Saturday, June 03, 2006

International Tap Dancing Day

To celebrate International Tap Dancing Day we went into the city, to see hundreds of tap dancers performing in Federation Square.
The dancers must have known we were coming to see them because they came over to the steps at Flinders Street Staion just as we arrived. After they danced for a while on the steps and had photos with some famous dancing guy, everyone danced across the road to Federation Square.
We watched the concert. AJ was too tired after all of his dance practice last night, so he just rested and cheered, but I danced and danced and danced. It was fantastic.
It won't be long until I can go to dancing too. Maybe if I ask AJ really nicely, he might teach me how to do tap dancing.
Love the dancing Princess George
PS - I will add a movie later (I need to find new software first)


  1. Let's dancing!!

    PS Mum, can't you just use you tube this time?

  2. glad you all enjoyed International Tap Dancing Day and had a fun time. Love your sunnies Milla, hope you have some to AJ.

  3. hi, this is ellens friend in Japan.

    I am glad you celebrated National Tap dance Day. I have been tap dancing since I was 5 years old (whoa nearly 20 years!) and it is my favorite thing to do. Isn't it fun to make all those clicky sounds with your feet.

    Happy Tapping


  4. Love the Paris Hilton glasses Milli, Just hope you don't turn out to be like her! She's silly.


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