Saturday, June 17, 2006


We are puppy sitting for our friends. Matt and Paula are in Brisbane so that Paula can do some famous shows and we are looking after their littlest baby - Fifi.
Fifi is a tiny white ball of fluff that likes to race us up and down the stairs. She plays chasey with us and tries to kiss our faces. She is really cute. When she gets tired she likes to sleep with mum's furry boots or one of our toys.
We are really good pet owners, as well as playing with her, we have already taken her for a walk to the park, fed her and taken her out to the grass to 'go potty' (then dad has to clean up the poos!) All this and she has only been having a holiday here for one night!
We are so good at looking after pets. Maybe one day we will have our own bundle of fluff to love.
Love AJ and Milla,
the part-time pet sitters!


  1. Dog sitting is lots of fun for you but owning your own is much more as it is every day fussing over them and that's pretty tough when you need a holiday. can't always find a dog sitter.


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