Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fairy Fambulous!
(not a typo)

My friend Amelia and her little brother Zach came to visit me today. AJ and I convinced mum that we would need some yummy snacks to eat with our friends, so we made some chocolate with chocolate chip cookies. I was happy because it was my turn to crack the egg all by myself and I didn't get the shell in the chocolate mixture.

After we had tasted the mixture to make sure that it was chocolatey enough, we put it on to the tray ready to bake. When mum wasn't watching we made really huge lumpy cookies!

Finally the cookies were baked, the mess was cleaned up (well except for the mixture still on my face) and then Amelia and Zach arrived. We played "Fairy Fambulous" (kid speak for dressing up as fabulous fairies!) and did some craft. As we were making cut and paste pictures, mum made some new wands for our magic. It was great fun.

I love it when Amelia comes to play with me and we dress up.

Love Princess George

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  1. Aaaaah look at the beautiful little fairy princesses! Altho, i would have loved a magic wand too, mummy!!! Maybe i could have magic-ed myself up a man to make my own little fairy princesses with too! Oh well. xxx


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