but that is where they give up. No longer do my clothes miraculously re-appear in my cupboard ready for me to make a mess with. Now they are left in a GINORMOUS pile for me to put away!

Can you believe the injustice of it all, me having to put my own clothes away? It really defeats the purpose of me throwing everything into the wash basket if I am only going to have to put them away myself. Perhaps I may have to re-think my room cleaning strategy.

I know, don't tell me not to make a mess in the first place, it will just make you sound like my parents!
Love AJ Pickle

Surprise delivery

A quiet Friday afternoon, just sitting around relaxing (read: mindlessly watching whatever was on tv!) when the doorbell rings. We answer it to find it was a delivery for mum in a big box marked fragile. We had no idea what was going to be in it. Even mum had no idea what it was going to be, she couldn't remember any recent online purchases. Together we all opened it and found the most delicious surprise ever...

Mum quickly snuck the envelope that came with the delivery away so we still don't know where it came from, perhaps some secret admirer, who knows. Who cares, as long as we get to share the yum!

Now if only mum would let us open the package and eat the chocolate instead of dinner!
Love AJ and Milla

Monday, March 18, 2013

Coby is back in town!

Coby has been away performing in Europe for ages and ages.  Finally she is back in Melbourne and I went to see her and some of her other cool musician friends perform.

It was as this really cool recording place in Brunswick where there were couches and picnic rugs to sit on as we watched the performances.

It was a pretty late gig, so I had a nap with Dad as we waited for Coby.

It was all worth it to see Coby sing again.

And to say hello!

See you next time you are in town,
Love Princess George

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bring on the ice

It is nothing new to anyone that we LOVE ice hockey and going to watch games in at Icehouse. It isn't long now until the season starts and we can't wait.

Today we were treated to a match between the Australian team (that will be competing overseas soon) and the Victorian All Stars. We really couldn't decide who I wanted to win. Of course as Aussies we wanted the Australian team to do really well but the Victorian team has some of our favorite players in it.

The game was awesome and the Australian team did win. The most exciting part is that the season is almost back!
Love AJ and Milla

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burning up

Everyone thought that mum was getting better and we were all excited, that was until this weekend when she started to get all fever-y again. We sent her to bed this afternoon with a dose of panadol, to to see if it would make her feel any better. It didn't work. Instead of the fever going down it went up and by the time it hit 40c it was time for her to go to into the hospital (again).

When she gave me a kiss goodbye she almost burnt a hole in my cheek she was so hot!

Luckily, after another 2 litres of fluids and some more medicine, her fever dropped back to something close to normal and she was allowed to go back he again.

Hopefully this is it for the sickness and m can be healthy again.
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another adventure and more crazy places to visit

We left home this afternoon to go to a football (soccer) festival but just as we arrived it started to bucket down with rain. As much as I love soccer, I would prefer to be playing it rather than standing in the rain to watch it. When mum suggested that we go treasure hunting instead, we all agreed.

Our first and last finds were the best. I would tell you all about the cache called Dodgy Gorilla but it would give away the awesome secret. Instead I suggest you go find it yourself just to see how creative some finds are. (GC3V5QH - Dodgy Gorilla)

We had a quick 7 finds that were heaps of fun and finished off at Melbourne General Cemetery (GC12NFV).

How many other kids are lucky enough to spend their Sunday afternoon exploring a cemetery?
Love Princess George

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Time to tidy

I got a surprise when I got home from school today - mum had cleaned my bedroom.  Now having a clean bedroom is awesome but when mum cleans it for me it means that all the things I had shoved out of the way to pretend my room was clean get dragged out and put into a pile for me to tidy up.  I know that if I forget to put them away 'properly'.  I could just leave it for mum to do, but when mum says put them away 'properly' she really means she will either throw it away or give my stuff to someone else!
The Clean Bits...
and the not so clean bits!

Luckily AJ is facing the same dilemma , a clean room... And a giant pile of stuff to sort through!

AJ's kinda clean bits...
and his pile to sort!
Oh well, enough of the complaining, I've got some serious sorting to do.
Love Princess George