Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sleep Over

Well we both asked really, really nicely and guess what, Amelia was allowed to sleep over.

We went to bed early, but stayed up extra late talking and laughing.  AJ was getting annoyed at how noisy we were, we were so noisy that he had to shut his door for some peace and quiet.  

Although we stayed up late, we still woke up early to play together.  We even went park hopping in the afternoon.

I hope that Amelia can come and have more sleep overs during the holidays.
Love Princess George

Monday, December 29, 2008

Life's a Beach

This morning, after a quick dip in the hot tub, we went for a drive to Williamstown.  Who do you think I found in the park in Williamstown?

My best friend!

After a bite to eat in Williamstown for brunch, we headed to the beach for a relaxing play.  

Although it was cold, we still had fun splashing in the water!

I wonder, if we ask really nicely will Amelia be allowed to have a sleep over tonight?
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part 5 - More Christmas Celebrations

Today we had our final Christmas celebration for 2008, we went out to visit Granddad and wish him a merry Christmas.

Granddad has been a bit sick lately and didn't have much energy today, so instead of driving Granddad crazy with all of our noise and excitement in his tiny little house, we went to the park.  We did make sure that we swapped Christmas presents before we left.  

Our cousins Henry and Owen decided that today would be a good day to visit Granddad, so after they said hello, they came to the park with us.  We had a great time playing together and having a picnic in the gigantic park and splashing in the fountain.  

When it was time for our little cousins go go home for a nap, we decided to explore Jackson's Creek.  

We had a great but exhausting day in the country.
Love AJ and Milla

Friday, December 26, 2008

Up-to-date, for now...

So it has taken a lot of hard work, but we are finally up to date with our blog.  It wasn't until we began to write things down that we realised just how busy we had been, which we guess is the reason why we weren't able to keep up-to-date!

Here are the links to our posts if you want to play catch up too;
Wow, we really have been busy!

Happy reading,
Love AJ and Milla

Picnic, Picnics and More Picnics

It was really my idea to go to the park for a picnic today, but AJ did choose which park we went to.  
I even made my own lunch for the picnic.

This is the real reason I wanted to go on a picnic - to use my new tea set that Grandma gave me for Christmas!

As we were having our picnic, we were invited to another picnic.  Since we had no plans for dinner, we decided another picnic would be fun.  When we finished exploring the park and gardens we headed to the next picnic.
Isn't this the coolest location for a picnic?

I was very happy relaxing on the roof-top terrace of Level 10 at Freshwater Place!

I love days of picnics and adventures.
Love Princess George
Finding New Playgrounds

Instead of staying home and resting after a crazy busy Christmas like everyone else, I decided that we needed to go on another adventure.  I wanted to go to a new park.  I checked out and found a few different parks to visit.  The one I chose to visit today was Beckett Park in Balwyn because it has a maze, sandpit, a giant fort, statues and even a castle so Milla can play princess games. 

We packed a picnic and off we went.  There was no one in the park at all when we got there, it was fantastic.  
We played there for a few hours before it started to rain.  Instead of playing in the rain, we put our picnic stuff in the car and then went exploring in the gardens next door.

The gardens were full of heaps of different native Australian plants and were awesome fun to explore.  The only not so good part was when I ran too fast and fell down. 
It hurt, but there was still exploring and climbing to do.  

I managed to find a stream to cool off in.

Despite getting even more injuries, it was a great day exploring.  I hope we get to explore more new parks again soon.
Love AJ Pickle

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A superRelish Christmas in Installments

Christmas is such a big event that we can’t possibly write about it in just one go.  We thought that we would take turns to write all about it.


Part 1 – Christmas Begins

Part 2 – Wake up AJ

Part 3 – Lunch, what lunch?

Part 4 – Christmas with cousins

Part 5 – Still Waiting…

Happy Christmas Everyone,

Love AJ and Milla

Part 5 – Still Waiting…

Well part 5 hasn’t happened yet, but we will tell you about Christmas with Granddad after Saturday.

We hope that your Christmas was as fun as ours.

Love AJ and Milla

Part 4 – Christmas with cousins

Mum and dad tried to convince us to have a sleep in the car on the way to Grandma’s house, but I was way too excited – there was going to be little cousins to play with AND more presents!  Finally we arrived, but we were a little early.  We had to wait for Henry and Owen to arrive before we could give out the presents.  Owen is still little so he was asleep at his other Grandma’s so I had to wait and wait and wait!  We even visited Roger to try and fill in some waiting time. (I think Rog has forgotten us, he didn’t want to come out and play.) 

Eventually everyone was there and it was time to swap presents.  Most of the presents were hidden behind the couch, under the Christmas tree to stop Sebastian unwrapping everything.  More and more presents kept appearing, it was like magic! 

You should have seen the paper explosion in the lounge room!


After the almost never-ending present swap, it was time for more food.  Sam had made lots of yummy food, but there was more fresh fruit and chocolate so I didn’t eat much ‘real’ food.  

As the grown-ups cleaned up all the mess inside, we played outside.  When the mess was all clean, the kids were all dirty and it was time to go home. 

Christmas day was almost over, but Christmas celebrations will continue…

Love AJ Pickle

Part 3 - Lunch, What Lunch?

Eventually after much Wii-ing, we ate so much brunch that we felt like we were going to explode.  Sharn was tired because she was at work all night, so she had a little sleep.  Poppy had a little sleep too so that he would have the energy to drive back to Yarrawonga.  I am sure that they would have slept longer, but we pretended we were ghosts and spooked them awake. 

We were all still too full from brunch, so instead of eating lunch we went for a walk.  We decided to introduce Nanny and Poppy and Sharn to the Heavenly Queen.

Even after all of the running around, we still didn’t feel like eating lunch, besides it was time for Nanny, Poppy and Sharn to go to Yarrawonga and for us to pack the car for the next instalment of Christmas insanity.

 Do you like the pictures of our ‘not lunch’?

Love Princess George

Part 2 – Wake up AJ

Well it was really late when we finally went to bed last night, so we slept in a little bit.  I think mum and dad heard me when I woke up and started to look through my Santa bag.  They snuck downstairs to see what Santa had given me.  I think that they (and nanny and poppy too) were happy that it was 7.44am.  Even though I was really loud and excited looking at all of my presents, AJ stayed asleep. 

Eventually dad woke AJ, he was a little bit grumpy at being woken up, but then he saw that his Santa bag was full.  We compared presents from Santa and then went downstairs to share some more gifts. 

Look at the 3 bazillion presents we have!

 After opening the presents, it was time to get ready for brunch.  We went out to get the fruit from the back fridge and look what we found – a Wii Fit!

As you can tell, we were very excited!

Love Princess George

Part 1 – Christmas Begins

We all helped to clean the house and set the table ready for a special family dinner on Christsmas Eve. 

Do you like the table decorations I made? 

First Aunty Sharn arrived and then Uncle Adam.  Just as we were about to serve dinner, Nanny and Poppy arrived.  They were early – I think Poppy was so excited about Christmas that he drove all the way to our house like Skaifey drives.  I am glad that Nanny and Poppy arrived early; we could all have a yummy dinner together.  

After dinner it was present time – hooray!  You should see all our presents...

I think Uncle Adam was the luckiest; we gave him and Melati a money tree!

Eventually, all of the presents were open and it was late at night.  It was time for us to go to bed – Santa wouldn’t come to our house if we weren’t asleep.  Before we went to sleep, we left some carrots on the balcony for the reindeer, a beer and some crackers for Santa, and a glass of wine for the Tooth Fairy.  I ‘forgot’ to put my tooth out for the tooth fairy last night, so tonight she can come and visit and have a relax with Santa and the reindeer!

Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Howdy all, we know that we are miles behind in telling you all about our adventures, but we can't stop to post now... it is almost Christmas!  We will try and find time to play catch up before the year ends, but we can't promise anything.

We hope that everyone all has a safe and happy Christmas that is spent celebrating with their family and friends.  Our Christmas celebrations start tonight and finish on Saturday.  We can't wait - food, toys and fun for everyone!  

Merry Christmas,
Love AJ and Milla

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Growing Up

 Well a part of growing up is having your teeth fall out.  Up until now, I have only had 2 of my teeth fall out and another 2 teeth are about to fall out, either because I am getting older or as a result of my latest and most spectacular face plant.

Well tonight as I brushed my teeth, number 3 fell out.  It feels really strange having a giant gap in my teeth where I am waiting for a grown-up tooth to grow. 

Before – a loose tooth and a dirty face

After – a clean face and a gappy smile!

I wonder if the tooth fairy will come tonight or if I can get her to wait another night and visit the same night as Santa?

Love AJ Pickle


Sunday, December 21, 2008


We have decided that we should go on more adventures together, so today we packed a picnic grabbed our hats and drinks and set off on an adventure.  

First stop was to see the Heavenly Queen.  

That was going to be the end of our adventure, but we were all still full of energy so we kept walking around the river. 

We played on the pier at Footscray Arts Centre, where mum and dad got married.


Then we stopped at our park – the one where we were Christened.  We climbed on all the rocks.

We rested in the shade and had a picnic.

We were still energetic and wanted to keep going so we decided to walk into Harbour City to see the giant Southern Star Observation Wheel. 

It was a really long walk and we stopped to pick some mushrooms along Footscray Road, outside the docks.


Finally we made it to Harbour City and by this time we were all really hot and in need of a snack. 

First stop – icecream in the shadows of the Southern Star.  

Next it was time for a spot of almost last minute Christmas shopping.  Eventually when I thought that my legs were going to stop working forever, we decided it was time to go home.  Luckily we didn’t have to walk home, we caught a tram to the station and then a train home.


It was a huge adventure that was heaps of fun.  I can’t wait to go on more adventures.

Love AJ Pickle


Look at Who Has Moved into the Neighbourhood!

Mum and dad took us on an adventure today to see who has just moved into the neighbourhood. 

She is a Heavenly Queen and is going to be a part of a temple with beautiful Chinese Gardens all around her.  She has only just arrived in the last few weeks but already she is a great part of the neighbourhood.

Isn’t she spectacular!

Love Princess George

Friday, December 19, 2008


Last night I fell out of bed.  'Not a big deal' I hear you say.  Well it is a bit of a big deal when you are sleeping in the top bunk and when you fall out you land face first into a pile of lego that is on your display table, bounce off that and land on the ground on even more lego!

Luckily I didn't break anything more major than a few lego city constructions.  I did however manage to get a pretty awesome lego imprint on my forehead, grazes to my lip and chin, a scratch on my neck and grazes on my chest, tummy and hips.  
Other than that I only have a few lumps, bumps and bruises!

Perhaps I should put my lego somewhere else.
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today was my last day of Kinder - EVER!

To celebrate the end of kinder, we had a special day that parents were allowed to come along too.  I was really lucky, both mum and dad could sneak away from work to see our graduation.

First the entire class sang for our special guests.

Then we received our Kindergarten Diplomas.  This is me shaking hands with my teacher as I was given my diploma.

Look, here is my Diploma!

Kinder has been great fun, but I am really looking forward to school next year.
Love Princess George

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Strange Happenings

We decided to drive back to Melbourne the long way, through Shepparton so we could stop and see High School Musical 3.  The movie was fantastic but it was a very strange day...
  • First of all, there were shops everywhere but not many of them were open and it was the middle of the day.
  • Then the food shops that were open all sold the same things - pies, chips and cakes!
  • When we went to the cinema and it was tiny there were only 4 screens, near home they have 20 screens.  Luckily the screen that showed HSM3 was great!
  • Finally, we went to see the Santa display and what do you think was pulling Santa's sleigh?  Normally you would say 'Reindeer of course!', but not here - Cows were pulling Santa's sleigh!
How strange,
Love Princess George

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sad and Wet

We have been sad lately.  We have been sad because Nanny Annie (that is my nanny’s big sister and not my really real nanny) died.  We are sad because she won’t get to come to any more family celebrations or Gatherings of the Sheridan Clan with us all. 

We went to Tungamah to say goodbye to Nanny Annie.  Saying goodbye was sad, but it was also a little bit happy, not because we won’t ever get to see Nanny Annie again,  because all of the people who loved her were there.  We got to see heaps of our cousins and friends and remember all of the fun things that the Sheridan Clan did.

We love you Nanny Annie, we will miss you.

Love AJ and Milla

PS – Nanny Annie thanks for all the rain you sent when we were at Heaven on the Hill, 

everyone was even wetter than if they had been swimming in the Boosey Creek!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Mum made me wag kinder today.  I really didn't mind though, she took me to work with her and then we went to the Safari Zoo!

Of course my favourite part of the zoo was climbing the trees!

My mum rocks, who else gets to do cool things when they wag?
Shhhh, don't tell AJ!
Love Princess George

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mama Mia, it's a dance concert!

Well after 3 bazillion rehearsals, it was finally time for the dance concert.  This year the concert was about Mama Mia.  Dad was in the concert too, he was an actor playing 'the Dad'.  I had three different costumes for three different dances - a flowery costume for a Beach Boys dance tap routine, an animal costume for a jazz routine to 'I Just Can't Wait' (from the Lion King) and then another costume for the finale.  AJ was only in tap and the finale so he only had 2 costumes.  

Anyway, after a really late night last night at dress rehearsals, we were up kind of early this morning to get ready for the real shows.  It took about an hour to have my hair done, but I look great in curls!  Luckily AJ didn't want his hair done, so we had plenty of time to pack our bags full of costumes, shoes, snacks and craft projects and get our makeup done ready.  

We made it to the theatre with plenty of time to spare.  AJ quickly disappeared with the other boys and I filled in time checking my makeup to make sure I was ready to go on stage.  Finally it was showtime and it was fantastic.  

Before I knew it, the show was over.  We had just enough time to run out and get something to eat.  Nanny, Poppy and Sharni were waiting for us in the foyer, they were waiting to watch the second show.

I knew where to look to see if I could see my family in the audience, but they were too far away and the lights were too bright.  I waved anyway, just because I couldn't see them didn't mean they couldn't see me.

I had a great time, here are a few photos from the day.

I had a great time at the dance concert, I can't wait until next year to dance some more.
Love Princess George

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Almost Christmas

Did you know that pester-power works?

When we stayed at Aunty Sharn's last weekend, we helped to set up her Christmas tree.  Ever since we got home, we have been asking if we could set up our Christmas tree too.  Finally mum gave in and let us set up our Christmas tree!

Now if only there were presents under the tree ready for us to open...
Love AJ Pickle

Tuesday, December 02, 2008