Monday, August 06, 2012

Jumping High

Today was a school day but I didn't do any school work.  In fact I was barely at school.  I went to school early and jumped on the bus to go to the District Athletics Carnival.  I was competing in the high jump.

Nervously waiting...
I was pretty nervous, it was the first time I was competing in the District Sports and I have only ever done high jump about 3 times!  Now when I had a go at high jump at school, the mat we were landing on was about 30 or 40 centimetres high.  The mat here was ginormous, it was 80 centimetres high!

My event was the first event called.  I was the first person to jump.  The bar was set at 1.05m.  Off I ran and up I jumped.  Before I knew it I was over the bar and on the mat.

Success on the first jump of the day :-)
The other kids went next and every time they had a jump the bar fell down.  They all had a second jump.  Only one of the other kids in my age group managed to make it over the bar.

The two of us kept on jumping.  If I made it over the bar, then he would make it over the bar.  If I hit the bar, then he would hit the bar too.  
Almost! I think my bum got in the way :-/
We went from 1.05m to 1.08m and we both cleared it.  The bar was moved up to 1.11m but we both missed it.  They dropped it back to 1.10m and we both cleared it.

Made it this time :-)
The bar was moved it back up to 1.11cm.  I just missed it on the third jump, I clipped the bar with my heels but he made it over.  That means that he won the event and I came in second place.

They had to have a jump off for third place.  Everyone else tried their best but they couldn't make it over the bar at 1.05m so they dropped it back again and still no one made it so everyone else came equal third.  Because I got a place, I was lucky enough to get a ribbon and points for my school. 
Second and super proud :-D
 Oh and did I mention I had a cheer squad - Aunty Sharn,  Billy AND mum!  That was a pretty cool surprise!
Happy high 5s after the high jump :-D
I think I like high jump, I wonder if I can go to Little Athletics and learn some more sports, maybe one day I could be in the Olympics!
Love AJ Pickle


  1. kingsonthelake8:31 PM

    Well done AJ, we are so proud of you and your great effort with high jump today. With lots of practice you will be a champion. love Nan & Poppy Pete xx

  2. With practice anything is possible!!! Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hello...I can see here that your son certainly doesn't mind a challenge.

  3. Well done AJ , high jump is daunting and I am sure my bottom would get in the way too.

  4. congratulations A.J What a great job you did. Great photo too Love Grandmaxxxxxxx


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