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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Election

Everyone knows that I love skating. Most people also know that I love synchronized skating too. Well last year my friends and I were a part of the Aussie Skate Tiny Teddies mini-synchro team. That was until we graduated.

This year we have created a new team, a team of kids under 15 to skate in the Novice section. What is so different about this? Well, it means that we can compete in the state championships and maybe even in the nationals one day too.

Now that we are a really real team, there are also a few other important decisions that need to be made. Things like electing a team captain and choosing a team name and uniform, pretty full on stuff. It was all very formal, nominations for captain and vice captain had to be submitted, in writing with parents approval before the election.  Hailey nominated me as captain and I nominated her as vice captain.

Election Day was today. First up we had to vote for captain. The list of people nominated was on the whiteboard. Everyone was given a piece of paper and pencil to write down the name of the person they wanted to vote for. (Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I voted for me - I really want to be captain and I think I will do a pretty good job of it.) We waited anxiously as the votes were counted. Guess what... I won, I was elected to be captain :-)  I was presented with my captain's badge and did a little happy dance!

Next up we had to vote for vice captain. There were 4 people nominated and 2 people ended up with the same number of votes so we had to vote again. This time we had a result, my friend Hailey was elected as vice captain. 

We were both pretty excited. 

Together we will lead a strong team. Now all we have to do as a team is come up with a name, oh and a uniform too. I think I am going to be pretty busy!

Love Princess (Captain) George

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Letter to My 11 Year Old

Dear AJ,

This time 11 years ago my world changed, you entered my world.

I can't believe how fast that time has flown by, it seems like only yesterday.  Tomorrow you start Grade 6.  I know that this year will be big and exciting for both of us.  There will be so many changes and challenges that take place but know that I will always be by your side, supporting and encouraging you.  

You have grown to be an amazing young guy.  One who is caring and understanding, brave and smart,  perhaps a little lazy but very cheeky and definitely easily excitable.  I look forward to watching you grow even more.  It won't be long before you are bigger and stronger than me.  Already we can share shoes and some hockey gear.  You love ice hockey and have been playing for a few years now.  This year you start development league and you will get to play real games.

I love that you still like to curl up on the couch next to me for a snuggle.  I love that you are not too big to want to hold hands as we walk together.  I love even more that you still want a cuddle-kiss every day when we say goodbye to one another and again at bed time.  Somedays I wish you would cut your long scraggly hair, other days I would be happy if you would simply drag a comb through it so I can see your gorgeous smiling face!

AJ - I loved you with all my heart then and I love you even more now
Love your very proud Mama xo

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Angry, So Freaking Angry

Dear Arse-Hat Young People,

Angry, that word hardly seems sufficient for how I am feeling right now.  Your mean thoughtless abuse is responsible for breaking a little girl's heart, her confidence and her spirit.

What gives you the right to hurl abuse to someone sharing the walking path and open space with you.  Someone who is not in your way, who you don't know, who has done nothing to impact upon your day other than be walking by you.  When you yelled at her, swearing and scaring her, she was to frightened to walk to her destination and terrified to walk home because you had walked in that general direction, still yelling and swearing.  In fact she was so frightened that she walked in the opposite direction until she felt safe enough to call me.

One of the first things you yelled at her was, "What's in your F%*^*ing stinking box?"  Hopefully referring to the cardboard box she was ever so carefully carrying that contained a baby bird.  The same baby bird that she found in the garage this morning, that she carefully shielded from the cats to give it a chance to survive the day today whilst she was at school.  The bird that was ever so carefully placed upon a towel in the box to keep safe.  The same bird that she and a friend walked up to the vets to find out if it was a native bird that needed protecting.  It was, it was a Honey Eater.

The vet suggested that she find a garden with lots of native plants in it and place it in a shaded spot with a shallow basin of water next to it, to help keep it alive.  The vet suggested that it might not survive but that would give it the best chance.  Knowing that we don't have a garden she called a friend with a beautiful native garden to see if she could bring him over to live in their garden.  It was on the short walk to their house that you yelled at her and frightened her.  By the time she had the confidence to go home, talking to me on the phone the entire time, there was no time to take the bird elsewhere, her friends had gone out and she was expected to go out also.  She left the baby bird in his box with water and flowers but when we returned he had died.

We now have a nearly inconsolable girl who not only grieving the loss of a bird that she believes that she didn't get the chance to protect properly, she feels that young people, young adults, are people to be wary of.

Whilst I am disgusted by your behaviour and that of your 2 friends for not pulling you in to line, I am so proud of my daughter.  She would be less than half your age and she had the common sense to keep on walking, and to walk where she felt safe before calling for help.  I am proud of her for being brave enough to keep her cool whilst terrified.  I am also proud of her for talking to a police officer (a friend who is currently working in our normally lovely and safe community) and providing a thorough description of the people who scared her.

What I am most afraid of is that my confident beautiful girl will be less confident in what is essentially our back yard.  I am concerned that she won't want to go out exploring, walking to visit friends and enjoying where we live.  I am angry that I wasn't there to comfort her and I am angry that I have to console her.  Basically I am [insert every swear word under the sun here] angry.

No regards,
A very sad and disappointed Mum
(thankfully not your mum)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sundays in my City #20 - Unplanned Adventures

Today is Father's Day in Australia so logic would say this would be a post of how we spent the day as a family, enjoying each others company and relaxing.  Unfortunately that isn't how the day panned out.  Instead I spent all day at work and the rest of the family had an 'interesting' day that included a trip to the dental hospital.

Yesterday AJ had an ulcer in his mouth hat was uncomfortable but he woke today and was in a considerable amount of pain and he couldn't close his mouth properly.  It turns out that he had an infection in his tooth so he had it extracted.


Extraction in Action

I have to say that I am glad that I wasn't there.  I am so proud of him for not freaking out, and despite the considerable pain, he isn't afraid of the dentist!

Yes, a gruesome way to spend a Sunday, be thankful that I didn't post the video!

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