Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nanny's Foot

This weekend we are having a holiday at Nan and Pop's house in Yarrawonga. It is a bit of a strange holiday because nan has been in hospital and had her foot bones stuck together. She isn't allowed to walk by herself, so she uses big sticks to help her walk or sometimes she goes for a ride in a chair with wheels on it.
Even though she wants to play with us, we tell her that she has to sit still. She doesn't really like that. I know what she means, I don't like sitting still either, but if she doesn't sit still her foot won't get better and she won't be able to play fun games with us.
Most of the time, I am happy to sit with nan and tell her stories about the dolls that I play with and the adventures that I have with AJ.
I hope that nanny's foot gets better really soon.
Love Princess George.


  1. Wow Nanny, what a big foot you have?

    Is that line in Little Red Riding Hood? What would Nanny's response be?

    "All the better to kick you with"

  2. Poor Nanny! What a painful experience. I'm sure she will be up and running around playing with you kids again, before you know it.

    Get, better soon!!!


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