Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ready Set Go!

Nanny, Poppy and mum's Aunty Terry all came to visit for a little visit at our house this weekend. Poppy and I wanted to go exploring, but Milli and Nanny said that they were too tired. Nanny couldn't walk very far with her sticks and Milli said she had no energy for exploring.
We decided to visit Rabbit park and because Milli and Nanny were too tired to walk, they could both go to Rabbit Park in chairs with wheels on them. Mum pushed Milli and Poppy pushed Nanny.

I rode my bike and had races with Nanny, to see who had the fastest wheels! Even if Pop was wearing a Skaifey jacket, he couldn't make Nanny's chair go as fast as I could ride! He was still pretty fast though.
I love it when Nanny and Poppy come to visit. Hopefully they will visit me again really soon.
Love AJ the Racer.


  1. Poppy did have the Skaife gear but AJ you sure had the Skaife power and that is why you rode so fast, good racing AJ

  2. I just love the joy on each person's face. There is no stopping Nanny even if she is in a wheel chair.

    PS... I heart flickr. Just joined the pro league!


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