Tuesday, August 14, 2012

German Bread

Every now and then, Milla likes to write down the lyrics to her favourite songs.  Recently it was the song Fireflies that she wrote on a roll of masking tape.   This week the song of choice was the song from the Sound of Music - Do-Re-Mi.

Here is her version of the song...

Dow- a dear a female dear, 
Ray- a drop of golden sun, 
Me- a name I call my self, 
Far- long long way to run, 
So- I need a pulling thread, 
La- a note to follow So, 
Tea- I drink with German bread, 
And that will bring us back to Dow, dow, dow, dow.

I guess she has never seen the lyrics written down and has based her version upon watching the movie once upon a time.  Since the movie is about trying to escape Nazi Germany, it  almost makes sense to have some tea with German bread!

Do you have any song lyrics that you always get wrong?

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  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Love your lyrics Milla, so cute. I would love to try some tea with German Bread.Love you

  2. Anonymous1:21 AM

    I just watched the live TV version of The Sound of Music here in the US (Dec 5, 2013). I had never "misheard" the lyric until this viewing. In the version of the song at the music festival as they are trying to escape, the Von Trapps are singing on a stage surrounded by menacing swastikas and German Nazi soldiers. They were singing a more complex version of Do Re Mi and kept repeating the "jam and bread" line over and over. With that visual background and with the constant emphasis on that particular line, I started to hear "German bread". Seemed like a subtle way to please the German officials and soldiers, who they were secretly trying to escape. I don't know if that was Rodgers and Hammerstein's original intention, but it seemed pretty obvious that the current producers were trying to make that point.


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