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Who is superRelish?
SuperRelish is really 4 people; a mum, a dad and 2 not so little kids.  Mum and Dad (Del and Sean) are just your normal, every-day variety of parents and the 2 kids love to get out and have fun and to drive their parents crazy!

When superRelish began, the kids really were just little kids.  This is the original info from the blog, "AJ - the biggest of the 2 little kids was 3 and a 1/2 and loved playing soccer, flying kites, talking on the telephone to friends as well as singing and dancing along to his favourite musicals. Milla, the littlest of the kids was really a big girl at almost 2 who loves to copy her big brother with whatever he is doing, reading books, staying up really late or just being a princess."  That however was a long long time ago.  Today, AJ is 10 and loving ice hockey, climbing anything and everything, faux-gan (wannabe bogan) music and making millions of paper planes.  Milla is still a princess and loves to entertain everyone.  She sings all the time, dances about the house and changes her clothes a dozen times a day.  It seems that the bigger the kids get the crazier things seem to be in the house of Relish.

All in all, just your normal family really!

Why superRelish?
Back in our early online days, we were looking for a name that we could all use.  Now back then, Del was addicted to eating home-made tomato relish on toast as AJ sang along to musicals.  His favourite musical at the time was Mary Poppins but he was too little to actually say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and instead he kept saying super-cali-frag-i-relish.  Now of course that is too long to say or type so it evolved to become superRelish and it stuck!

Why blog?
Back before the kids were born, we were excited about technology and wanted the kids to be involved online so we created email accounts for them.  The then unborn children would email family ultrasound photos, then when they were born, updates of their adventures.  When we moved to New Zealand we continued to email stories back to family and friends and continued with the updates when we moved back to Australia.  Eventually managing an ever changing email list was hard work and the blog was born.  One day we hope to add all the original email adventures from the kids to a blog superRelish - in the beginning but that is a long and slow process!  Now I just want a record of all the adventures we have shared as a family so that we can one day sit back and say WOW, live sure is great!

Contact Us
If you want to contact us (well contact Del really) email superrelish@gmail.com

Thanks for reading,
love superRelish
Del, Sean, AJ and Milla

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  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    The soccer photos are just incredible. Thanks so much for sharing them. I love the ones of the girls in full flight. Hopefully I can download a few for my album.
    Thanks again
    Stephen (Charli's dad)


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