Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sundays in my City #16 - Crazy Cake

I know I promised to get out and about this weekend and take real photos but I have already posted many of the photos.  Luckily after the Soccer Goal of the Year (OK, her only soccer goal), we promised Milla that her and a friend could do something fun and they decided to make a cake.  I could have taken photos of the baking but that would have shown the devastation of 3 kids baking, instead I took heaps of photos of the eating.

Ready for frosting
He doesn't want to wait!
The boy has a taste...
The girl is waiting for her slice... 
Apparently this shows they like the cake.

And perhaps this one suggests a little too much food colouring!
If you want to make this delicious cake too, this is the recipe base we used, adding food colouring instead of cocoa and choc chips.  It is super easy to make (3 kids under 10 did all of the work!), delicious and looks pretty spectacular too!

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Unknown Mami


  1. LOL at the food colouring comment... and his hyper expression.


  2. :) yummy cake and happy faces!
    Have a good week ahead!

  3. And here I was hoping all those bright layers were different flavors!

    1. The kids did suggest different flavours but I soon talked them out of it by asking what flavour blue would be! The last time they played with flavour we ended up with strawberry flavoured chocolate cake. It was edible but not so great.

  4. Looks like a yummy Sunday!


  5. Such fun photos!!! And a very cool cake.

  6. Oh what a yummy looking cake!

    Thanks for visiting and here is a link to see the statue closer, but silly me I did not take any details of the artist. It is made of wood and is wonderful.

  7. Spectacular is the perfect word! It looks (and sounds) like such fun!

  8. That is one, very cool cake.

  9. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Very impressive! Love the expressions of your kids :)

  10. a perfectly awesome cake! yum..

  11. kingsonthelake8:44 PM

    Fantastic cake, the kids done a wonderful job of it. Love the photos, the most colorful cake ever and excited looks on the faces of AJ & Milla, they are real classics. Love Nanna & Poppy Pete xx

  12. SO cute and fun! And now I'm craving cake =/ lol

  13. I want some of that cake. Now!


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