Sunday, December 10, 2006

Even Reindeer Need a Rest

Today we went to Mama's work Christmas Party. Even though it was just down the road from our house, we drove there - it was way too hot to walk. It was a great party, with lots of bbq food, drinks and lollies. There was even a jumping castle to play on.

Santa came to visit us at the Christmas party too. Did you know that it was too hot for Santo to bring his reindeer to Kensington for the party, so he came to the party in a police car!

Santa gave all the good kids a present. I must have been a good kid, he gave me a ballet dancing Barbie. AJ has been good too, Santa gave him a Lego robot.

I wonder if I will get to see Santa again before Christmas?
Love Princess George


  1. That's a very pretty Barbie Milla, can you dance like her?

  2. how lucky is Santa to get to a special Christmas party in a Police car, was good for the reindeer to have a rest as they will be really tired with all their travels


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