Sunday, August 05, 2012

She Shoots... She Scores!!!

With only 4 weeks left of the soccer season, I was a little disappointed that I hadn't scored a goal.  Every week I work my hardest but I never seem to score.  Not long into the game today, I took a pass in the forward as I was running to the goal.  I didn't want to kick it straight to the goalie so I aimed wide.  Unfortunately it was a little too wide, but if you don't tell anyone, it actually looks like I am kicking a goal here! 
Kicking goals... Almost!
When I did actually kick a goal, mum was too busy cheering for me that she didn't get a photo of me kicking the goal.  She did manage to get a photo of me celebrating but I am behind the opposition!

This photo is completely our of focus - I think mum was still in shock when she took this photo of me running around with the hugest smile on my face! 
She scored!

Later in the half I did a great kick from the midfield, straight to another one of our players who kicked her first goal too.
Another assist
Three different players on our team kicked their first ever soccer goals in the first half of the game.  Unfortunately the other team kicked three goals in the second half so we drew the game.  I was so proud of my friend who had her first ever game in as a goalie.

Congratulating my friend
Of course we sung our team song at the end of the game.  I was so happy that I jumped the highest I have ever jumped.

I love soccer.  It is great to spend time hanging out with my friends, running around and having fun.
Love Princess George


  1. kingsonthelake8:50 PM

    Well done Milla, what a top effort to kick your first ever goal in a soccer match, we are so thrilled for you and very proud of you. Keep up the good work and see can you kick more goals in the up coming games. Love Nanna & Poppy Pete xx

  2. What a great goal you kicked Milla, was so happy for you as you looked so happy and proud. Love Grandma xxx


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