Friday, June 30, 2006

Upside Down Miss Jane!

When I was a little kid, mum and dad used to play a great game with me. It was called Upside Down Miss Jane. It is a really easy game to play, all the kids have to do is laugh and be cute and then the grown-up picks up the little kid and hangs them upside-down. All you have to do then is laugh even more and be even cuter! It is a great game.
A long time a go, when I was a really little kid (like in the photo), I used to do Upside Down Miss Jane all the time. I am a bit big to play it all the time now, but on special occasions, I am allowed to play Upside Down Miss Jane again. Luckily today was a special day. My mum's friend Lee came to visit with her little girl Darcie.
I think that Darcie likes to play Upside Down Miss Jane as much as I do!
Love Princess George

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  1. upside down looks like lots of fun Milla i reckon Darcie loves the game too


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