Thursday, June 08, 2006

AJ the Drummer!
Look at me, I am a drummer.

I know that I need to practice a little bit more, but first I have to convince someone that I need my own drum kit. That is OK, Santa might read my blog and get me one for Christmas - I have been a really good boy.

When I have my own drums, I will practice heaps and one day I will be a famous dancer and musician. Maybe I can even travel the world in my own production like Stomp!

Love the talented AJ Pickle


  1. what a great drummer boy you are AJ.If you ask Milla Ella & Taylah we are sure they would love to be your group dancers and you would be a number 1 group in entertainment

  2. I want to be a groupie too!!! I bet tommy lee will be tres jealous when he sees this vid!!!

  3. Musically talented, and a spunk to boot. Georgia will no longer be visiting your house!!!!


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