Thursday, December 21, 2006

And Rest!

After so many break-up parties, concerts, birthdays and celebrations, we are all a little bit pooped. Today, instead of going exploring like we usually do with mum, we decided to have a quiet day.

First we went to the swimming pool, then we had a picnic. After that, it was too hot to play outside, so everyone came to our house to play fairies.

When it was too hot to play fairies anymore, we decided to sit down and rest. We all watched a movie together. Maybe next time, I will get to chose the movie!
Love Princess George


  1. Milla, I don't really like Toy Story either but I do like playing dress ups with you. Hope that we can do it again soon. Amelia

  2. sorry you had to watch Tot Story again Milla, maybe next time you will watch one of your favourites. Good to see you share even if it does make you sad xxxxxxxx

  3. Cheer up Milla! Although you do look adorable even when you are all miserable like...


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