Friday, February 27, 2009

Going to School

Mum had to nag me all the way to school today because I was walking super slowly.  It wasn't my fault that I was walking slow, you see Ellen bought me this new book last night.
It is a fantastic book.

I love it sooooo much, that I had to read it over and over again as I walked.  

I love reading,
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today has been a busy day.  When I got back from the fun day at Windy Hill, I changed my clothes ready to go to the Osaka festival.  I know that my Bombers clothes are really cool, but they aren't very Japanese, so I put on my happi coat and Milli put on her yukata.

As usual, the festival was heaps of fun.  We played Junken (that is the Japanese version of Rock, Scissors, Paper), danced around, watched fighting displays and of course had a picnic and climbed trees.  

Everyone thought Milli and I looked pretty darn cute.  I got to go up on stage to show everyone just how cool I am in my happi coat during the boys yukata competition.  I didn't win first prize, but that is OK, I already had the movie that the winner won (Totoro).  I did win a new pair of chopsticks, hopefully one day I will work out how to use them properly!

I had such a great time at the festival today.  I think that one day I would like to go to Japan to see what it is really like.  If it is even a little bit as good as the Osaka festival it will be great.
Love AJ Pickle
Family Fun Day

This morning I was dragged all the way to Essendon to go to the Bombers Family Fun Day.  Can you believe that I had to go to Windy Hill  - AGAIN?  Has everyone forgotten that I am a Bulldog and not a Bomber?  

It was a little bit fun.  The best part about the day was when all the Bombers fans (and dad too) went to wait around to wait to see the players get their team jumpers - there was no-one in line for all the rides.
First there was the ferris wheel

Then the mini merry-go-round

And even the Clowns

It was a hot day, so we went into the Hall of Fame to cool off.
I figured that as long as I was there I could pretend that I was a Bomber!

Oh, and AJ was there too.  
I think he had fun doing handball.

Hopefully one day I will get to go to Whitten Oval to watch the Bulldogs.
Love Princess George

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Boy's Day Out

Mum has gone to work, Milla has gone to the city with Aunty Sharn and it was just Dad and I at home alone.  We thought about playing Wii all afternoon and then I remembered I still needed to try out my birthday present - my very own golf clubs!

Do I look like a golf pro?

We practiced our pitching and our putting and it was heaps of fun.  

I was pretty good at golf.  I wonder if I can convince mum and dad to let me do golf lessons as well as tennis lessons?
Love AJ Pickle

My Aunty Sharn and I went for a special day out together.  We went into the city to see this...

It was totally Wicked!   I think that one day I will sing and dance on stage just like Elphaba and Glinda, they were fantastic.   

Thanks for a great day out Aunty Sharn,
Love Princess George

Monday, February 16, 2009

At Assembly

I went to my first assembly as a school kid today and it was fantastic.  

Do you know what this photos is about?

It is me winning a Student of the Week award in my very first week of school.  How cool is that!  
I won my award for 'always putting my hand up when I have something to say in class'.  Sorry that the photo is a little bit fuzzy - can you believe that mum didn't have her camera with her and had to take a photo with phone.

I think I am really going to love school,
Love Princess George

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Grandma gave me a box of paper planes for my birthday.  I get to make one paper plane for every day of the year, it is totally awesome.

Check out a few of the planes I have made so far.

Only 300 and something more planes to go.
Love AJ Pickle

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting Ready
I think that I am ready for a bike without training wheels.

First dad took the training wheels off my bike.

Then we went over to the park to practice.  
Dad held on tight as I pedaled.  We went around the park a few times.

Then I decided it was all too hard.

It was Daddy's turn to ride my bike!

Perhaps I will try riding again some other time.
Love Princess George

Friday, February 13, 2009

Footy's Back

Well everyone who knows us knows that our families choice of football teams are a little different to most, see dad barracks for the Magpies, Milla loves the Bulldogs, mum follows the Kangaroos and of course I'm a Bomber.  The friendly rivalry is great fun, but it means that we don't get to go to many games.  

When we found out that the NAB cup footy match between the Bombers and the Bulldogs was being moved back to Melbourne to raise money for the bush fire appeal, we just had to go along.

It was fantastic.  When we arrived at the station and crossed the footbridge to the ground, there were people everywhere, lots of famous people too.  We bought another footy as part of a fund raiser, not to kick but to get a few famous signatures.  We got a Bomber to sign the ball, a Bulldog and even someone from the Magpies just to keep dad happy.  When we got into the ground we stopped to get our faces painted before we found our seats, 5 rows from the front and watched the players warm up.

Finally the game started and it was fantastic, well the first half of the game was!  By then it was really really late and we were all really tired and went home during the gigantic half time break.  

We never did see the end of the footy match, but apparently my team the Bombers won by one point.  The important part is that we helped to raise even more money for the bush fire appeal. 
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Great Night Out

Instead of going to bed early, we went out.  It was a special treat because Coby Grant, our favourite singer in the whole world, was playing at the Queen Victoria Night Market.  

Coby was awesome on stage.

I was so excited to watch her perform.

It was even better when I got to meet Coby!

It was such a fantastic night out.
Love Princess George

Monday, February 09, 2009

Fires Everywhere

It is really smoky everywhere, you can barely see the city.  

There are fires everywhere in Victoria and it is really sad.  Luckily all of our family and friends are safe, but we want to help out.  We are going to donate our pocket money that we have been saving to help all of the people who don't have anywhere to live.

Thank you to all the people who are working really hard to try and stop the fires and keep people safe.  We hope that everyone stays safe and that the fires are put out soon.
Love AJ and Milla
We hope that the

Sunday, February 08, 2009

After the Party

After Sam's party, Milla gave the camera back to mum and we went exploring in along the creek.  It was great, until I slipped on my bum in the mud.  

I had great fun and luckily mum didn't get a photo of me falling, but she did take about a gazillion photos of us by the creek.

Love AJ Pickle

In the Clear

When I was a baby, my aunt Sam was really, really sick.  Luckily she is all better now, in fact she has been clear of cancer for 5 years now.  To celebrate, we went to a park in Sunbury to have a picnic.

Congratulations Sam, you are a survivor!
Love Princess George

PS - I was in charge of the photos at the party, but I forgot to take photos of the people there, but do you like my shoes?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Getting Started

I woke up early this morning and instead of sitting around in my pyjamas like I normally do, I put on my SCHOOL UNIFORM.  Can you believe that I am starting school today?

Eventually I was all packed and ready to go.  

I was eager to get to school but mum insisted on getting a photo out the front before we left.

Finally I got to school and had a little bit of time to have a play before going into the library to find out about what would be happening during the day.  

Eventually we went into our classroom.
The first thing I did was to make a special picture for mum to take home for me.

I guess that I was a little bit nervous about starting school, but I am excited too.  I know heaps of the kids in my class already and my buddy is really nice.  I didn't even cry when it was time for mum and dad to say goodbye!

Before I knew it, mum was back in the classroom with me and it was time to go home.  I had a great time today, but I am really tired.  Luckily tomorrow is a rest day, so I might have a quiet day with mum so that I have the energy to have fun at school again on Thursday.

Love Princess George the School Girl

Monday, February 02, 2009

Almost a School Kid

Today is my last day before I am a school kid.  Now that I am practically a grown up, dad gave in and said 'YES' to getting my ears pierced!

All ready and waiting to have my ears pierced.

Three, two, one and click - my ears are pierced!

All done.  Look at the sparkle and not the look of shock on my face!

Aren't my ear rings beautiful.  It gave me a bit of a fright when both of my ears were shot.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but I think I giggled a little bit in shock.  I am sure it will be worth it.

After my piercings, I went and finished shopping for a few more school things, nothing essential, just a bag, hat and shoes.  Once all of that was done I went to visit Amelia.  She starts school tomorrow too and was so excited that she showed me her uniform.  

I really like her uniform, so I tried it on too.

Can you believe that we are almost school kids?  I wonder when we will get to play together again?
Love Princess George
School's Back

Today is the first day of school.  I'm not very organised, I couldn't find my favourite shoes or my school hat.  
Luckily I found my favourite hat.  I think that today is going to be a great day.

I can't believe the holidays are over, but it will be a little bit fun to see my friends again.
Love AJ Pickle

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Harbour Town Heat

AJ was given some money for his birthday and because he isn't very good at saving money yet, we all went into Harbour Town so that he could go to his favourite toy shop.  We decided to take Nanny, Poppy, Sharn and Davey to see all the fun things in the area.  

I really didn't mind, I love going to Harbour Town.  The shops are fun to visit, the ice creams are great and there is always something to see.  

The sad part about the day was waving goodbye to Davey, he is going back home tomorrow.  I hope that he comes back to visit soon, or that we can go and visit him - it is snowing in the UK and that would be more fun than melting in the heat.
Love Princess George