Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Real Days

Today was my real birthday and I am finally 5.

As well as being my birthday, it was my first day back at Tia and Tio's, so I had a birthday cake with all the kids there, as well as another cake with mum, dad, Milla, Aunty Sharni and Ellen.

I was given even more birthday presents, now I just need to get more time to play with them all. Thanks to everyone in the whole world who game me ace presents!

Love AJ Pickle, the 5 year old

Monday, January 29, 2007

Milla Ballerina

Finally, I am old enough to go to dancing class. HOORAY! I had my very first ever dancing class today

How do you think I went? Will I be the next super star?

I was so excited. My real teacher Helen was away, but her friend Sherianne took the class. It was so much fun. I can't wait until next week for my second class.

Love the dancing Princess George

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kings and Queens

I saw a king and queen today, when Gabby's mum and dad got married. Dad and Aunty Sharni took us to the wedding, mum came a bit later on an old bus!

The wedding was a lot of fun, but very different to any other wedding I have been to (not that I have been to many!).
The church was all golden and beautiful, but there were no seats. The best part about that was there was heaps of room for AJ and I to play.

I love going to wedding and dressing up.
Love Princess George

Friday, January 26, 2007


Today is a pretend day. Well the day is real, but everything else is pretend. It is my pretend birthday - the day that I celebrate my birthday with family and friends AND we all dressed up to be pretend superheroes!

Lots of my friends came to play and we all made super hero capes. When we finished we went over to 'Circle Park'. We ran around like superheroes and even whacked a pinata. Everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and we all ate really yummy chocolate cake.

I love pretend birthdays. I hope I can have another one soon!
Love AJ Pickle
Next Week

Where will you be next week? This time next week I will have started school. To celebrate my last Thursday hanging out with the little kids, the mums decided to give us all a surprise. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew is that we had to drive there and 'if we don't hurry up, it will leave without us'!

Finally it was time for our surprise and we all went for a little drive. We stopped along another part of the Maribyrnong River, but not near any place that we would normally be allowed to play. We had to walk over train tracks and into a strange building where there was a galah named Elliot screeching. I still didn't know what we were doing there. Next thing I knew, the mums were buying tickets for something.

Eventually we went outside and stood on the dock. A man came over and told us it was time to board the boat. I wasn't so sure about going on the boat (I remembered the water taxi ride in Sydney and getting splashed in the face!), but I was the big kid, so I was brave.

We went for a really long ride on the boat, along the Maribyrnong, into the Yarra and then around Docklands. It was amazing. We saw so many big ships and sailboats and lots of people waved to us!

It was fun going for a surprise boat ride. Thanks mum!
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Space Travel

Well it is almost the end of the school holidays, so we are having one more holiday before all the madness begins. We are staying at Grandma's house for another couple of sleeps.

Grandma lives really far away (but not as far as Nan and Pop) and we had to travel on a space ship to get to her house in Sunbury!
Space travel is fun, I hope I can go to Outer Space again soon.
Love AJ Pickle.
Fairies Everywhere

It was my cousin Zoe's 5th birthday this week, and today was her fairy party. We all dressed up as fairies, except for AJ who said that he was cowboy who chased all of the fairies.

At the party, we all made fairy crowns, played pass the parcel, helped to smash a fairy princess pinata, went on a treasure hunt AND ate lots of delicious party food.

1. Birthday Girl, 2. fairy cake, 3. AJ at the Party, 4. Party Food, 5. Fairy Crowns, 6. Game Time, 7. Milla's Fairy Crown, 8. King AJ, 9. Pinata, 10. Pass the Parcel, 11. Fairy Crown, 12. Crown Construction, 13. Party Games

We had so much fun. I am so lucky to have big 5 year old friends like Zoe (and Lana and Kylie).
Love Princess George

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Old Friends

Today we went to visit some of our friends that we haven't seen for ages - the tigers, elephants, butterflies and orangutan.

We met up with lots of friends at the playground and then wandered through the rainforest on the way to our friends. For the first time in ages, it was really a rainforest - it actually rained!

It has been so long since we have all been to the zoo (and there have been lots of renovations) that we actually had to sit down and read the map to find out where we were going!

Hopefully we will go back to the zoo really soon, so we can remember all of the new trails to follow.
Love AJ Pickle

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Well it is really late at night and it is still 33 degrees - I am not sure what that means, but I do know that it is really hot. It was so hot that the fires got bigger and bigger, and burned down all the power lines. That made all the power in Kensington and lots of other places go off. Without power, we couldn't turn on the lights or the air conditioner. We couldn't even blog!

It was so hot that after we had dinner we went to Ella and Taylah's house for a swim in their big pool. Finally, just as it was getting dark, the power came back on, so we came back home to go to bed.

I hope that the fires stop really soon and that we don't run out of electricity again.
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're Back!

After an awesome week in Yarrawonga, Mum and Dad decided that they missed us heaps and heaps, and they wanted us to come home.

Instead of driving all the way to Melbourne, Nan and Pop drove us to a different lake in a place called Nagambie where we waited for Mum and Dad. The lake at Nagambie was really nice, but not as good as at Yarrawonga - the water was too deep for little kids to swim without grownups, and the grownups didn't want to get wet! Perhaps next time we have a holiday and go back to Nagambie the grownups will swim too.

My holiday was fun and I barely had time to miss Mum and Dad, but I think that I like it best when I get to play with Mum and Dad AND Nan and Pop!

Well I am a bit pooped from all my holidaying so I think that I will go to sleep now. If I get time tomorrow, I will add some photos from my holiday.
Love Princess George

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy Holidays

I am on holidays again! This time I am in Yarrawonga with Nanny, Poppy and aunty Sharn.

I don't think that I will have enough time to post more stories this week, there are far too many adventures to have in Yarrawonga. I will try to have photos taken, so I can show mum and dad, and everyone else what we have been up to.

Well I would love to stay and chat, but I am too busy.
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Can you believe that the year is only 4 days old and already we have had a holiday - we stayed at Grandma's house for a few days.

We only came home today to say See you later alligator, In a While Crocodile, Hooroo Cockatoo and Matane to Sarah McNamara. We would have said 'Go through the big tunnel' as well, but it is too far to walk to the airport!

Right now Sarah is on a plane on her way to Christchurch in New Zealand. Hopefully she will come back to visit us some time soon or perhaps we can visit her in Ohio.

Enjoy the rest of your adventures Sarah,
Love Princess George

Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye 2006 and hello 2007
Happy New Year

2006 was a blast, we did so many exciting things... started tap dancing, went to kinder, explored Melbourne, made new friends from all over the world, went to music classes and spent lots of time with all the people we love.

I wonder what will happen in 2007?

- I start school. I will be in prep/1L at Kensington Primary School and my teachers name is Louise. I will keep going to dancing and maybe even join a circus if I have any time.

- Hooray, I can finally go to dancing classes! I will get to do lots of fun things when AJ is at school. Maybe I will even join the circus too.

2007 should be a fun year. I hope everyone else has a great year too.
Love AJ and Milla