Monday, February 25, 2013

Almost a CATastrophe

Now in case you had forgotten, we have 2 cats, Rebel the cheeky little kitten that you see pictures of everywhere and Tornado. We don't have as many recent photos of him because he is much older and doesn't hang around to have his photo taken, he has much more important and exciting things to do. Things like jumping fences to visit the neighbours for second breakfast, traumatise the dogs that walk by and catch up with all of his cat friends who live nearby. He is a pretty busy cat.

Yesterday he came home from another day of adventuring and he had a really bad limp. His front leg looked like it was bending the wrong direction and we had to take him to the vet to get checked out.

Luckily it seems that his leg isn't broken but the vet couldn't work out why there was a patch of fur in his leg that was cropped extra short, like it had been shorn off but there was no damage to his skin. Another mystery it seems.

Now all we have to so is try to keep him quiet and indoors so that he doesn't damage his leg any more by fighting with dogs or jumping off 10 foot fences.

Wish us luck!
Love Princess George

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Junior's Christening

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Junior’s Christening
Mum gets to become a parent again today.  She isn’t really having another baby, instead she is becoming a god parent for Junior.  We all went to the church where the whole god-parent thing happened.

Then we went to Junior’s grand parents house for the most fun celebration ever.

There were water balloons...

and a jumping castle.  And water balloons ON THE JUMPING CASTLE... 

Seriously so much fun :-)
Welcome to our family Junior!

Love AJ and Milla

Friday, February 22, 2013

Freaking Friday

Now normally when it gets to Friday everyone is all "Thank God it's Friday", today that thought is followed by "freaking Friday!"

In the hour that we have been awake this is what has happened so far

  1. We found the wool felt that was soaking overnight in green food dye on the floor with green dye splashed all over the place, with cute little kitten footprints through it.
  2. A plate 'jumped' off the bench and smashed into a bajillion pieces.
  3. A crazy kitten went for a kamikaze run across the table and knocked mum's cup of tea over (did I mention that we were out of milk and that the tea was made using a funky lactose free UHT milk!)
Surprisingly there have been no tears or screeching by anyone in the house (yet!) but I have a sneaking suspicion that mum might just go back to bed and imagine that today isn't happening once we go to school!

We hope that your Friday is off to a better start!
Love AJ and Milla

edited to add
PS - a few more extra choice words that were nastier than 'freaking' may have been heard when mum got a parking ticket because she was at work for too long!  She really should have gone back to bed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exploring the Streets

Very, very soon, I am going to move from Cubs to Scouts and I am pretty excited about it.  Sure Cubs is great fun but Scouts is even more awesome, the activities they get to do are pretty amazing.  

Tonight, instead of going to my normal Cubs night, I joined the Scouts for an extra activity they were going to try - street orienteering.  Somehow I managed to get mum to come along and supervise our team (by supervise, I mean just make sure we didn't get completely lost or go over time) as we 'power walked' our way through the streets trying to find as many markers as we could.  We were out exploring the streets for an hour and covered 3 or 4km, finding heaps of different markers.

I am sure mum really really wanted to take pics of us in action but she was way too busy just trying to keep up with us as we tried not to run.  I never realised just how hard it is to try and walk when you are racing to find something!  Maybe next time we will sign up as a running team instead of a walking team.

Let me say it now - street orienteering is wicked, I can't wait to go again.  
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The V word

Have you seen Harry Potter? If you have, you will know that there is a character in the story that people are afraid of and so they don't use his name for fear it will make him stronger and come get them. Well I have decided that Voldemort isn't the only 'V' word that gets power by being spoken. Vomit, and thinking that you are going to vomit, also gets stronger if you talk about it. Take today at school as an example. My friend wasn't feeling so well so I walked with her to the bathroom. I waited outside but I could hear her. I could hear the 'V' word in action. I took her to the sick bay to rest and headed back to class.

Naturally everyone was concerned about my friend and wondered where she was. The conversation in the classroom was centered around the 'V' word. Next thing you know, I am running to the bathroom trying really hard not to follow in the exact footsteps of my friend. I wasn't successful and joined her in the sick bay.

I wasn't feeling too bad but seeing that I was the 5th person in my class today to suffer from the'V' word, mum was called and instead of heading back to class I spent the afternoon on the couch, watching a movie with a bucket by my side, just in case.

I am pretty sure that it was all the talk of vomit that gave it power and made me sick. I am not going to talk or think I about it any more and then it won't happen again!
Love Princess George

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Distractions - Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes there are way too many opportunities to waste time. This is my newest distraction.

Our newest family member (the one in the cage!) is waiting to come home with us.
A Rebel up close.
Helping me read.
Rebel is our star for Wordless Wednesday and we are playing along with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys.  Head on over and check out all the other Wordless Wednesday stars.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Introducing Rebel

So what did you do this beautiful sunny day? We went on an adventure, looking for love.

Our first stop was at the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne.  There were different cats and kittens there for us to meet this time and it didn't take long before we found love.  Before we knew it, we were waiting to take our kitten home.

The little kitten that we adopted was known to the people at the Lost Dogs Home as Ling but that was just her nickname as she was waiting for a family to love her and take her home where she would get her forever name.  As her new family, we had the job of finding her a name.

I have to say that choosing a name for a family member is hard work.  The name has to fit the kitten and fit the family.  There are so many names to choose from and Fat Amy and Leia were on the short list.  We liked those names but they didn't quite fit.  It was a tough call but eventually we found the perfect name for our little kitten - Rebel.

I think that Rebel is the perfect addition to our family and she loves to have her photo taken!

Welcome beautiful little Rebel, I hope you love to be in our family as much as I love having you in our family.
Love Princess George