Thursday, June 22, 2006

Winter Wonderland
This morning we caught the train into the city, to Southern Cross Station and then walked to Docklands to go exploring in the snow. There was a Winter Wonderland there and we wanted to make snowmen.
It was great fun walking around Docklands. We saw cows in trees, jellyfish in the water and lots of other kids exploring.
I don't think that Winter Wonderland was quite what mum and dad expected. They told us that we would be able to play in the snow and even make snowmen. They were almost right, we did play in the snow, but there wasn't much of it and it had been stomped on so much it was more like ice and it was really slippery.
I really liked when they turned the snow maker back on. It was amazing, the snow floated around just like bubbles except that they were crunchy. It was fun to try and catch and smoosh the snowflakes back to really cold water! Maybe one day I can go and see the real snow and make proper snowmen.
I didn't really mind that there wasn't much winter fun, I was happy playing in the funpark areas. I bounced through the jumping castles, went for a ride on the crazy bugs and even climbed almost to the sky to go on the biggest slide in the world all by myself.

I love school holiday fun in the city.
Love AJ Pickle


  1. glad you had fun in the snow at Docklands, hope it wasn't too cold for you.would love to have seen you on the great big slide, you are brave to go up so high all by yourself.

  2. I love the snow... wish i had've come to the winter wonderland. Was alice there too?


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