Sunday, June 11, 2006

Paddy's Pub

Today we went out to where Paddy's Pub used to be, a long long time ago - in the olden days. There is no pub there now, but yesterday we helped poppy stick a big plaque to a rock out where the pub used to be. Paddy was my nanny's great-grandfather, that means he was my great-great-great grandfather!

A long long time ago Paddy Bourke had a pub that was in the middle of no-where; between Yarrawonga and Cobram, somewhere near Burramine. As well as having a Pub, Paddy also had a General Store and a Post Office. It must have been a pretty good pub because Ned Kelly stopped there long enough to steal the boat to get away from the police!

Great-great-great grandfather Paddy decided that Tungamah was a better place to live than Burramine. He built the Victoria Hotel in Tungamah where my nanny used to live when she was a little kid!

Today lots of people (most of them related to me) went out to the big rock, to have a celebration about the olden days. They talked all about the pub and the people who lived there. Then they took the cover off the plaque and everyone clapped. After that we all ate more sausages!

It was so cool listening to stories about the olden days, but it was even more fun playing with my cousins - Jackson, Charlie, Dylan and Will!
Love AJ Pickle

Look at all my cousins who came to play at Paddy's Plaque.


  1. Who is that funny boy at the front with his tongue sticking out? He looks like a puppy.

    Is that Milla curled up on Mumma's knee? Is she hiding?

  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun with the family folk... Hope to see you all soon.


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