Friday, November 16, 2007

Climbing High

Well I have only had my plaster off for a few days and there is no stopping me.
I had my first class back at circus and I was strong enough to climb way up high on the rope!

Luckily I am back, rehearsals for the end of year circus cabaret are about to begin.
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A House Guest
Well Dad has gone to Tasmania for 'work' for a few days. Look who has moved in with us...

He lives in our bedroom and eats mosquitos for us.

Sometimes he lives on the ceiling or on the walls, other times he lives in our bathroom. I don't think that mum likes him, she always looks around to see where he is before she comes into our room. I really don't know why, he really is a friendly huntsman spider.
Love AJ Pickle
A Day at the Races

I think I like going to the races – I get to wear a pretty dress and a hat.

I went to Emirates Stakes Day at Flemington with Ella and Taylah. The grownups came too and everyone had fun.
There was lots of yummy food and drinks and gambling for the big people. The kids got to do fun things like make badges and jewellery, have their hair sprayed and get face painting. If we wanted to, we could have even made posters but we were too busy for that, there were horses to watch as they ran past the glass fence.

I hope that I get to go to the races again some time soon.
Love Princess George

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Show and Tell

I had the best ever show and tell today - I showed everyone my old plaster.

As we waited in line to go inside, I hid my arm inside my jumper so no one could see it. When it was my turn for show and tell, everyone was surprised to see me without my plaster.

Lots of people tried it on and pretended that they had a broken arm too!

Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Great Unveiling

Today after school, I went to the park with Isabella for a snack picnic. After we had our snacks it was time to play. We had a great time running around and climbing trees.
Lucy was surprised to see me climbing trees so well, even though my arm was still in plaster. She is a physio and know all about fixing kids after they have broken bones. Since 3 to 4 weeks was up, we all decided that I could finally take off my plaster.

After I took the plaster taken off, Lucy checked to make sure that I could move my arm normally and pick things up properly. Some things hurt just a little bit, but she said I was strong enough to leave the plaster off - HOORAY!

It was strange having no plaster on. It was actually much harder to climb trees. I will have to do some weights to make my right arm as strong as my left.
Love AJ Pickle
Spring Flowers

It was spring day at circus today. I decided that I would go dressed as my favourite plant - Bouganvillea.
We all went for an early morning walk across the park to pick some bouganvillea and AJ helped to put it in my hair.

Don't I look beautiful?
Love Princess George

Monday, November 05, 2007

No School Today

Isn't it great that instead of going to school or work, everyone gets to watch the horse races. Australia really is the lucky country.

We decided to watch the races at the 'other park' (that is the park that doesn't really have a name or anything special to describe it).

Tom and Rachael set up their house in the park, with the tv, couches, tables and the barbeque and millions of people sat around eating and drinking and having fun. All the kids played footy and cricket, rode scooters and bikes, climbed trees and played chasey.

It was a great day. I hope we get another day to play in the park with friends.
Love AJ Pickle

This is dad checking out how much money he won (lost) on the races.

(Milli had fun making flower chains too.)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trickle Treat

Today I played a new game called 'Trickle Treating'. First Liam and Angus cam over to visit wearing costumes. They tried to give us a fright so we gave them some lollies.

Then it was our turn. We finished our dinner and quickly put on a costume. I was a wizard and Milli was a scary fairy. We walked over to Liam's house and gave him a fright. They gave us some lollies too.

I wonder when we can go trickle treating again?
Love AJ Pickle