Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad got even older. He is 33 now. He is so old that Milla can't even count that far. Luckily I am a big kid and I can count it, it just takes a really long time!

Birthdays are lots of fun, even if they aren't for me, I still get to eat cake and have a special birthday treat. Dad's birthday treat was having pizza and fizzy drinks with Wayne and Joke. Eventually we all sang happy birthday to Dad and finally ate lots of chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.
Love AJ Pickle


  1. A big happy birthday daddy...

    Nice to know that some people will always be older than me.

    Get the hugs ready cause I am comin home soon!

  2. A big happy birthday Daddy!! The chocolate cake looks yummy!!

  3. Happy happy birthday Sean!!! Guess what? this means that you are as old as me now!!! well til 9th august, when i turn 34... dammit!
    love and hugs - will give you a big hug and kiss tomorrow nite on friday f&c's nite. C u then.
    Love, April. xxx

  4. happy birthday Sean. AJ & Milla must be the world's best chocolate cake makers. this one looks just as good as all the others they have made. great effort kids

  5. Hey this cake is super cool! Just remembered the OLD word that you told me about last friday and had to check it out. Will i be lucky enough to get one of these cakes made for my birthday? it looks way yummy!


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