Saturday, May 30, 2009

Totally Wicked!

I think Aunty Sharn is worried that when Davey Doovie gets here she won't get to play with us as much, so she is spoiling us now.  Do you know what we did when we got back from Sebastian's birthday party?  

We didn't go home, instead we went in to the city to see Wicked!

I was the only one there that hadn't already seen it but it didn't matter, I have listened to the CD with Milla so many times that I knew most of the songs already.

It was fantastic to watch, even if it was a little bit scary when the dragon was moving around above the stage and snorting.  
I hope that some day I will get to go to the theatre again (*hint, hint*), it is great fun.
Thanks Aunty Sharn,
Love AJ Pickle
Little People!

When I was at Sebastian's birthday party, Aunt Melly kept standing beside me.  I thought that she was just enjoying my company, it turns out that she was just checking to make sure that she was still taller than me!

She is a bit worried, you see I am only 7 and not really that tall.  
If I stand up straight, I almost reach up to her shoulders.
I wonder how long it will be until I am taller than her?

Don't worry Aunty Melly, little people are still fun!
Love AJ Pickle
Another Birthday

To celebrate our cousin turning 2 we went to his house for a little celebration.  We all had a great time eating party food and playing together.  All of my cousins are boys and they kept running around yelling and screaming and playing with new toys.

I was the grown-up cousin that helped to open the presents and calm down all the crazy boys!

Happy Birthday Seb,
Love Princess George

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And Relax...

I didn't really need to worry - of course Tiger is still my best friend ever.  He came over to visit me to prove that 8 year olds can be friends with 7 year olds, for at least the next 8 months anyway!
We had a great time chilling out together, eating cake and playing Star Wars.
Happy Birthday Tiger,
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost 8

Tomorrow Tiger will turn 8.  To celebrate our last few hours together as 7 year olds he came over for a play and stayed to have dinner with us.
I hope that he still wants to be friends with a 7 year old?
Love AJ Pickle

Monday, May 25, 2009

Famous at the Footy!

Did I tell you that I went to the footy the other week?  I don't think I did, but Juice did.   Anyway this was me when mum asked if I wanted to go to the footy.  
I wasn't really that excited about going to the footy, but I was really really excited about having ALL DAY to play with Tiger!

So when we were at the footy, not watching the footy but playing in the park, a photographer came along and took our photo.  
So now we are famous on the sporting pulse website pretending to cheer for Murrumbeena as they played Ashwood.  I guess I should cheer for Beena!
Love AJ Pickle 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Going to the Zoo

After we said goodbye to Nanny and Poppy we really didn't know what to do.  It was a really nice day out and we didn't want to go straight home (well I kind of did, but I thought it would be nice to get some fresh air!).  Luckily mum had packed a snack bag for us.  The biggest decision was where to go.  Milla wanted to go to the zoo, but I didn't really want to so I reminded her that she was going to the zoo for an excursion in a week or so, so we should go somewhere different.  

Milla had a great idea - let's go to Werribee Open Range Zoo instead!  I couldn't argue with that, I love Werribee Zoo and going on the safari bus to see all the animals wandering around.

We had a great time at the open range zoo.  Our safari tour guide, the bloke that drove the bus, was fantastic.  We saw all of the animals and even had time to play in the maze down by the hippo pools.

I am really glad that Milla has such good ideas.  I hope you all had a great day too.
Love AJ Pickle
Visiting Billy

Look who came to Melbourne to see Billy Elliot today.  

Nanny was there too, and Nanny Bette, Danielle, Chicky and heaps of other people that we knew.  We all had lunch together before they had to go into the show.  It was great seeing you all. 

Hopefully next time you are in town to see a show, we can go to the show too!
Love Princess George

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fairy in Training

After a long and quiet day home from school we had friends come over to play.  We like to play dress-ups and one of our favourite dress-up games is Fairies.  Today we had a new fairy come and play with us.  
Paddy is just learning how to be a fairy, but he is doing a great job.

Of course with us as his Fairy Teachers, he will be a perfect fairy in no time!

Love Princess George
A Sick Day

Well I was a little bit sick last night and apparently that meant mum and dad didn't get much sleep.  When I got up this morning I was feeling better and I was all set to go to school, but mum and dad said that I didn't have to - everyone else was too tired.  Even Milli got to stay home and rest. Dad did go in to work, but he was a little late.  The rest of us stayed home, warm and snugly in our jammies!

During the afternoon we all had a little more energy so we played shop.  Now normally I don't play shop with MIlla, mainly because she always wants to have a shop full of jewels or other girly stuff.  Today I didn't mind playing shop because we played massage shop.  We took in turns being the massager and the customer.  
It was pretty easy to trick Milla into being the massager for the longest times just by telling her how good she was at massage.  It was such a great game even mum played.  She was a customer at the shop and Milla and I were the massage people.  For some reason mum wanted us to play that game all afternoon!

Not long after we finished playing shop, it was time for school to finish.  The best thing about that is that friends could come over to visit because we weren't really sick.  It is great having a day off school when you are able to enjoy it!
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hair Everywhere

Well for a long time now Nanny has been asking me when I was going to get my hair cut.  I kept telling her that my hair really wasn't that long and I was growing it even longer.  Well today mum finally convinced me that it was time to get my hair cut, you see I was walking on the stone ledge outside school and I crashed into a branch that was hanging down from one of the trees because I didn't see it - my hair was in the way!  I really didn't want to get my hair cut but I didn't want to crash into any more trees either.  
Can you believe that mum actually took photos of me getting my hair cut - she can be so embarrassing sometimes!  Luckily when my hair was all cut mum decided to be super nice to me and we went and got a hot chocolate to celebrate my new do. 
So after all my complaining about getting my hair cut, I think it looks pretty good.  The best part is, I can see properly now!
Love AJ Pickle

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

41 Days, Not That I Was Counting!

Well after 41 really long days, it was finally time to have my plaster removed.  Mum picked me up from school extra early - before lunch, so that we could go into the Children's Hospital for my appointments.  My first appointment was to have my plaster removed, then I had to have xrays taken and then finally I had to see my surgeon to see if my screws were in the right place.

Could you believe it, my mum knew the nurse that was working in the Orthopedic Clinic and she cut my plaster off for me.  She was really nice and used the giant scissors instead of the noisy saw.  When the plaster was off, my arm was really stinky and covered in tape and dried blood.  The nurse tried to clean some of it off for me, but it was way too dirty.  Instead she cleaned up my cast so I could take it home and use for show and tell.  She also made me a sling and then we headed downstairs for the xrays.  
After the xrays were taken we went back upstairs to see the surgeon.  I don't really remember him from when I had my surgery, but he is really nice.  He showed me the pictures of my arm and told me that I am the boss of my arm, that I don't have to move it unless I want to move it. Just because I am the boss of my arm doesn't mean that I am the boss of everything about me.  I have to come back to visit my surgeon in a month to make sure my bones are growing properly.  I also have to start having baths all the time again :(

Mum made me have a big bath to try to get 7 weeks of dirt off my hand as well as all of the gunk off from under my plaster.  It took half an hour of soaking but finally the sticky plaster came off my scar and I could see the row of stitches!  Mum took out a few of the stitches, but a few more are stuck and I might have to get Aunty Sharn to get them out for me one day.

Now that I don't have plaster on my arm, it feels really weird.  I am a bit worried that I will hurt it so I think I will leave my sling on for a little while.  Other than that, it is good to be almost normal again and to be able to wear jumpers with 2 sleeves in them!

Love AJ Pickle

Here are a few of the photos of the whole Shattered Elbow Experience, if you want to see some more, head over to Flickr and check them out!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mum's Day

Since it was Mother's Day, we let mum sleep in.  When we knew it was almost time to go to our friends house for brunch we knew that mum would be awake and it would be safe to sneak upstairs to give her some presents.  

We gave her a new charm for her bracelet, a heart shape that shows her how much we love her, a book of fun things to make as well as a gazillion cuddle kisses.

We love you mum, we hope that you and all the other great mums have a great Mother's Day.
Love AJ and Milla

Saturday, May 09, 2009

All Worn Out

After such a late night last night and waking up kind of early this morning, I was thinking that I would have a quiet day relaxing at home and maybe playing some Wii.  My plans were thrown out of the window pretty quickly - we were having visitors come over for lunch.

I did spend a lot of the day playing Wii with Tiger and Will (not just the Tiger Will, but Little William who is soon to be a big brother, but that is another story for another day!)  Anyway, as well as playing Wii and running up and down the stairs to play Lego and racing cars I was even more exhausted by the end of the day.  

I was too tired to eat a real dinner, instead I went to bed early.  
I think Licia must have been exhausted from hiding from us all day that she went to bed too!

Do you think she likes me now?
Love AJ Pickle

Friday, May 08, 2009

A Mexican Feast

Can you believe that it was an entire year ago that Marah and Odd were living with us?  That it was an entire year ago that they were sitting in our back yard feasting on delicious Mexican food and drinking little drinks with worms in them!  

Just like last year, we decided to have a Mexican feast and celebrate Cinco de Maya a few days late.  I knew that Marah would love to celebrate with us, I decided to make sure that she could.
I had a great night hanging out with Marah and my friends; eating Mexican food, staying up late and watching movies.

I hope you had a great Cinco de Maya too Marah,
Love Princess George

Monday, May 04, 2009

Rabbit Season

Shhhh, be very quiet, there are rabbits around here!

There it is!
On the way home from school today, we went exploring in Rabbit Park.  Guess what - we found a rabbit.  It was hiding up under the peppercorn trees and then it hopped to the corner of the park and through the fence.  

Rabbit spotting is fun,
Love Princess George

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Birthday Drinks

It isn't very often that the kids get invited to go to a grown up birthday party, but last night we did.  Tiger's dad is getting kinda old, so he had a big birthday party to celebrate.  The kids got to go to the party too.  

It was great, we had a drink and said cheers before we all went back to Tiger's house for a sleep over.  Since all of the grown ups were still partying, we were allowed to stay up late and watch movies and then sleep on the couch.  We ALL had a great night.

Happy Birthday Tiger's Dad
Love AJ Pickle
Getting Better

I have spent all week staying inside, resting and recovering.  The sun is shining and I am feeling heaps better.  My spots aren't so spotty and I am allowed to play with my friends again, hooray!
Love Princess George