Monday, June 05, 2006

I am becoming quite a little theatre buff - yesterday I went to the theatre again, this time I saw Stomp. It was fantastic, and very educational too! I didn't know that you don't need instruments to make music.
The stomp people made music with brooms and tubes and lids and plungers. In fact they could make music with just about anything - even the kitchen sink! I didn't know that all you needed was a kitchen sink and a pair of rubber gloves and you could make music. They used rubbish bins and barrels like drums.
Even when they had nothing, they could make music, just by doing tap dancing (without tappers) and clapping their hands. It was amazing just how many different sounds they could make.
I think that maybe I should learn how to make music like the Stomp people, I already learn how to tap, I know how to clap, all I need now is to play the drums.
Love AJ


  1. Perhaps Grant can teach you one day!

    Mel x

  2. I've been to see Stomp, it's great!! Do they still make music with match boxes? They are so clever, you should keep practicing and maybe I can come and see you on stage one day.

    Anna xoxo


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