Saturday, January 16, 2010

At the Lake, Again

We are still in Yarrawonga so that means we are still spending as much time as we can here, splashing about in the water,
Or just supervising those who are in the water!
I hope these holidays never end,
Love Princess George

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fishing Fun

Can you believe that I have been living just up the road from the lake all year and it has taken me until now to actually go fishing!
Building my Fishing Rod

Learning from the expert!

Filling in time, waiting for the fish to bite!
It was worth the wait just to go fishing with Poppy, even if I didn't catch any fish.

Thanks for taking me fishing Poppy.
Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Prune Fingers

Just another fun day in Yarrawonga.
2 kids + hours and hours of fun in the water = prune fingers!

Love AJ and Milla
Crazy Cousins

Do you know what one of the best things is about having holidays in Yarrawonga? We get to hang out with new friends and our cousins!
I love hanging out with my cousins, especially with Zoe. It is great to have another girl to hang out with, even if everyone thinks we are a little strange! Come to think of it, perhaps we are strange, we made potions with things we found in the garden.
Not so sure that mixing dirt into the potions was such a great idea.
Flower petals floating in water was a little tastier.
I think the potions made us a little crazy, but we had a great time.
Love Princess George

Friday, January 01, 2010

What did you do to start the new year? I headed to the zoo with my family and some great friends; Ellen, Tomoko and Tomoko's mum Toshiko. Since Tomoko and Toshiko were visiting from Japan we had to go to see all of the Australian animals first. The kangaroos weren't very co-operative and kept hopping away whenever we tried to get a photo with them in the background. The wombat was a little more co-operative, he let us pat him but he wouldn't turn around so all we have is a photo of his bum!
Once we saw the Aussie animals, I took everyone on a tour of my new favourite part of the zoo, to see the seals. The new seal enclosure is pretty amazing, I stopped for a rest on the way in to the exhibit so that I would have the energy to explore the space properly.
I remembered it was such a big enclosure that I had to stop and have another rest!
Now that I had seen all of my favourite animals, I didn't really mind where we went next, but I was in charge of planning our zoo adventure. Instead of touring the zoo to see all the animals, I took everyone on a tour of all the fun places I like to have my photo taken!
Being at the zoo with Japanese tourists meant that they were more than happy to take photos of me wherever I wanted to stop and pose! My photo tour also showed everyone the gorillas, monkeys, tigers, elephants, butterflies, orangutans and siamangs so I think everyone else was happy with the tour too. We even stopped at the Japanese gardens, just in case Tomoko and Toshiko were feeling homesick!

I had a great time at the zoo with my friends.
I had a great time when we went back to our place too - Tomoko and Toshiko gave me gifts so I spent the rest of the afternoon making an eraser, piece by tiny piece. Japanese toys are so cool!
Thanks for coming to visit me Tomoko and Toshiko, I hope you come back to play again really soon.
Love Princess George
Good Bye Old Year

It was time to head home to Melbourne to get ready for the old year to finish and for a new year to begin. AJ decided that he didn't want to go home so he stayed with Nan and Pop and we drove home without him.

We decided to pack a picnic and wander over the road and spend the evening relaxing in the park with anyone who wanted to join us. I was happy that my friend Poss could come and play in the park with us.

Once it got dark we cracked the glow-sticks and made glow in the dark jewellery so everyone could see us as we danced around.

The rain decided to hit just as it got really dark so we had to run in to Poss's house to keep dry. We played for a little while on the Wii before watching the fireworks in at Docklands through the window. For some reason mum and dad decided that it was home time BEFORE the new year even began, they tried to trick me into believing the fireworks meant that it was time to go to bed! Don't tell them that I was kind of happy to go home to bed, I didn't want to spend the start of the new year tired and grumpy!

Happy 2010
Love Princess George