Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me?

Today it was my birthday again. It wasn't really my birthday, it was my birthday party day. I sent invitations to all of my friends, and hundreds of people came to my party. Naturally I had a dance party. My favourite dancer Bianca (and her friend Kate and her little sister Chloe) came to teach my friends how to to do ballet.

Everyone had so much fun at my dance party. Well almost everyone - I wasn't feeling well and I didn't have the energy to dance, so I watched everyone else have fun.

Even though my smile was broken, I was a little bit happy on the inside, and I am glad that everyone had a great time at my dance party. Hopefully I will feel better soon and have the energy to open all of my amazing presents.

Love the 3 year old dancing girl,
Princess George


  1. Bummer that i couldn't come to either party and even bigger bummer that you felt all yukky and couldn't really enjoy it! But i bet you had fun later opening all those new pressies!


  2. we had a lovely time at your dance party Milla but were so sad for you being sick and not able to dance at your own party.enjoy all of those beautiful presents now that you are better.

  3. Milla, we had great fun at your party and loved seeing you smile and laugh (if only just a little bit).


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